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of the Brand: FASTRACK Name of the Parent Company: TITAN Year of Establishment: 1998 Fastrack was launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan. It was missing out on a market segment with 450 million potential customers.

Segment :- Trendy and colorful lifestyle accessories

Target Group:- Mid Premium Urban youth Positioning :- Youth brand for stylish youth owning multiple watches


Good Distribution Network Over 100 Fast track stores across 50 towns with Titan Service Centres across India High youth connect Positioning as a youth stylish brand Fast changing designs to keep up with latest trends One of the most trusted brands in India Excellent advertising and brand visibility connecting with the youth Has a diverse portfolio of watches, sunglasses, bags, wallets etc


Products have a short life due to changing trends Adds to the cost of production. Limited global reach despite being a popular brand.


Fast growing youth segment presents growth opportunities Global penetration would help brand grow and target youth worldwide Tie-up with fashion houses and special schemes for youth


Youth segment is price sensitive Entry of foreign players has led to tough competition With lots of options available, brand switching is quite high


Power : No strong suppliers Lack of bargaining power Rise for China, Taiwan as low cost suppliers

Buyer Power: Price Sensitivity Buyers Preference

Degree of Rivalry: Increased number of firms Low switching cost Strategic stakes are high Cluttered market Lack of Differentiation Threat of Substitutes:s No close substitute Threat of New Entrants Low barriers due to minimum regulation and market potential Only barrier is Fastracks everchanging designs.

Upscale Precision Breiting Michele Sieko Sporty Timex Casio FASTRACK Titan Swatch Cartier Baurne &Mercier Gucci Fashion



Fastrack - Sub brand of Titan Launched in 1998 as Titan Fastrack Sales of first year Rs 15 crore Steel Design And Digital Collection For Targeting Age Group Of 22-30

The good run continued till 2001-2002 and the brand was worth Rs 25 crore at that period. Target group 15 - 20 Aggressive marketing strategy to build emotional connect .

Sales started stagnating in 2001-2003. Price was significant dampener. Launch of Titan Steel Collection -collection in terms of looks, price point and consumer buying behavior was very similar to Fastrack, including advertising

2003-04 , Repositioning exercise Targeting Executive Segment Suicidal Experiment The brand sales came down to Rs 23 crore. The consumers were not willing to pay Rs 1200-2700 for a watch that did not have the executive image.

New products, New identity, New advertising and a New logo in June 2005. The brand adopted the famous break-away positioning of Swatch. Breaking The Price Barrier 360 degree Media Blitz through Television, Outdoor, Events and Promotions The brand launched a campaign with the slogan "How many you have , Move On

Well Distribution Channel Over 6000 outlets across 800 towns. Metro Malls Multichannel Distribution Network Covers the 228 strong World of Titan Network, 122 Large Format Chain stores. When Fastrack was re-launched the brand was worth about Rs 35 crore but however they have grown more than ten times of that over the years to a whopping????

Quality Features Product Variety (Design & Style)- Sport, Army, Adventure, Bikers, Color play, Hip-hop, Neon, Neon Disc, XY Packaging Services & Warranty Product Life Cycle Levels of Products

Product mix

Pricing Mix

Pricing objective Discounts Pricing cues Place Mix Online through direct marketing Factory outlets like Fastrack store & World of Titan Major chains like big bazaar, city central etc Retail outlets Supply chain in mostly concentrated on Tier -1 andTier-2 cities

Television Commercials: advertisements are dominated by youth representing brand ambassadors Creative Advertising Fastrack Website Promotion Sales Promotion Brand Ambassadors Outdoor Advertising Public Relations

42 million unit industry - only 15 million from the organized sector. Product Quality, Features & improved Styling. New models & Flanker Products. New Market Segments Product Preference Advertising Lowered Prices