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Based on researchers teaching training in SMK SWASTA
YAHDI, most of students got failed and lost their interest in
listening activity. They told that listening is very difficult for
them to mastery.
The students have no control over the speed of what they are
hearing. They can not keep up with the speakers speed and
they are lost
The student are not able to hear pronouncing the word clearly
The students are limited in vocalbulary
The problem occured in understanding the meaning of words
or they are not able to translate the word or sentences.

Based on the background of the study, there are
many factors that influence the students ability in
listening , they are :
The effect of using Dictogloss on studying
Listening Comprehension

The percentage of the succes of applying
Dictogloss on the students achievement in
This study will focus on find out
the effect of applying Dictogloss on
the students ability in listening
from english text book

Based On the identification of problem the
research can be formulated of problem as
follows :
Is there any significant effect to the
students in listening using Dictogloss on
studying listening ?

How many percent is effect of students
studying listening by using Dictogloss ?
The Objectives of the research are as
To identify the effect of applying Digtogloss
to the students achievement in studying

To find out the percentage of students
studying listening by using Digtogloss
It is expected that finding of the study will be
relevant and useful in.
Helping the students to able to improve their
achievement in sudying listening by using
Helping and improving the quality of teaching
and learning achievement in studying listening
by using Dictogloss
Enriching the knowledge of teacher in teaching
method, especially English teacher to be
creative in applying the various strategy
A. Location
The research will be carried out at SMK
SWASTA YAHDI. Jalan bambu, Marelan. The
second year student of academic year
2012/2013 will be taken as the sample of the
research. The researcher will choose this
school because the researcher have thought
there before.
In this research this sample will be taken population sample from students
in XI class. There are two classes. That is XI A consisted of 30 students,
XI B consisted of 30 students and the total numbers of students are 60. As
shown on the table below:
Table 3.1
Population and Sample

No Class Total
1 XI A 30
2 XI B 30
Total 2 classes 60
In this research, experimental research will be
applied. The experimental research will be
purposed to find out the effect of treatment in
both experimental group and control group.
Therefore in this experimental research, the
sample can be devided equally into two
groups: experimental group and control group.
The experimental group will taught by using
Dictogloss , and the control group can be
taught by using conventional strategy.
The data of this research will be collected
by using written test. In collecting the
data, pre-test and post-test will be
conducted in both experimental group
and control group. The test is teacher
made test, it is multiple choice test. The
score of the test will be ranged between 1
to 20.

M : Means score of sample per group
N : The amount of samples
X : Standard deviation of X and X
Y : Standard deviation of Y and Y






Y X r X
y x
1 1
2 2