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1993-1995 - Indian Express survey cum sales campaign & ORG-MARG IRS Field investigator
1995-2002 ORG-MARG - Field Research Officer ( ad- hoc surveys & Retail Store Audit) 2002-2005 - Sapat Tea - A.M.E (Demand creation group DCG) & A.S.E (Sales operations)

2005-2009 - Raj oil mills ltd. A.D.M (Marketing / Modern trade sales/Channel sales) 2009-2011 - Wagh Bakri tea A.S.M 2011 FEB-AUG Revlon 2011 2013 - Bodygears - R.B.M (West zone) - Head sales & marketing

Experience - 7 years with ORG-MARG Retail Store Audit for various product categories Done market surveys/study for existing coverage to grow volumes Done special surveys for stockist appointments Done specific studies for competitors analysis to plan trade scheme , consumer offers and operational strategy.

Successfully executed promotional activities like weekly bazaars/inshop/office sampling-selling Appropriate negotiations with local vendors for BTL activities Designed trade scheme and executed successfully in Phaltan,Satara, Kolhapur Outlet specific activities driven with calculated results & delivered volume growth Deep study on cancellation of orders / sales reported Planned & executed trade & consumer offers in specific markets(APMC,MALAD,NASIK,PUNE) Motivational tools implemented and better results obtained for long period.

New Product Lauanch New Market Launch Volume growth in existing markets 2.5 lacs p.m to 11 lacs p.m. in Modern Trade 15 lacs to 27.5 lacs p.m. in Wagh Bakri 33 lacs to 55 lacs in Revlon Cosmetics S.O. wise / SKU wise /monthwise sales analysis. Shuffling of call procedure sequence .

Market Analysis 1) Market Research 2) Competiton Details 3) Identifying potential outlets 4) New product launch survey 5) New market expansion analysis

Marketing 1) Planning for volume growth in existing coverage 2) Planning & execution in specific outlets for increasing depth 3) Implementation of Modules to motivate sales people 4) SKU wise focuss through market 5) Cost effective measures in activity implementation

Sales 1) MIS support to plan for volume growth. 2) Planning and implementation for W.O.D(width of distribution) 3)Market visits with sales people whenever & wherever required 4) Increasing D.O.D (Depth of Distribution) 5) Focuss on non running SKU's & Non productive outlets. 6) Sales v/s expenses ratio controlling

Total co-ordination with Management, Sales team , Accounts , Logistics, Production to upgrade the systems for volume growth and to become a strong competitor for each & every SKU.