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Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor


Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

Large Track-Type Tractor Evolution

L Series
D10 522kW (700 hp) D9L 343 kW (460 hp) D8L 250 kW (335 hp)

N Series
D11N 575 kW (770 hp) D10N 388 kW (520 hp) D9N 276 kW (370 hp) D8N 213 kW (285 hp)

R Series
D11R CD 634 kW (850 hp) D11R 575/634 kW (770/850 hp) D10R 425 kW (570 hp) D9R 302 kW (405 hp) D8R 228 kW (305 hp)

T Series
D11R CD 634 kW (850 hp) D11R 634 kW (850 hp) D10T 433 kW (580 hp) D9T 306 kW (410 hp) D8T 231 kW (310 hp)

The D10T is a versatile machine designed to be used in a variety of applications such as ripping overburden, production dozing, site maintenance, fleet support, and reclamation
Its elevated sprocket design and suspended undercarriage offer exceptional performance and reliability in loose or blasted material for overburden removal and mine reclamation It can replace some smaller existing mining systems

When used to enhance larger existing systems, it will usually lower the unit cost
DOZSIM will help demonstrate the cost and production advantage in a mining operation

D10T Improvements
The D10T offers a list of design improvements that make it emissions-friendly, easier to operate, and more productive
Updated operator station has more glass, more room, and improved features New Advisor Monitoring System lets operator customize machine settings and provides on-board diagnostics for ease of service New Cat C27 engine with ACERT Technology meets Tier 3/Stage IIIA emissions regulations Improved cooling system has expanded radiator New hydraulic demand fan reduces power needs Improved serviceability through grouped pressure and sampling ports, single location fuse panel in cab, and an under-the-hood light

Worldwide Unit Sales

10-year history
3,000 2,500 2,000 1,500 1,000


500 0

Caterpillar D10R


D10R Worldwide Deliveries

10-year history

United States & Canada

Europe, Middle East & Africa


Latin America

Asia & Southeast Asia

Product Development, Manufacturing & Distribution

Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

6 Sigma
Launched in 2001, 6 Sigma is now a way of life at Caterpillar, improving processes throughout the company, product quality, and customer satisfaction
Improves processes such as design, manufacturing, and product support Ensures that processes are consistent, predictable, and performed properly Taps collective intelligence of Cat employees, dealers, and suppliers Produces cost savings, increased operating efficiencies, and quality improvements Applies DMEDI methodology to create new processes, products, services, and plants to 6 Sigma quality Overall, 6 Sigma aims at achieving perfection on all fronts

Innovation begins at the Caterpillar Technical Center in Mossville, Illinois

Largest and most sophisticated facility of its kind in the industry Six major buildings with 19 acres under roof

State-of-the-art laboratories, testing facilities, simulators

Over $900 million annual budget Interacts with design teams at each product facility


Design & Engineering

The D10T was developed by the Track-Type Tractor design team in East Peoria using the latest design technologies and methodologies
New Product Introduction (NPI) process Concurrent Product and Process Design (CPPD) 6 Sigma methodology improves processes and product quality Collaborates with Cat design and manufacturing resources worldwide Designed in East Peoria, not far from where its built


Manufacturing & Assembly

From machine shops to assembly line in East Peoria Plant, the D10T and its components follow a rigorous quality control process
Close tolerance machining centers Automated material handling systems Highly trained, experienced assemblers Nondestructive weld testing 150-point functional check


Manufacturing Quality Assurance

Quality control practices have long been built into the Caterpillar manufacturing process, from machining to assembly
Welds on key components, such as frames and ROPS, are ultrasonically tested Radiator cores and fuel tanks are pressure tested Sub-assemblies are pre-tested prior to final machine assembly Mid-assembly test cell performs 45-minute functional analysis of all major machine components and systems Final inspection includes test drive evaluation and final calibrations before paint


Distribution & Support

When Cat products reach the field, they are supported by the worlds leading network of parts distribution facilities, dealer service centers, and technical training facilities
Caterpillar Global Distribution network maintains over 20 parts distribution centers worldwide Dealer branch facilities, service trucks, trained technicians and operator training programs provide customers with full-scale customer support Cat Product Support Center offers global training for dealer service technicians


The D10T and its major components are designed and manufactured entirely by Caterpillar
Joliet, Illinois Cab assembly Hydraulics Peoria, Illinois Electronics East Peoria, Illinois Frame Final drive Torque divider Transmission Track Roller Idlers Radiator guard Roller frame Final tractor assembly Mapleton, Illinois Engine block & head castings Pontiac, Illinois Fuel system

Griffin, Georgia Engine machining Engine assembly


Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor


4078 mm 13.4 ft 4543 mm 14.9 ft 4340 mm 14.2 ft 3222 mm 10.6 ft

779 mm 2.6 ft

3500 mm 8.33 ft 3160 mm1 10.4 ft 7091 mm3 23.3 ft

3855 mm 12.7 ft
5331 mm 17.5 ft 7500 mm2 24.6 ft

9260 mm 30.4 ft 1. Width without trunnions 2. Length with SU-blade 3. Length with single-shank ripper


Metric Gross power / Flywheel power Operating weight* Blade capacity (J1265) Engine (model) Engine displacement Track pitch Track gauge Length of track on the ground Standard track shoe width Ground contact area Avg. ground pressure Steering 482 kW / 433 kW 66 407 kg U: 22.0 m3 SU: 18.5 m3 27.0 L 260 mm 2500 mm 3855 mm 610 mm 4.7 m2 135.7 kPa English 646 hp / 580 hp 146,400 lbs U: 28.7 yd3 SU: 24.2 yd3 1,647.5 in3 10.2 in 8.2 ft 12.7 ft 24.0 in 7,321 in2 19.6 psi

Cat C27 with ACERT Technology

Electronic clutch & brake with finger tip control

* Operating weight includes hydraulic controls, blade tilt cylinder, coolant, lubricants, 100% fuel, ROPS, FOPS cab, SU-blade,
single-shank ripper, 610 mm (24 in) Extreme Service shoes, and operator


Features & Benefits

Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

Features & Benefits

The D10T is the premier machine in its class, designed and built by Caterpillar using components and systems that have evolved through years of rugged mining applications
Structures Undercarriage Power train Cooling system Operator station Controls Electronic monitoring Auto blade assist Work tools


Structures: Main Frame

Full box-section frame rails Keeps components rigidly aligned One-piece main case casting Adds strength to final drive, ROPS and ripper mounts

Heavy steel castings Adds strength to equalizer bar saddle, front cross member and tag link trunnion

Final drive

Pivot shaft

Continuous-rolled top & bottom rails No welds or machining required


Structures: Equalizer Bar

The equalizer bar uses an automatic lube system to extend the life of the end pin bearings and eliminate daily maintenance
Easy view oil reservoir helps detect leaking seals and reduces chance of high collateral damage Limited slip seals for improved life

Oil lubricated joints ensure better flow

End pin bearings have internally grooved pin bore for improved lubrication Center pin bearing uses oil impregnated powdered metal for longer life


Undercarriage: Elevated Sprocket Design

Reduces impact loads to the final drives, accommodates suspended undercarriage

Bogie-mounted suspension conforms to uneven contours for improved traction, even in rock Exceptional side slope stability Elevated final drive avoids abrasive material and direct shock loads Design brings blade closer to machine and uses tag link dozer stabilizer for improved blade control and penetration force


Undercarriage: Suspended Design

Designed to operate in rocky materials, the resiliently mounted undercarriage extends component life
Stronger roller frame has larger circular section with deeper circular welds than D10R Track link resists high impact loads Idler guards reduce amount of abrasive material circulation, improving undercarriage link and roller life

Heavy-duty track shoes provide maximum life and durability

Duo-cone seals used in the rollers and idlers for maintenance-free operation for wear life of roller & link

Track adjustment provided to 120% undercarriage wear limit


Undercarriage: Demonstration


Undercarriage: Positive Pin Retention Track

The sealed and lubricated track uses positive pin retention to mechanically lock the link to the pin to resist end-play and increase sealability
Permanently coats the track pin with a sealed-in lubricant, minimizing metal-to-metal contact Virtually eliminates internal pin and bushing wear

Counterbored CrN coated


Lubricant is held in a reservoir in the track pin

Designed for high impact and high loading applications, such as mining & heavy construction Serviceable to provide a range of undercarriage management options Sleeve Bearing:
Hardened steel

Zinc Current Phosphate production coated Zinc Phosphate coated Rubber stopper and plug Pin Oil reservoir

Positive pin retention ring


Power Train: Modular Componentry

The modular design of the elevated sprocket D10T provides excellent serviceability and turnaround time
Fast, in-field component exchange saves man-hours and machine downtime Components can be pre-tested prior to installation Modular components include the engine & torque divider, final drives, steering clutch & brakes, and transmission


Power Train: Cat C27 Engine

The new C27 is a quick response, fuel efficient, and environmentally friendly engine that uses proven ACERT Technology
V12 with 433 kW (580 hp) and displacement of 27 L (1647.5 in3) Mechanical Electronic Unit Injection (MEUI) with a record of high reliability in the field Twin turbocharged and aftercooled for higher operating efficiency in all conditions Overhead cam, crossflow head design Enhanced diagnostics with Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET) Electronic monitoring of key functions and logging critical indicators Rebuildable components


Power Train: ACERT Technology

The Caterpillar solution to emissions compliance is a new series of redesigned engines that meet Tier 3/Stage IIIA without using EGR
Advanced electronic control includes fuel mapping to optimize performance based on work parameters Precision fuel delivery from mechanically actuated, electronic unit injectors (MEUI) Refined air management uses twin turbochargers and air-to-air aftercooling ACERT Technology serves as the platform for meeting future emissions standards


Power Train: Torque Divider

Combining the advantages of direct drive and converter drive to achieve high component reliability and maximum output performance
Increased power train efficiency High reliability using proven components High drawbar pull reserves at converter stall Broad converter performance band
Flywheel Ring gear Turbine Impeller

Output shaft

Sun gear

Planet gear


Power Train: Planetary Power Shift Transmission

The Caterpillar planetary power shift transmission is the industry standard for high performance and durability
Three speeds forward, three speeds reverse Large diameter, high capacity clutches Forced oil flow lubricates and cools clutch packs to provide maximum clutch life Modular transmission and bevel gear slide out of rear case for servicing ease, even with ripper installed
Planet gear Clutch packs

Sun gear

Ring gear


Power Train: Elevated Final Drives

Isolated from ground and attachment induced impact loads for extended power train life

Double-reduction, planetary final drive gears provide smooth, quiet, low maintenance operation Splash lubrication and modular seal extend service life Gears and planet carriers are sized for higher loads and increased durability Axle and spline are designed to handle high torque Modular design for easy removal


Power Train: Brakes

Cooling oil flows through the outboard brake discs and inboard steering clutch discs to boost safety and performance
1. Thick, large diameter plates and disks provide high torque capacity and service life 2. Brake housing has cast-in ribs for added strength and durability 3. Cooling oil valve controls high volume circulation to dissipate heat 4. Clutch disks allow greater torque capacity on the clutch 5. Tapered roller bearing design provides increased service life
5 2 4 1 3


Power Train: Hydraulic Demand Fan

Hydraulically powered and controlled by the Electronic Control Module (ECM), this smart fan combines optimized cooling with improved fuel economy
Adjusts for coolant & air temperatures, reducing power demand in cooler conditions Increases productivity in cooler ambient temperatures as power from the fan is redirected to the tracks Reduces fan noise Improves fuel economy Reduces engine overcooling


Power Train: RATAAC to ATAAC Improvement

Remote Air to Air Aftercooler (RATAAC) has been replaced by an Air to Air Aftercooler (ATAAC) system with fewer parts, less weight, and improved fuel consumption
ATAAC system eliminates approximately 100 parts weighing 136 kg (300 lb) ATAAC is a simple and highly reliable system using two aluminum cores mounted between the engine and radiator New cooling package design improves accessibility to upper engine components for improved serviceability Demand fan replaces previous constant speed hydraulic fan for reduced sound levels and parasitic power losses



Advanced Modular Cooling System

Significantly more cooling capacity and easier to service than conventional systems
Two-pass system circulates coolant from the sectioned bottom tank
(1) Up one side of the cooling element (2) Down the other side (3) Returning to the bottom tank

Individual core modules are connected to a sectioned bottom tank With no top tank, each module is replaceable without radiator removal Design enables added core length at top for improved cooling High ambient cooling packages and custom radiators for plugging environments are available

Pictured: D10R Radiator


Operator Station
The D10T operator station is 15% wider than the D10R for improved operator comfort, plus 30% more glass for greater visibility
1. Low-effort finger tip controls 2. Caterpillar Comfort Series seat 3. Adjustable armrests 4. Electronic ripper control 5. Electronic programmable dozer control 6. Instrument cluster 7. AdvisorTM Monitoring System 8. Air circulation vents on pillars
3 2 3 4 1 8 6 7 5 8


Operator Station: Cat Comfort Seat

Fully adjustable with exceptional support for operator comfort

Side bolsters limit lateral movement Adjustable lumbar support Seat cushion reduces thigh pressure Air suspension attachment with automatic weight adjustment improves operator comfort Retractable seat belt


Electronic Finger Tip Control

Low effort, fly-by-wire controls on the left armrest offer precision response and improved operator comfort
1. Electronic clutch/brake fingertip controls 2. Electronically shifted transmission
Up/Down shift buttons
1 5 4 3 2

3. Machine direction thumb toggle


4. Robust hand grip 5. Electronic parking brake

6. Adjustable armrest fore/aft and height settings


Electronic Ripper Controls

Low effort hand grip remains stable even when ripping in the roughest terrain

1. Thumb lever controls ripper for raise and lower 2. Finger lever controls shank in and shank out 3. Yellow thumb button activates auto stow feature (programmable)
1 3 2


Electronic Dozer Controls

Low effort and comfortable to grip, the electronic dozer joystick gives the operator control of all dozer functions with the right hand
Fore/aft movement lowers and raises the blade Left/right movement directionally tilts the blade Thumb lever controls blade dump and rackback Yellow buttons activate and cancel Auto Blade Assist


Caterpillar Monitoring and Display System with Advisor

An integrated electronic system that maximizes performance while keeping the operator and service technician fully informed
Superior integration of machine systems Fewer mechanical components to go out of adjustment Advanced system diagnostics Robust components designed for mining environment

Key Switch Implement ECM Power Train ECM Engine ECM CAN A Data Link CAT Data Link CAT Data Link CAN C Data Link

CAN A Navigator / CTCT Data Link Attachments Product Link

Dynamic Inclination Advisor Sensor CAN B Data Link Fuel Level Sender (D9T and D10T) Fuel Level Sender (D8T Only)

Instrument Cluster

Comm Adapter II

Alternator (R-Terminal)

Rear Action Lamp

Action Alarm Cat ET


Advisor Monitoring System (AMS)

AMS benefits both operator and service technician to improve productivity and lower operating costs
On-board diagnostics help minimize downtime and maximize performance Integrated system warnings and in-dash instrument cluster Operators can customize and save settings for auto kick down and blade response, float and tilt Service technicians can configure and calibrate the machine as well as review and clear diagnostics AMS records machine life factors, such as operating hours and fuel consumption


Advisor Graphical Display

Gear / Direction display area Dozer mode display area Auto shift mode display area

Left / Up arrow button Right / Down arrow button Back button (Delete / Backspace button) Home button

OK button (Enter / Select button)

More options icon

Data display / Menu selection display area


Instrument Cluster
The in-dash Instrument Cluster contains five analog gauges, an LCD display, and up to fifteen (15) LED mode and alert indicators
Auto shift activated Parking brake on Action lamp Charging system fault ABA enabled Auto carry active Implement lockout activated Float active Single tilt enabled Dual tilt enabled Not used Not used

Auto kick down activated Winch freespool or release Winch low speed lock

Winch disabled

Engine pre-lube activated


Automated Blade Assist (ABA)

With optional dual tilt, semi-automatic dozer control functions increase efficiency and reduce operator workload by automating some of the more common blade functions
AutoPitch feature allows the operator to preset blade pitch angles to optimize each stage of the dozing cycle On the joystick, the left yellow button actuates both the carry and spread modes; the right button cancels automatic mode On the Advisor display, a variety of operational preferences can be set, including blade pitch and ripper auto-stow


Autoshift & Auto Kickdown

These two features boost productivity and reduce operator fatigue by automating the transmission settings to best match the job conditions
Both modes are activated with switches located on the right console: 1. Autoshift mode eliminates manual shifting by placing the machine in a preset gear with each directional change, such as first forward to second reverse 2. Auto Kickdown mode downshifts the transmission automatically when a significant load increase is detected, based on LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH shift point settings


Automatic control of the blade lift and lower functions during the carry segment of the dozing cycle improves machine productivity
Achieves consistent loads by sensing and integrating power train output, ground speed, track slip, and tractor attitude information Increases operator efficiency an reduces fatigue by automating key blade control functions Load factor can be adjusted from 80-105% for the AutoCarry function


Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES)

CAES is an advanced monitoring tool combining GPS technology and in-cab computing capabilities for precise grade and slope control
On-board electronic site plan directs operator to cut and fill without having to look for survey stakes Allows work to proceed without surveying delays High precision GPS provides centimeterlevel accuracy Records work progress for updating site maps, improving overall planning and efficiency CAESultra CAESbasic

Available in basic and ultra models


CAESbasic and CAESultra

140 mm (5.5 in) display Flash card download & recording Text readout displays information critical to more effective operation Grade/slope control guidance

File conversion program is the only extra office software required

264 mm (10.4 in) display Files wirelessly sent to machine Plan recorded and updated in real time Control of grade/slope, ore, waste, and compaction Progress can viewed remotely in office Office software for monitoring machine progress and creating reports Productivity reporting on-board and off


Tag Link Dozer Mounting

Designed to bring the blade closer to the machine, tag link improves machine balance and maneuverability, and increases blade penetration
Increases blade penetration and pryout Transmits dozer side-loads through tag link into frame

Eliminates diagonal blade bracing, improving forward visibility

Increases maneuverability of tractor Maintains excellent machine balance


Designed for loadability and constructed of high tensile strength materials, Cat blades produce big numbers over the long haul
Available in Universal (U) and Semi-Universal (SU) configurations Heel clearance and sharp cutting edge angle make the blade more aggressive in tough material Caterpillar blades are designed to optimize the tractors overall production capability Over 50 years of dozer research and development has made Caterpillar the leader in blade technology

Semi-Universal Blade D10T 18.5 m3 (24.2 yd3)

Universal Blade D10T 22.0 m3 (28.7 yd3)


D10T Blade
Universal Semi-Universal

Blade capacity (SAE J1265)

Width with blade (over end bits) Blade height

22.0 m3
5260 mm 2120 mm

28.7 yd3
17.25 ft 6.9 ft

18.5 m3
4860 mm 2120 mm

24.2 yd3
15.9 ft 6.9 ft

Digging depth
Ground clearance (full raise) Maximum tilt

674 mm
1497 mm 1074 mm

26.5 in
58.9 in 42.3 in

674 mm
1497 mm 993 mm

26.5 in
58.9 in 39.1 in

Total operating weight** (with blade and single-shank ripper)

10 784 kg
66 962 kg

23,775 lb
147,625 lb

10 229 kg
66 407 kg

22,550 lb
146,400 lb

* Does not include hydraulic controls but includes blade cylinders. ** Includes blade and single shank ripper, hydraulic controls, blade tilt cylinders, coolant, lubricants, full fuel tank, 610 mm (24 in) ES shoes, ROPS, FOPS cab, and operator


Single Shank Ripper

Highly productive when ripping overburden in the most rugged of materials

Clear visibility to ripper tip from cab Excellent penetration force Superior ripper carriage and frame design Hydraulic pin puller allows operator to adjust shank depth from cab XT hydraulic hose

Optional pin puller


Multi-Shank Ripper
Intended for less severe ripping applications, ideal for ripping close to highwalls

Allows for one, two, or three shanks Improved visibility to tip Excellent penetration force Superior ripper frame design XT hydraulic hose


Single-shank Ripper Overall beam width Maximum penetration force (shank vertical) 205 kN 45,980 lb Multi-shank Ripper 2920 mm 115.0 in 205 kN 45,980 lb

Maximum penetration (standard tip) Pry out force (multi-shank ripper with one tooth)
Maximum clearance raised (under tip, pinned in bottom hole) Number of shank holes Weight (without hydraulic controls, multi-shank with one shank) Total operating weight (with SU blade and ripper)

1494 mm 58.8 in 415.3 kN 93,360 lb

1058 mm 41.7 in 4 7117 kg 15,690 lb 66 407 kg 146,400 lb

876 mm 34.5 in 415.3 kN 93,360 lb

1045 mm 41.1 in 2 7968 kg 17,567 lb 67 257 kg 148,277 lb


Safety, Health & Environment

Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

Ecology Drains
Easily accessible drain plugs are provided as an environmentally safe and effective method to drain fluids from components
Ecology drains are standard equipment and located throughout the D10T
Engine Transmission Torque divider Case drain Hydraulic tank Fuel tank


Optional high-speed oil change attachment provides connections inside engine compartment for removing engine oil and power train oil


Operator Safety/Noise Abatement

The D10T is designed with features and options to protect the operator in his everyday work environment
Optional 275 kPa (40 psi) glass adds protection when working around coal stockpiles and bottom feed conveyors Hydraulic demand fan slows down when off-peak to reduce spectator noise Strategically placed grab handles plus nonslip steps and decking aid operator getting on and off machine


Optional High Intensity Discharge Lighting (HID)

Compared to halogen, optional HID lighting provides a more intense light that more closely resembles natural daylight
More light, less electrical drain one HID lamp produces 5000 to 6000 lumens of light, equaling the light intensity of four 65 watt halogen lamps Highly vibration resistant an HID lamp typically lasts four to eight times longer than halogen HID supplemental lighting kit mounts two lights atop the lift cylinders (outer are HID, inner are halogen) two on the ROPS, and one light facing rearward


Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

Operating Costs
D10T estimated operating cost factors through 45,000 hours



36% 26%


13% 3% 5%



Undercarriage Maintenance





Repair Costs
D10T average repair costs through 45,000 hours

Total = $20.41/hr.



$5.55 $2.75





Power Train


Competitive Specification Comparisons

Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

Specification Comparisons (Metric)

Cat D10T
Flywheel horsepower (kW/rpm) Machine operating weight (kg)* Blade capacity (m3) Semi-U Universal Track-type design Number of track links Track pitch (mm) Track gauge (mm) Length of track on ground (mm) 44 260 2550 3885 47 400 55 200 62 200 135.7 116.2 103.1 433/1800 66 451 18.5 22.0

Komatsu D375A-5
391/1800 67 305 18.5 22.0 Sealed and Lubricated 40 280 2489 3835 46 850 54 530 62 210 140.0 123.0 108.0

Dressta TD-40E
388/2100 66 640 18.6 22.8

39 280 3607 43 974 47 639 57 716 129.6

Ground contact area (cm2) 610 mm shoe 710 mm shoe / 710 mm / 660 mm 800 mm shoe / 810 mm / 800 mm
Average ground pressure (kPa) 610 mm shoe 710 mm shoe / 710 mm / 660 mm 800 mm shoe / 810 mm / 800 mm


Specification Comparisons (English)

Cat D10T Flywheel horsepower (hp/rpm) Machine operating weight (lb) 580/1800 146,500 24.2 28.7 Komatsu D375A-5 525/1800 148,382 24.2 28.8 Sealed and lubricated 44 10.2 100 153 7,326 8,551 9,635 19.6 16.9 15.0 40 11.0 98 151 7,262 8,452 9,643 20.3 17.8 15.6 39 11.0 142 6,816 7,384 8,946 18.8 Dressta TD-40E 520/2100 146,915 24.3 29.8

Blade capacity (yd3) Semi-U Universal

Track-type design Number of track links Track pitch (in) Track gauge (in) Length of track on ground (in) Ground contact area (in2) 24 in shoe 28 in shoe / 28 in / 26 in 31.5 in shoe / 32 in / 31.5 in Average ground pressure (psi) 24 in shoe 28 in shoe / 28 in / 26 in 31.5 in shoe / 32 in / 31.5 in


Former Caterpillar Models

Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

D10N (2YD)
Replaced: D9L (14Y) Built: 1987 1993

Key Change: More power and weight Engine: 3412 DITA (upgraded with aftercooler) 13% more flywheel power, from 343 kW (460 hp) to 388 kW (520 hp) Features/Performance: 10-15% more productivity 4% more weight, 61 122 kg (134,775 lb) vs 58 804 kg (129,638 lb) 9% more track on the ground, adding 331 mm (13.0 in) Larger undercarriage components with 35% more wear volume, 15-20% increase in life New blade design increases rolling action and penetration Stronger transmission components Folded radiator core with higher capacity and larger fan


D10N (3SK)
Replaced: D10N (2YD) Built: 1993 - 1996

Key Change: Major operator station improvements Engine:

3412 TA engine, 388 kW (520 hp) Features/Performance:

Computerized Monitoring System

Improved ripper visibility Larger blades, U-blade by 4.9%, SU-blade by 6.6% Contour Series seat

Red accent stripe, Integrated Product Line (IPL) styling

R-134a air conditioning refrigerant replaces R-12 Freon Halogen lights replaced sealed beams Bright Beige cab interior replaced Mojave Brown


D10R (3KR)
Replaced: D10N (3SK) Built: 1996 - 2000
Key Change: Upgrade to new R-Series Engine: 3412E with Tier 1 emissions package Over 9% power increase, from 388 kW (520 hp) to 425 kW (570 hp) Features/Performance: New Cat Electronic Monitoring System Upgraded transmission, final drives and brakes Larger single-shank ripper Larger, notched fuel tank New equalizer bar, bearings & seals Electronic steering & transmission controls Ecology drains Optional air suspension seat Advanced Modular Cooling System


D10R (AKT)
Replaced: D10R (3KR) Built: 2000 2004 Key Change: Improved operator controls Engine: 3412E EUI with twin turbos and aftercooling Increased power from 425 kW (570 hp) to 433 kW (580 hp) Features/Performance: Electro-hydraulic implement controls Auto blade assist Auto shift and auto kick down Vital Information Display System Positive Pin Retention track standard Equalizer bar auto lube system


Equipping Your Tractor

Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

Track Shoes
Several track shoe options are available, all with Positive Pin Retention
Standard shoe: 610 mm (24 in) Extreme Service Grouser height from ground face of shoe: 93 mm (3.7 in) Optional track widths available: 710 mm (28 in)

760 mm (30 in)

800 mm (31.5 in) Optional track ratings available: Super Extreme Service offers 25% more life than Extreme Service in high wear applications Trapezoidal track reduces debris packing Clipped track improves maneuvering, turning


Track Roller Frame

The track roller frames come with predrilled mounts for optional carrier rollers; optional idler guards help extend undercarriage component life
Carrier rollers are added to: Improve bushing life in level and uphill push applications

Reduce track slap

Make track adjustment less sensitive The flexible idler guards: Provide additional wear protection from abrasive material Can increase wear life up to 20% for idlers, rollers, and links Made of durable material that lasts 2000 hours or more


Optional Equipment
Automatic engine prelube arrangement Fast fuel system Quick oil change system Mining arrangement Cold weather arrangement Carrier roller attachment Trapezoidal track Ripper shank pin puller Dual tilt cylinders Multi-shank deep ripper shank Winch Counterweights, front and rear Air conditioner, fender mounted or under hood

Supplemental front and rear lighting

Entertainment radio Air suspension seat Product link


Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

Tractor Productivity Index

Using the D9N as a base of 1.00
3 2.67 2.5 2.03 2 1.5 1.5 1 0.5 0
D9N D9R D9R D9T D9L D10N D10R D10R D10T D10 D11N D11R D11R-CD
























Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

Right Side Inspection

1. Hydraulic oil sight glass 2. Precleaner

3. Lights
4. Track roller frame 5. Final drive & sprocket segments 6. Idler guard
1 3 3

5 6 4


Front Inspection
1. Lights 2. Radiator 3. Ground engaging tools 4. Hydraulic cylinders & hoses
4 4 1 1


Left Side Inspection

1. Coolant sight glass 2. Engine oil

3. Power train oil

4. Equalizer bar / pivot shaft oil reservoirs 5. Window washer fluid 6. Fresh air filter
2 3 1 6 5 4


Rear Inspection
1. Hydraulic cylinders, hoses & couplings

2. Lights
3. Ground engaging tool on ripper
2 2


Product Support
Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor

Caterpillar Global Factory Support

23 parts distribution centers 13 training centers 107 manufacturing facilities


Caterpillar Global Dealer Network

267 locally owned businesses

1,665 dealer branch stores 93,000 employees supporting you $7.8 billion in assets 50+ years average tenure

Parts & Service Support Worldwide

Cat dealers offer a wide range of parts and service plans that will maximize uptime and return on your investment
Custom track service Preventive maintenance programs Diagnostic programs, such as scheduled oil sampling and technical analysis Rebuild and Reman options Operator training Customer support agreements


Caterpillar Certified Rebuild (CCR)

The CCR program offers a like-new machine with a renewed warranty and serial number, all at a much lower cost than a comparable new machine
Inspection Disassembly Reconditioning Engineering updates Power train testing Reassembly Performance testing Repainting New serial number/warranty Or, limit your rebuild to the Certified Power Train process


Remanufactured Parts
Cat Reman parts from your dealer are a cost-saving alternative that still maintains Cat OEM quality
Reman parts are built in Cat facilities using exchanged cores Components are available for drive train, engine, and hydraulics Parts meet Cat quality standards Same warranty and reliability as new parts Priced 40-70% below new parts Parts exchange enables faster turnaround, more uptime


Percentage Commonality in Parts Numbers

D9T 100% D10T 39% 100% D11R 21% 24% 100% D11R CD 21% 24% 97% 100% 988G 25% 19% 16% 16% 100% 990 II 18% 19% 21% 21% 31% 100% 992G 16% 15% 32% 32% 28% 46% 100% 994F 15% 15% 23% 23% 22% 32% 43% 100% 777D 14% 13% 30% 27% 16% 17% 30% 26% 100% 785C 11% 12% 25% 30% 13% 15% 25% 28% 47% 100% 789C 11% 11% 24% 25% 12% 15% 25% 29% 47% 73% 100% 793D 13% 13% 24% 26% 14% 17% 25% 28% 41% 60% 65% 797B 12% 12% 22% 17% 15% 16% 24% 16% 28% 33% 33% 24H 16% 16% 16% 22% 23% 30% 20% 14% 18% 15% 16% 16H 14% 14% 14% 16% 13% 12% 13% 12% 12% 12% 13% 854 16% 15% 34% 33% 27% 44% 86% 41% 31% 26% 25% D9T D10T D11R D11R CD 988G 990 II 992G 994F 777D 785C 789C









13% 100%

16H 854


Caterpillar D10T Track-Type Tractor