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It’s okay if you hate these ideas.

These are
just the basic starting points that our group
came up with. What we’d like to do is hold a
class discussion on what the most pressing
problems are and what the best solutions
would be. The product of this final student-led
class will (hopefully) be something like an
improptu Idiot’s Guide to Improving China
handbook, representing the ideas of every
individual in our class.
 Make high school compulsory
 Ensure quality of education- curriculum review and update
 Hire more qualified teachers- worth the investment
 Pay teachers more to entice competitive professional teachers
 Build prestige for the profession of teaching – think “wise
leader” sort of thing
 Facilitate quality education to rural areas- build university
 Work study programs
 Open classes
 Online classes
 PC government program
 Special, traceable computers to signify government-subsidized
 Distance learning for rural areas, college classes, and job
 Research encouragement
 Open up the ability to research
 Fund expanding internet access
 Poverty line and below: free education
 GPA construction
 Entrance Exams: keep, but shift focus. Admission to Universities
Improve communication within the country
 Introduce the rural areas to the internet and
other communications devices
 Lay a fiber optic network that connects the
entire country
Send government officials to oversee distant
 Rotate well-paid officials in and out of different
areas randomly to avoid corruption
 Conduct regular – but random – audits and
inspections to ensure lawful practices
Establish all-purpose government-run centers
to handle health care, law enforcement, etc.
 Easier to establish one center to handle many
Perhaps avoid rotating officials
 Build relationships with constituency
 Build experience with a certain community
Bring government’s concern outward
Anonymous methods of advising and criticism
for the people
Bumper crops
Animal farming
Encourage research and technology in this
Facilitate access of rural areas to new
Growing plants using mineral nutrient
solutions, without SOIL!
Soil acts as a mineral nutrient reservoir (not
entirely essential)
Mineral nutrients dissolve in water; plant roots
are able to absorb them
Almost any terrestrial plant will grow with
Growing plants in an air or mist environment
without the use of soil or a medium
Can also be done in a semi-closed
Spraying the plant roots with a nutrient rich
Aeration of nutrient solution delivers more
oxygen to plant roots
Maintenance of bee colonies in order to
pollinate crops and collect honey

Diverse Climate
Develop research on cultivating crops best
suited for the mulitude of Chinese
environments - maximize efficiency/crop
Work on making the water supply more
 Install a better water system
 Look into other methods of collecting water
Repeal one child policy and EAT BABIES
Get over it and just continue to trade for food
 Work on diplomacy and trade
Genetic engineering of crops resistant to
Clean energy from renewable sources
 Take advantage of the great capacity for
 Wind farms
 Install solar panels on every flat surface
Mandatory recycling
Introduce green spaces into urban areas
Green architecture
Wind Farms
 Chinese analysts estimate that the total potential wind
power generating capacity in China exceeds 1 million
 Thrive in higher altitudes
 Land between turbines can be used for just about
anything, as long as it isn’t too tall
 Large wind resources are in the northern part of the
country, including Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, with
vast windswept plains constituting China's "wind belt"
similar to the Great Plains of the United States and
 Currently, China has an installed capacity of just over
6000 MW and is in fifth place globally
 Policymakers have set a goal of 10 GW by 2010,
however this is a mere fraction of China’s potential
This is architecture that incorporates plant life
into buildings using aeroponics and
 Different types of plants have been found to
remove pollution from the environment
 Genetically engineered plants have been
specifically designed to remove pollution even
better than their natural counterparts
Raises awareness and appreciation
Several designs for farming in skyscrapers
have been proposed
Getting western countries on board
- tarriffs, taxes, penalties for producing
pollution over a certain amount
- make outside investors choose between
greener practices and paying for pollution
Create a cultural movement that values green
practices and responsible stewardship of land
Offer incentives for investors to engage in
green practices
- create competition
- tax breaks, preferential treatment, special
More successful and far-reaching job training
programs with flexible hours
Job placement program
 Government will require both government-
controlled operations and private businesses to
register job openings that remain open for
longer than a certain amount of time
 Individuals seeking jobs enter the program, and
the government matches the individual with an
 This may involve relocation, additional training,
Create jobs for anything and everything!
Government-subsidized jobs that benefit
 Hydroponics, green energy – government
 Bring into rural areas and have these people
build and then operate
No tea parties - EVER
Mastercard is not an option.
 Tax the growing upper class
 Increase investment opportunities
 Development research in applied sciences and
 Manufacturing and marketing
 Increase tax on investing companies
 Balance between deterring investors and profiting
as much as possible
 Rent-a-convict
 Rather than killing most of the criminals, use them!
 Much like the job placement program, place non-
violent criminals in jobs
 Rather than keeping their wages, the wages go to
the country
 Prisoners wear electronic GPS bracelets at all times
and are subject to evaluation by supervisors
 Keep them in line by threatening to put them back
Put convicts to work and sell the products
Sell the organs of executed convicts
 Methods of killing the convicts without
damaging organs
Government should start pirating things
Anything we left out?

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