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Cual es el valor real de Virtualización para su empresa?

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Critical Business Issues, Challenges in Today’s Market SDDC – Software Defined Data Center vCloud Suite vCloud Automation Center vSOM ROI – Value, Metric for your datacenter SRM – Site Recovery Manager What is EUC – End User Computing?

 Horizon Suite • Value - Key Performance Indicators • Questions and Answers.


Decommissioning and Services  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Readiness. * Source: IDC Financial Insights Predictions 2013 3 .IT Services: Critical Business Issues – Voice of the Customers       Reduce Costs (TCO = OPEX.  Speed Up Desktop Refreshing. Integration with Legacy Systems. HIPAA. Mergers and Acquisitions. PCI. requiring IT teams to quickly integrate new firms in the organization. Compliance with industry regulations (SOX. CAPEX) and Increase Efficiency. ISO). Security and Data Loss Prevention with mobile devices. Time to market (TTM) too slow for new products / functionality. availability.

Automate.What if… The same principles that transformed a single layer of the data center… Abstract. 4 . and delivered unprecedented value for customers… were applied to the entire data center? Pool.

Software-Defined Data Center All infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a Pool.Abstract. and the control of this data center is entirely automated by software. 5 . Automate. service.

Flexibility & TTM Gains Storage/ Availability Servers Networking Security Management/ Monitoring VDC Software-Defined Datacenter Services Weeks Physical Days/ Hours Virtual Minutes/ Seconds SDDC 6 .Moving to Minutes Creates Agility.

security. Pool. OpEx Benefits CapEx and OpEx. avail SLAs Benefits CapEx IT as a Service Biz Production IT Production Abstract.Driving a Path to the IT Architecture of the Future Software Defined Datacenter Phase III Phase II Phase I 0-30% Virtualized Initiatives • Test and Development • Server Consolidation 70%+ Virtualized Initiatives On-Demand. 7 Automate. . Empower. networking 30-70% Virtualized Initiatives • • • • Business Critical Applications Service Provisioning Operations Management Security and Compliance Benefits Agility. Licensing Performance.

Continuity) Total savings 88% 93% 90% 75% 100% 8 .Real Value: Dramatic Sustainable Cost Reduction SDDC delivers up to 75% in steady-state IT infrastructure savings Category Servers Storage Savings off current baseline 83% 66% % of cumulative savings 17% 12% 28% 37% 6% Networking Labor Other (Bus.

storage. vCenter Site Recovery Manager Physical Infrastructure (server. network) 9 .Complete Cloud Infrastructure & Management Suite Management vFabric Application Director vCenter Operations Mgmt Suite Cloud Infrastructure Extensibility vCloud Director Software Defined Storage Software Defined Networking Software Defined Security Software Defined Availability vCloud APIs vCloud Connector vCenter Orchestrator Virtualization vSOM = vSphere + Ops Mgr.

¿What is a vCloud Suite? Components of a Complete. Integrated Cloud Infrastructure vCloud Suite vCenter Site Recovery Manager vFabric Application Director vCenter Operations Management Suite vCloud Networking and Security vCloud Director vCloud Connector Disaster Recovery Automation Cloud-enabled Application Provisioning Automated Operations Management for the Cloud Cloud Networking and Security IaaS & Hybrid Cloud Connectivity Virtualization Platform vSphere Enterprise+ Sold and licensed exactly as vSphere: per-CPU 10 .

Integration with Profile-Driven Storage & Storage DRS Overview Virtual Datacenter  Storage profiles can be surfaced as end user options within a virtual datacenter  Virtual machines are placed and load balanced using vSphere Storage DRS Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Benefits  Greater end user flexibility and choice  Improved hardware utilization and performance 11 .

Support for Software-Defined Networking & VXLAN Overview  Foundation for elastic portable VDC’s  On demand networks without physical VXLAN: Dev network configuration VLAN: 100 Benefits VXLAN Distributed Switch Distributed Switch  Better utilization of compute capacity  Lower operational cost and complexity  Flexible and extensible platform 12 .

vCAC = vCloud Automation Center Components B A USERS Requisition Authentication & Role-Based Authorization C Shared Infrastructure Virtual Virtual B A B C Provision Service Blueprints Authorized Users A Resource Reservations Business Groups Tier 1 A Physical Physical Manage A A B C A B Public Public Retire Cost Profile Cost Profile A B C 13 .

Additional savings with vCloud Suite ENT vCloud Suite TCO analysis https://www.$8 -$4 $15 Breakdown of 5 year TCO per VM per hour TCO: vCloud Suite ENT 65% Savings TCO: Physical Savings with vSOM = vSphere Ent+ OM.ROI Value .aspx?id=29041587&view= *Note: Forrester TEI vCOPs $ in thousands) vCOps customers reduce the amount of excess server capacity purchased each year by 30%* $44 -$21 -$8 $12K savings less $4K investment for vCloud Suite Software and Services. August 2012 14 . equals $8K in total savings .Metrics for Your Datacenter Total Cost of Ownership (Cumulative over 5 Years.

(vSOM) vSphere + Operations Management = SAVINGS+EFFICIENCY! vCenter Operations amplifies vSphere value +50% IT Cost Savings +28% Without VMware With vSphere With vSphere & VC Ops Improve infrastructure and application availability • Reduce the downtime of applications by 36% • Reduce diagnostics and problem resolution time by 26% Reduce cost • Double IT savings of vSphere Improve capacity utilization • Improve VMware capacity utilization by 40% and consolidation ratios by 37% Management Insights Customer Survey. September 2012 15 .

Lowers Cost Immediate Problems Future Problems Opportunities to Optimize  Proactively manage performance and improve availability for vSphere environments  Understand performance trends across VMs. and farms  Optimize capacity by reclaiming and rightsizing VMs  Reduce false alerts through patented analytics 16 . clusters.vCenter Operations Management Optimizes Infrastructure Performance.

Reliable DR Site Recovery Manager Complements vSphere to provide the simplest and most reliable disaster protection and site migration for all applications Simplify management of recovery and migration plans • Replace manual runbooks with centralized recovery plans • From weeks to minutes to set up new plan Automate failover and migration processes • Reduce testing gap with frequent nondisruptive testing • Ensure automated failover and migration • Automate failback processes Broad Choice of Replication Options • Built-in vSphere Replication • Support for storage-based replication 17 Site A (Primary) VMware vCenter Server Site Recovery Manager Site B (Recovery) VMware vCenter Server Site Recovery Manager VMware vSphere VMware vSphere Servers Servers .vCenter Site Recovery Manager Ensures Simple.

DR to the Cloud with SRM Delivers The Benefits Of SRM without The Need Of A Secondary Datacenter Protected Site vCenter 5 Site Recovery Manager 5 Public Cloud – Shared Recovery Site Site Recovery Manager 5 Cost-efficient • Pay-Per-Use • Shared Resources Automated vSphere 5 vSphere Replication vSphere 5 • Automated failover and failback for reliable RTO • Non-disruptive testing Simple • Storage agnostic • VM-level management 18 .

EUC – End User Computing How Horizon Suite Works? 19 .

Journey to Modernize Desktops and Applications Industry Infrastructure Technology Transformation 2010-15 Secure. Universal Access to Information Hybrid Legacy/SaaS Any Device Secure Collaboration 1980-? Client /Server Apps Fully loaded desktop We must be able to adopt the cloud in a nondisruptive and evolutionary way. Complex & Information Silos and App Silos 20 .

You are under pressure to make sense of the new Diverse Apps Data Everywhere Diverse Platform Diverse Devices Mobile Corporate Devices Personal Devices 21 .

Business and Technology Transformation are Connected Consumption & Delivery Transformation Data/Application Transformation Legacy Apps New Apps SaaS Apps/Svcs Analytics Industry & Infrastructure Transformation IT Today 22 IT Tomorrow .

data and desktops 23 .Solution: VMware Horizon Suite HORIZON SUITE Horizon View Desktop and application virtualization Horizon Mirage Centralized image management for local deployment Horizon Workspace Multi-device access to applications.

24 .View Composer Array Integration (VCAI) Tech Preview API’s for Partner Enabled Storage Arrays View Composer Linked Clones Overview  New storage capability for View Composer based virtual desktops  Integrate with NAS storage partners’ native cloning capabilities using vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) Benefits  Speeds up provisioning and Parent Image management operations for View Composer based desktops  Improve storage space and performance by replacing redo logs with block revectoring in the array NAS Storage  Maximize value of investment in new storage technologies from top vendors.Horizon View .

How Mirage Works Centralized Images Local Copies Core Image Optimized Sync & Desktop Streaming Mirage Server Mirage Client Manage Centrally Execute Locally 25 .

Horizon Workspace. View – User Experience 26 .


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