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Long Visual Connect

• 1-4 +30, -10
• 5-8, +20, -5
• 9-12, +10
Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere


1. This song was sung by Nirvana during their
MTV unplugged appearance and was later released
in their album 'MTV unplugged in New York' in
1994. It has been covered by several artists
including the Scottish singer Lulu. The original
composer released this track in the early 70s.He
recently made an appearance in the 2006
Christopher Nolan movie starring Christian Bale
and Hugh Jackman. Name the original composer
and the song.
David Bowie and song-”The man who sold the world”.
And the 2006 movie is “The Prestige”.
2.This American actor-musician died at the age of 23,in 1993,due to
an accidental drug overdose.He was hailed by many critics as one of
the most promising young actors,in the 80s. His popularity rose after
the 1986 Rob Reiner movie which was based on the novel 'The Body' by
Stephen King.. In 1989, he played the role of an important character
in "Indiana Jones and the last crusade” and was even nominated for an
Oscar ,for his performance in 'running on empty'.
His family is known to have fought for environmental causes and all
his siblings have nature-oriented names,just like him. His younger
brother ,leaf,has worked with M.Night Shyamalan more than once. He
also formed a band called 'Aleka's attic' which included his sister
Rain and occasionally Flea of the red hot chili peppers. Who am i
talking about?
River Phoenix
The 1986 movie is “Stand by me”. in “Indiana Jones and the last
crusade”,he played the role of teenage Indiana!!! His brother leaf is
“Joaquin Phoenix” and his other siblings are Rain,Liberty and Summer
3. Forbes magazine listed X as the 10th richest woman in the world of the year 2007
X has dated an American actor, a singer and a model since her divorce in Jan 2005.
Y is an American actor and a film producer.He became famous in mid 1990 s.He ha
received a golden globe award for his 1995 movie called “Twelve monkeys". X and
Y own a production company which has produced major blockbusters like "Charlie
and the Chocolate factory", "the Departed" and the “Assassination of Jesse James"
It is currently producing a movie called “Shantaram" which is set to release 2009.
ID X, Y and the production company.
Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and the production company is called the
Plan B company
4.This company entered F1 in 1986 after buying a struggling team that
it previously sponsored. After having huge reliability issues,they
changed their engine manufacturer in 1987 and tasted moderate success
in their following years.In 1995,they changed their engine supplier
again,now joining hands with a French company that went on to buy the
team in 2000. In its 15 odd years in F1,the team took 27 wins and had
a couple of highly successful seasons in the 90s.Interestingly,the
driver who won the first race for them in 1986 also won their last
race in 1997. Which team am i talking about?
5. He has done his schooling in Beverly hills high school. He started his
career as a lead in an American sitcom. He has appeared in the TV
series "The wonder years" as Karen(Kevin's elder sister s) live-in
boyfriend and future husband, Michael.He has also done a guest
appearance in the serial “30 rock”.He has also hosted a famous show in
New York called “Saturday Night Live”.He has given voice to a cartoon
character in an animated movie the sequel of which is releasing on 7
November 2008. Who am i talking about?
David Schwimmer
6.X is a highly regarded scientist/engineer best known for his
revolutionary work in electricity and magnetism. His works form the
basis for various AC systems,including the AC motor. Born in
Austria,he later moved to America and worked under Thomas Alva Edison. He
eventually had a fallout with Edison,who believed that DC
electricity was superior to AC. X went on to develop his AC systems
and once his experiments proved to be a success,gained huge
popularity. His experiments with electricity are legendary ,some of
them being the magnifying transmitter and the Colorado springs
experiment. He is even said to have worked on a weapon called the
'death ray',for the US army.. He is known for his erratic behavior as
well as his love for art.He is known to have suffered from the
obsessive compulsive disorder. He died in 1943,with many patents to
his name. After his death,he was recognized as the inventor of the
radio,as a result of a case he'd fought when he was alive. ID X.
Nikola Tesla.
7. He was born in New Delhi, India. Starting his career as an ad film
maker.He established Flicks Motion Picture Company Private Limited
in 1986. He has directed scores of television commercials for various
Indian and international clients such as Coke, Pepsi, Toyota, American
Express and BPL. He has also directed music videos such as Aby Baby
starring Amitabh Bachchan. In June 2001, his company released its
first full-length feature film titled Aks, starring Amitabh Bachchan.
Aks was moderately successful but was praised for the performances
in the film. His next release did not come until 2006 which was
produced by his own production company whose logo takes its
inspiration from the Mahabharata and features Arjun at the Draupadi
swayamvar taking aim at the fish? Which is the 2006 movie we are
discussing and name its production company???
Rang De Basanti and the production company is Rakeysh Omprakash
Mehra Productions.
8. Connect.

Another F1 question :

He joined F1 in 1977,driving for Mclaren,after beating James Hunt in

a non-chamionship North American Formula Atlantic race. He eventually
joined Ferrari in 1979 and finished runner up to his team mate Jody
Scheckter in the drivers championship,that being his career best. He
tasted success in Formula1 but crashed fatally in 1982,during
qualifying in Belgium. Who am i talking about?
Gilles Villeneuve.
Identify this character
• Ian Fleming's image of James Bond;
commissioned to aid the Daily Express comic
strip artists.

Alessandro Volta
The Philosophers Stone gives immortality. The regional word being
LeBron James is nicknamed “King James” or “King”. The regional word
being “Raja”.
Alessandro Volta is associated with batteries

“Amara-Raja-Batteries” or “Amararaja Batteries”. They are the

manufacturers of Amaron Batteries.
A, considered to be among the most
gifted players in the world earned the
wrath of B. B went on to tell, “we are
ashamed to have produced such players”.
A countered by telling, “B would have
done the same thing”. Identify A and B.
What did A do ?
Robinhio called a press conference to express his desire to leave Real Madrid and
join Chelsea.
His father was a cricketer and mom an activist.
He is a “Padmashri” recipient. He is the head of
Global Broadcast News. He is married to a
journalist. In the recent trust vote, an event
which caused a lot of talk in the press caused
an enormous problem for his company. A
connected event even caused BJP to issue a
statement saying, “no party functionary would
have anything to do with the company”. Whom
am I talking about ?
Father: Dilip Sardesai
Satyameva Jayate: India
::Unity, Discipline and
Faith: ?
The company I am talking about has
something unique about its name. Its name
was created when the letters of its Parent
Company are reversed. It has now gone on
to become as big as its Parent Company.
One of its prestigious projects being the on
going construction of Hyderabad Metro.
Its parent company is the official IT partner
for 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups.
Which company am I talking about ?
He is an actor, director and producer of
immense fame. One of his movie, as
believed by one of the mayors of the
city, made the city a famous tourist
attraction and that too its because of a
flight of steps. Who is the actor and
which city ?
City : Philadelphia,
“Rocky Steps”
Matka Keeps it cool

Rahul “ Matka “ Gupta

ID both
Truman Capote and Nella Harper Lee
Who with Gandhi?
Charlie Chaplin
• XXX is a family of cocktails whose main ingredients are rum,
lime juice, and sugar or other sweetener.
• The name XXX is also the name of a beach near Santiago, Cuba,
and an iron mine in that area, and it is a word of Taíno origin.The
cocktail was invented about 1905 in a bar named Venus in
Santiago, about 23 miles east of the mine, by a group of American
mining engineers. Among the engineers present were Jennings
Cox, General Manager of the Spanish American Iron Co., J.
Francis Linthicum, C. Manning Combs, George W. Pfeiffer, De
Berneire Whitaker, C. Merritt Holmes and Proctor O. Persing.
Although stories persist that that Cox invented the drink when he
ran out of gin while entertaining American guests, the drink
evolved naturally due to the prevalence of lime and sugar.
• Originally the drink was served in a tall glass packed with cracked
ice. A teaspoon of sugar was poured over the ice and the juice of
one or two limes was squeezed over the sugar. Two or three
ounces of rum completed the mixture. The glass was then frosted
by stirring with a long-handled spoon. Later the XXX evolved to
be mixed in a shaker with the same ingredients but with shaved
ice. After a thorough shaking, it was poured into a chilled flute
glass. What?
------------came into existence from a Frank
Zappa concert in Switzerland. While Zappa
was playing the song The Organ Solo In King
Kong, a fire broke out in the club Montreax,
where the concert was being held. The scene
was perfectly described by the lyrics of
--------- Song?????
Deep Purple’s smoke on the water….
The -------- murders were an infamous multiple homicide that
took place in Finland in 1960. ------- is a small lake by the
city of Espoo, about 22 kilometres west of the country's
capital, Helsinki. On the night of June 4, 1960, four teenagers
were camping on the shores of -------. Between 4am and 6am,
an unknown person or persons murdered three of them with a
knife and blunt instrument wounding the fourth. The sole
survivor, Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson, had led a normal life until
2004 when he became a suspect. In October 2005, a district
court found Gustafsson not guilty.
The murders have proven to be a popular subject in the
Finnish media and commonly have made it back to the
headlines whenever new information or theories have
Put Funda….
Lake Bodom
This comes from dangling from the ceilingv
I'm goitered like a Lombard cat
(or wherever else their throats grow fat)v
it's my belly that's beyond concealing,
it hands beneath my chin like peeling.
My beard points skyward, I seem a bat
upon its back, I've breasts and splat!
On my face the paint's congealing.
Loins concertina'd in my gut,
I drop an arse as counterweight
and move without the help of eyes.
Like a skinned martyr I abut Who and on what????
on air, and, wrinkled, show my fat.
Bow-like, I strain toward the skies.
No wonder then I size
things crookedly; I'm on all fours.
Bent blowpipes send their darts off-course.
Defend my labor's cause,
good Giovanni, from all strictures:
I live in hell and paint its pictures.
Michaelangelo on painting the sistine chapel
Adding Machine, Airdrop, All-Purpose
Farm Implement, Animal Delivery Service, Paving Co., Pest Control, Pet Shop, Poultry, Railroad
Anti-Nightmare Machine, Anvils, Artificial Rock, Ties, Railroad Track, Rare Animal Importing Co.,
Aspirin, ATom Re-Arranger, Axle, Grease, Baby Sitting Rocket Powered Roller Skates, Rocket Sled, Roller Ski,
Service, Ballon, Basket, Bat-Man's Outfit, Bed Safe Co., Salvage, Steel & Pipe, School Of Boxing,
Springs, Billboard, Birdseed, Blasting Powder Co., School of Mouse Catching, School of Self Defense,
Bomb, Boomerang, Breakfast Cereals, Bridge Builders, shoping Center, Smokescreen Bomb, Spikes, Stove Co.,
Buck Shot, Building & Wrecking Co., Inc., Building Stove Lid, Stove Lid Lifter, Strait-Jacket Ejecting
Disintegrators, Bumble Bees, Car, Cement Co., Cheese Bazooka, Street Cleaners Wagon, Super Outfit, Super
Co., Christmas Packaging Machine, Cleaners & Dyers, Speed Vitamins, Suspenders, Theatrical Agency,
Clue Collector, Construction Co., Corks, Corp., Theatrical Hat Co., Time Space, Gun, Toaster, Tool
Correspondence School of Boxing, Cube Sugar, Co., Toothpicks, Tours, Toy Wind-Up Moving Co. Van,
Dehydrated Boiulders, Destructo Co., Detonator, Travek Service, Trick Balls, Trick Bone., Triple
Disintegrating Pistaol, Do-It-Yourself Tornado Kit, Strength Battleship Steel Armor Plate, Triple Strength
Earthquake Pills, Egg Co., Electric Eye, Elephant Fortified Leg Muscle, Vitamins, Trucking, Ultimatum
Bullets, Eye Test Chart, Dispatcher, Warehouse, Water Pistol, Wig Co.,
Flour Flypaper , Foods, Future Push Button Home Of Wild-Cat, Whipped Cream Dispenser, X-Ray.
Tomorrow Household Appliance Co. Inc., Gas, Giant Kite
Kit, Giant Rubber Band, Glass Cutter, Glue, Grease,
Hair Grower, Handlebars, Hen, Hi-Speed Tonic,
Hitch-hiker's Thumb, Importers, Indestructo Steel Okay connect…….
Ball, Instant Awakener, Instant Feathers, Instant
Importers, Indesstructo Steel Ball, Instant Awakener,
Instant Feathers, Instant Iron Carrot, Iron Pellets,
Jet Motor, Jet Propelled Pogo Stick, Jet Propelled
Unicyle, Jim-Dandy Wagon, Junior Explosive Kit, Mail
Order Company, Matches, Mouse Snare, Moving Van,
Nitroglycerin, Oil, Out-Board Motor, Paper Clips No.4,
ACME catalogue products…..
What doesn’t kill you only
makes you….

1. Pretty lady…
2. Swatting a mosquito…?


1. Pretty lady…
Sarah Palin
2. Swatting a mosquito…?
She came, She saw,
but never quite made
it there…
He did.. And how he
enjoyed his time there
Hillary Clinton.
Bill Clinton.
Where’d all the hair go Andre?!!

An Apple iPhone
in everybody’s
hand keeps this
boy smiling…

Steve Jobs
He might be old
but the chicks dig
Hugh Hefner.
Incidentally, he is
founder of Playboy ,
incase you dint know!
Those girls with him
are his Playboy
Bunnies, which is just
a glorified term for
his playthings.
The pic says it
all doesn’t it..?

Glory to the
monkehs !
License to kill…
Bond, James Bond.
Ian Fleming.
Psst.. He created Bond, now you know
where he got his ideas from.
1) This passage although is latin, the words do not add up
to anything meaningful. It is derived from Cicero's De
Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (On the Ends of Goods
and Evils, or alternatively [About] The Purposes of
Good and Evil ). The rough translation goes like this
“Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires
to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but because
occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and
pain can procure him some great pleasure.”
Its usage is in graphic design and publishing. You would
have def. seen this. What?
What is this?
MS-Pac Man -Surface
Painter and funda…
• Raja Harishchandra giving away his son and Wife in order
to keep his promise by Ravi verma
Put fundae
Also check out it says produet en italie which is french for
made in italy ;).
This is a Nike ad that depicts Marco Materazzi as an armoire,
as a stylized representation of a fictional furniture brand
called Armadi Materazzi. Its slogan: Solidit mondiale
testata a prova di testate (World-class solidity, proven to
be head-butt-proof).
He lies here, somewhere…
• Whose epitaph is it?
Werner Heisenberg of Uncertainity principle fame :D
The movie…
If you were solving a captcha which looked like this,
what would you be doing along with proving that
you are not a spam bot?
• reCAPTCHA — You help digitizing old
books! Of the two words you see, one would
have been rejected by OCR (optical
character recog.) software as un-readable.
So, when you solve reCAPTCHAS, you help
digitizing old books!
Put funda…
• An inexhaustive list:
• Lance armstrong, Michael Johnson, Micheal
Jordan, Babe Ruth, Chris Evert, Barry bonds,
Muhammad Ali, Kareem abdul jabbar, Michael
Phelps (2004 but not 2008).
These are the sportspersons who have appeared on Wheaties
(Breakfast for Champions series) cover. Phelps refused it this
time but has agreed to appear on Kellogg's Corn flakes.

• The 2004 cover

Quizmaster’s note:
• SODA has VIRGINS only!!!!!!!
*Issued in Public Interest by AA, QC chapter.
• Stage 2

1-2: +40, -20

3-4: +30, -10
5-6: +20, -5
7-8: +15, -5
9: +10
• 1. ___________ is an American "fake news"
organization. It features satirical articles
reporting on international, national, and local
news as well as an entertainment newspaper
and website known as The A.V. Club. It
claims a national print circulation of 690,000
and says 61 percent of its web site readers are
between 18 and 44 years old per the 2008
media kit.The newspaper's motto is "Tu
Stultus Es", or 'You are stupid' in Latin.
• Answer
• Answer
• Harvey Dent
3.X began acting at the age of four, appearing in
a stage production of Bach Babies at the New
York Philharmonic.He shot to fame with his
lead role of Kevin McAllister in the movies
_____ ______ and its sequel __________
______:2 Lost in New York.He struck a
friendship with pop icon Micheal Jackson and
appeared in his music video Black or White.Id
• Answer
• Macaulay Culkin
4. Cartoonist Walter Lantz and his wife Grace
were holidaying in a log cabin, when their
sleep was disturbed one night by a loud
,persistent noise outside their cabin. Inspired
by this incident, which character did they
• Answer
• Woody Woodpecker
• 5 _________ ________ III is a fictional
character.He is a very talented athlete who
excels at football baseball basketball and
hockey.He is also a bassist for the local
band.He also thinks of himself to be God's
greatest gift to women. Id the "Magnificent"
• Answer
Reginald “Reggie” Mantle
• 6 X was French pedagogue and historian. He
was inspired by Dr William Penny Brookes,
who had put together a national Olympic
revival of the Olympic Games in the U.K. and
thus developed Dr Brookes' ideas for an
international athletics competition . Hence X
founded the International Olympic Committee
. ID X
• Answer
• Pierre de Coubertin
• 7. ________ is an American feminist icon, journalist and women's
rights advocate. She is the founder and original publisher of Ms.
magazine, and was an influential co-convener of the National
Women's Political Caucus.Her works include
• * The Thousand Indias (1957)
• * The Beach Book (1963)
• * Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions (1983)
• * Marilyn: Norma Jean (1986)
• * Revolution from Within (1992)
• * Moving beyond Words (1993)
• * Doing Sixty & Seventy (2006)
• ID
• Answer
• Gloria Steinem
• 8.In his young days Roald Dahl and his siblings
were sent different chocolate bars in plain
wrapping by ___________ . All that the kids had
to do was to write back to __________ which
they felt was the best flavour and why. .Dahl said
that he often dreamt of working in ___________
where people were bent over in white coats in
great laboratories trying and testing new
chocolates. It is claimed that this was his
inspiration for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
• Answer
• Bonus Slide
• Now for the sshhtage 2
PACCHU MAN. Mech’s very own superhero.
1. The Australian broadcasting
corporation which is the national
broadcaster has the same postbox
number in every state. This was done
by them to honor a person who was
voted the greatest Australian of all
times. What is the number and who is
the person?
The person is Sir Donald Bradman and the
number is 9994 to honor his career test
average of 99.94.
2. Identify the
alongside Aspirin
in this 1897 ad..
This product
name (blanked
out) too became
a generic name.
3. A friend of the radical Robespierre, in her "Memoirs" of 1838,
she, recounts how she earned the friendship of both Louis XVI
and Marie Antoinette. The French revolution forced her into
prison-declared her a fake artist- and publicly ridiculed her by
making her practice her "art" on the remains of the royal couple
and others of the Noblesse. With her head shaved, she awaited
her own execution with the beautiful Josephine Beauharnais,
future Empress of France. Fortunate to survive, she fled to
England and started life anew. Who?
4. Tuva is a small republic on the Mongolian border and is popularly known
as Tannu Tuva. This country is familiar to philatelists around the globe for
their unusually shaped stamps (like the rhombus shaped one in the visual).
This famous person used to collect stamps from Tuva as a kid and wondered
one day, “Whatever happened to Tannu Tuva?". Out of his curiosity for the
country's present state grew international interest in the country once again.
The country decided to honor this person for helping it get international fame
and released a stamp in his honor (first stamp in the visual). Identify the
Richard Feynman. You
can see the bongo drums
that Feynman loves to
play and also a Feynman
diagram (showing
wiggly lines for photons
etc) in the stamp
5. In the Ramayana, Vishwamitra takes Rama
and Lakshmana with him to slay the demoness
Tataka. During the course of the Journey, they
often slept on the banks of Sarayu river.
Vishvamitra did something to wake Rama up
every morning before dawn so that he can do his
rites. what did he do?
He composed and sang the
6. He was the son of the messenger God Hermes and the
Goddess of love, Aphrodite. When he was 15 years old,
he decided to travel and wander in unknown lands and
chanced upon a beautiful pool. In the pool lived the
nymph Salmacis, who fell in love with him. When he
jumped into the pool for a swim, Salmacis appeared and
embraced him. The more he tried to escape, the more
she clung him. Seeing he was clearly wanting to escape
from her, she prayed to the Gods not to ever let them
separated and embraced him. The Gods heard and
granted her prayer. What is the name of the unfortunate
Hermaphrodite. The Gods let
Salmacis merge into his body.
7. Which fictional character has been in the
running for the US Presidency every year
since 1958 with the slogan “You could do
worse and always have”?
Alfred E Neuman, the face of MAD
8. After reading the previous fictional
book of this author, the King of
England asked this person for an
advance copy of his next book but
fumed when he received it as it was 'An
Elementary Treatise on Determinants'.
This famous author was actually a
mathematician who, to avoid confusion
between his math & other books
adopted a pen-name by turning his first
two names into Latin then back into
English. Name him.
Lewis Carroll (of
"Alice in
e)... his real name
was Charles
Ludwig Dodgson.
Alice Liddell.
X is a popular automobile
manufacturer that was started in
1931 by Dr.X
and initially offered
vehicle development and
consulting.the company made its
first vehicle in 1939.Dr.X also
assisted in the development of
armored vehicles called tiger tanks
during world war II.The company
later shifted to moto racing would
become among worlds largest
racing car manufacturers in the
later part of the 20th century.
How many jelly beans fill a one-litre jar?
What is the mass in kilograms all the people in your street?
How many golf balls will fit in your wardrobe?
What is the number of hairs on your head?

These are a few estimation problems designed to teach

dimensional analysis and approximation that are called
_______ problems after the nobel prize winning physicist
reknowned for his work in atomic research and helped develop
the first nuclear reactor.
Fermi problems(after Physicist Enrico
Daisuke Inoue invented the X machine in 1971 but never attempted to
patent it.Inoue describes his invention as "taking a car stereo, a coin box
and a small amp to make the X". Inoue was a drummer in a Kobe covers
band when he hit on the idea of pre-recording his own backing tracks. But
in 1999, after X had stomped noisily into the United States and Europe,
Time Magazine astonishingly called him one of the 20th century's most
influential Asians, saying he "had helped to liberate legions of the once
unvoiced: as much as Mao Zedong or Mohandas Gandhi changed Asian
days, Inoue transformed its nights."Inoue was presented the IgNobel Peace
Prize at Harvard University, a joke award presented by the American
science humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research and featuring real
Nobel Prize winners. The committee cited him for "providing an entirely
new way for people to learn to tolerate each other". He received a standing
ovation after calling himself the "last samurai" and attempted a wobbly
version of the 1970s Coca-Cola anthem "I'd Like to Teach the World to
Sing". The Nobel laureates in turn (or in revenge) murdered the Frankie
Valli standard "Can't Take My Eyes Off You".

• Karoke Box


Where would you find

these symbols?

• ________ is a popular sport played in South Asia which was
also played for fitness and used for the recruitment of soldiers
during the British colonial period in Asia as the game required
good observation,agility and strength.The sport received
international recognition when it was exhibited in the 1936
Olympic games in Berlin following which it was introduced in
other Asian countries such as Japan and Iran.
• Kabadi
_________ is a rock band of the 60’s known for starting the
careers of some of the most well known guitarists like Jimmy
Page and Jeff Beck.The band was involved in almost all the
guitar innovations of the 60’s including the fuzz
tone,feedback,distortion and backwards echo.
The name of the band is incidentally a slang expression for
prisoners in southern US.
ID the band.
X graduated from the United States Naval
Academy in 1958 and became a naval aviator,
flying ground-attack aircraft from aircraft
carriers. During the Vietnam War, X nearly lost
his life in the 1967 USS Forrestal fire. Later
that year while on a bombing mission over
North Vietnam, X was shot down, badly
injured, and captured as a prisoner of war by the
North Vietnamese. X retired from the Navy as a
captain in 1981 and, moving to Arizona, entered
politics. X was elected to the U.S. House of
Representatives in 1982. After serving two
terms, X was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986,
winning re-election easily in 1992, 1998, and
2004. ID X.
•John McCain
Turk and Caicos Islands,Haiti,Cuba,Louisiana(USA),Texas(USA)
The path taken by___________
Hurricane Ike




• Virender sehwag

• That is the actual sehwag ki maa…with

reliance infocom for which he is brand
ambassador..plays for delhi daredevils..and
that is Sushil kumar who also is from
• These are people who hav the distiction of
playing both for real madrid and barcelona…
they were Luis enrique , Saviola, Bernd
Shuster, Luis Ronaldo and Luis Figo

• All were Disney channel child artists…they
were Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera, JC
Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Hillary Duff and
Lindsay Lohan
• All are batman characters….Poison Ivy, Black
Mask, Firefly, Blaze, Penguin and Joker
• The konnekt is tata nano…the first is symbol
of trinamool congress, 2nd of Girish wagh the
main designer of tata nano and the third is a
pic of sitara…paks answer to Indian nano

• The konnekt is nemo….that is a book called

bleak house by charles dickens one of whose
principal characters is nemo…captain nemo…
ulysses blinding cyclops and telling that his
name is nemo and a pic from movie captain
nemo…nemo basically means nobody…
• Konnekt is metallica…that’s the band
metallica in simpsons…the other 2 pics were
to help u id the band…that was napster
logo..metallica were 1st to sue them and Dave
Mustine, frontman of Megadeth was former
member of metallica…he swore to make a
better band after he was chucked out of
• 1st pic is of Liyaqat ali khan the 1st pm of
Pakistan ..he was assassinated in Rawalpindi
ground and therefore it was renamed as
Liyaqat grounds…the 2nd pic is of Zia ul haq
who had zulfikar ali bhutto( 3rd pic) hanged in
Liyaqat is PPP symbol and
Zadari who is husband of Benazir
konnekt is Bhutto family assassination
That’s All Folks

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