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Easter Island Statues or Rapa Nui

Poike Volcano Rana Kau Crater

Easter Island
Hello Class, I went to Easter Island today. It is a very small island off the coast of Chile, South America. Even though it is small, it has a lot of history and a lot to see. The first site I went to was the Rapa Nui National Park. This place is full of amazing statues that were built by the Rapa Nui people. You might be familiar of the name Easter Island statues instead of Moai. The Easter Island statues were thought to have represented the gods or spirits that the Rapa Nui people believed in or the chiefs of the Rapa Nui. I went to the Poike Volcano next. Poike is one of the three volcanos on Easter Island that are not active anymore. It is the second highest peak on Easter Island after Terevaka. Poike last exploded 230,000 to 705,000 years ago. It is the oldest of the three volcanos and is the most weathered. The third and last place I went to on Easter Island was the Rano Kau Crater. This crater is a crater lake, therefore it is filled with water. It was very different to look into a crater and see water instead of it just being a hole. The Rano Kau Crater is actually a 324 meter tall volcano that is not active anymore. There is a ruined ceremonial village in the inner side of the crater. Its amazing how many interesting sites you can see on such a small island. Sincerely, Aesha Desai

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Angkor Wat (Capital)

Angkor Thom Independence Monument

Hello Class, I am in Cambodia right now. Cambodia is a wonderful place with beautiful architecture. It is in Asia surrounded by Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. While I was there I went to the Khmer Civilization ruins. The Khmer Civilization was one of the major civilizations during the year 1000. The culture was a mix of Indian and Chinese. The main religions were Buddhism and Hinduism. The first site I went to in Cambodia was Angkor Wat which is a temple complex. The architecture there is beautiful. It was the capital of the Khmer Civilization. The next place I went was Angkor Thom. Angkor Thom is also a ruin from the Khmer Civilization. Faces of different gods are carved into the amazing building. It was amazing. The last place I went was the Independence Monument of Cambodia. This structure was built in 1958 when they gained their independence from France in 1953. During the national celebrations of Cambodia, people stand around the monument. Overall the trip to Cambodia was very fun and I really enjoyed it. Sincerely, Aesha

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Cathedral Mnster of Bern Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

Rhine Falls

Hello Class, I visited the beautiful land of Switzerland as my third country. The first place I went to there was the Chateau de Chillon Castle. This castle is made out of 100 independence buildings. The first record of the castle was in 1160 or 1005. From the mid 12th century, Counts of Savoy stayed in this castle. In the 13th century it was expanded by Pietro the 2nd another Count of Savoy. This castle was given to different people through treaties. A Genevois Monk was put in the dungeon of the castle. The second place I visited was the Cathedral Mnster of Bern. The construction of this cathedral started in 1421. The bell tower, 100.6 meters tall, was finished in 1893. This cathedral is the tallest one in Switzerland. The last place I went to in Switzerland was the Rhine Falls. The Rhine Falls are150 m wide and 23 m high. The average water flow in summer is 700 3 /s. The Rhine Falls were created in the last ice age which was 14,000 to 17,000 years ago. Today some people still believe that the falls should be used for hydropower projects. The power created from the falls could be 50 mega watts! Switzerland, like I said before, is very beautiful. I was very excited to come here. Sincerely, Aesha Desai

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Alcazar of Segovia

El Escorial Barcelona Cathedral

The first place I went to in Spain was the Alcazar of Segovia. It was originally a fortress but then became a royal palace, prison, royal artillery college, and military academy afterward. The first record of this place was around 1120. In the Middle Ages, The Alcazar of Segovia was a residence for the monarchs of the Kingdom of Castile. It was also used as a fortress to defend the kingdom during that time. Queen Isabella the first of Castile took shelter here when the King Henry the 5th died. The second place I went was the Barcelona Cathedral. The Archbishop of Barcelona is seated there. This cathedral was made from the 13th century to the 15th century. This cathedral is dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona. He was the co patron saint of Barcelona. This church is a Roman-Catholic Church. It was a very beautiful church. The third place I went to in Spain was El Escorial. The King of Spain used to live in the Escorial. It is located in Madrid, Spain. The Escorial once was a monastery and place for royal residence. Philip the 2nd of Spain created the Escorial. The inside of the Escorial was amazing. I found the Pantheon of Kings very interesting. I loved visiting Spain. The architecture here is beautiful. Sincerely, Aesha

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The Pyramids of Giza

Valley of Kings Museum of Cairo

Hello Class, Right now I am in Egypt. Egypt is a place full of history and amazing structures such as pyramids. The first place I went was the Pyramids of Giza. The Pyramids of Giza are one of the seven wonders of the world. The Pyramids of Giza are made out of three pyramids each made for different pharaohs or kings. Kings Khufu was buried in the biggest and oldest pyramid which is called the Great Pyramid, the one in the middle of the three was built for Khafre, and the one at the end was built for Menkaure. The pyramid for Menkaure was the last one built. The second place I went to was the Museum of Cairo. The Museum of Cairo is filled with many different artifacts. The body of King Tut is inside of the museum right now! It was very cool to see his body in real life and not in pictures. The last place I went to in Egypt was the Valley of the Kings. The Valley of the Kings was a place where many pharaohs were buried. The tomb of King Tut was found in the Valley of the Kings. Other pharaohs such as Ramses the III, his father Setnakhte, and Amenmesse were buried there. Ive always wanted to go to Egypt so Im very happy that I could go there and see all the awesome things here. Sincerely, Aesha Desai

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