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Yudi Setyaningsih Universitas Ma Chung Malang Indonesia

Globalization era Rapid development of technology Communication with people from different background Intercultural awareness

Intercultural Awareness
the ability to empathize and to decentre. More specifically, in a communication situation, it is the ability to take on the perspective(s) of (a) conversational partner(s) from another culture or with another nationality, and of their cultural background(s), and thus, to be able to understand and take into consideration interlocutors different perspective(s) simultaneously.

(Byram, 1997 and Matsumoto, 2000)

Intercultural Communication Competence

The ability to effectively and appropriately execute communication behaviors that negotiate each other's cultural identity or identities in a culturally diverse environment (Starosta, 1996)

Technology in Language Classroom

technology and multimedia resources and Internet-based learning environments provide students with authentic and global environments and interesting tools to achieve learner autonomy or learner independence and offer them an opportunity to learn, practice and communicate with others in the target language outside the classroom

a model of inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet (Dodge & March, 1995).

Elements in WebQuest
Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion

The Use of WebQuest in the Classrooms

Cross-cultural Understanding Intro to Communication bquest .asp?id=871

A Study and Its Aims

To examine if students understand the meaning of Intercultural awareness To understand how students perceive their Intercultural awareness after taking two subjects: CCU and Intro to Comm To investigate students perception on WebQuest projects dealing with their Intercultural awareness

A questionnaire and an interview

Meaning of Intercultural awareness for students Students perception of Intercultural communication competence Students understanding on main strategies of effective communication Students understanding on some basis of basis of successful Intercultural interactions Some aspects influencing Intercultural communication Students perception on WebQuest projects dealing with their Intercultural awareness

19 questions 5 point-Likert scale: -Strongly agree (1) -Agree (2) -Neutral (3) -Disagree (4) -Strongly disagree (5)

Open-ended questions Reflections of the two courses

Data Analysis and Results

Part 1. Intercultural Awareness Part 2. Perceptions on WebQuest Projects.
(Meaning of Intercultural Awareness, Perceptions of Intercultural Communication Competence, Main Strategies of Effective Communication, Basis of Successful Intercultural Interaction, Aspects Influencing Intercultural Communication, and Perceptions on WebQuest Projects).

Intercultural awareness enriches our understanding of other cultures. Intercultural communication involves various communication and interaction styles when communicating with people from different cultures. Intercultural communication deals with acknowledging differences in values and beliefs among cultures.

Intercultural communication depends on understanding another language (i.e. English). Technology advances will influence intercultural communication.

Part 2.Perceptions on WebQuest Projects

WebQuest increased my skills in applying intercultural awareness to my profession in the future. Doing theWebQuest increased my motivation in dealing with people from different cultures. WebQuest supported my understanding of intercultural awareness.

Interview result from a student:

WebQuest had generated so many positive impacts on me. First, I am more familiar with WebQuest which I had no idea before. Second, it helped to share and trade knowledge with other even though we have not met in the real world.Intercultural thing is always interesting to study as it will also generate so many positive impacts to the learners.

The understanding to other cultures involves intercultural awareness that must be possessed by someone who wants to succeed in communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds. The starting point of introducing intercultural awareness can be done since students are in their study time in the university.