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Political Influence On Media

• Democracy is a deeply communicative brand of politics which it demands communication and exchange of information and views, it demands dialogue and a public sphere in which citizens can engage in the practices which define them as citizens and the society as democratic‟ Darin Barney, The Network Society, (Oxford: Polity, 2004).

The political role of the mass media historically the mass media have been the predominant source of political information for citizens of a democratic society Ideally, the mass media should fulfillment their political role by: „ disseminating the full range of political opinions, enabling the public to make political choices and enter the national life‟. Mark Wheeler, Politics and the Mass Media, (Oxford: Blackwell, 1997) .The mass media political role in democratic societies is centre around: Acting as a fourth estate and public sphere Acting as impartial, objective and independent brokers of information Acting with political and economic autonomy.

• The Public Sphere The political role of the mass media is centred on it‟s role as a public sphere The public sphere can be defined as: “ a discursive space in which individuals and groups congregate to discuss matters of mutual interest and. interpretation and opinion . where possible.” • A few of the issues associated with this mass media in fulfilling their political role within a democratic society: Can the mass media truly fulfill their political role? Agenda Setting Political and Commercial Autonomy Access to Means of Production Do these issues impact the mass media‟s ability to fullfill their political role?? Acting as a fourth estate and public sphere Independent from political and economic bias Providing a wide range of information. to reach a common judgment.


Therefore this is one of the factor that force the government to introduce national service so that the national unity and integration back to it track. TV7. This caused most the news that they portrayed towards personal interest and as the results the public do not have the accurate information. . Currently. there were 6 TV stations namely TV3. Most of the private media agencies are interested in making profit through media business.• There were several challenges faced by the media agencies in the process of nationalist integration.  c. About 90 % of these TV station programs were more towards entertaiment and little effort on the national integration.  b. Journalist at mainstream publications tend too much accommodate to the political culture in which they operate. The most prominent challenges that accounted by the Malaysia media are the as follows:  a. This phenomenon is dangerous to the nationalist integration and to be civic society. TV8 and ASTRO besides mainstream media agencies TV1 and TV2. Abuse of using computer and internet give a negative impact to Malaysia citizens. As a result the citizens especially in Malaysia were towards self centered and interest. Too much of attention to internet make our citizen especially the teenage does not interact each others any more. Usually mainstream media are owned and/or controlled by either the state or the socio-economic elite.

"A large body of evidence now indicated that what appears in print or on the air has a substantial impact upon how citizens think and what they think about: e. in an age of timeliness and demand for information. there is also an underlying cynicism in the American culture against the media and politicians for negative campaign coverage and a perceived media bias. the media can help set the political agenda by focusing on specific issues and influencing what issues the public and government should be concerned with. and equally. campaigns and elections. . What is often missed is the influence the government has on the media. the influence the media has on the government. the media helps influence what issues voters should care about in elections and what criteria they should use to evaluate candidates. it has a greater influence in communicating to voters what issues are important and less of an influence in convincing them what to think about those issues. Additionally. But while the public demands information from the media. what they cite as 'important problems'".. The government plays a role in dictating the media's content through the media's regular use of public officials as sources in the news. Just as the government influences the media.g.• • Meanwhile. There is a cyclical relationship between the media. the media plays a crucial role in informing the public about politics. the government and the public and while the media can occasionally shape public opinion. The media works more effectively by placing a spotlight on certain issues they feel the public should be concerned with.