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360,000 from the Union 258,000 from the Confederacy This is almost equal to deaths in all other United

ed States Wars combined.


Civil War Sim Groups (pg 13)

You will be part of 6 groups which represent different parts of society.

True Believers Farmers Workers Glory Roaders Unionists Planters Johnny Rebs

Your Identities
CHARACTER CARD 1: PLANTER Field Army Identity Name: Orlin Kist Age: 45 Rank: Private Hometown: Henderson, Texas Family: Wife, four children, grandfather Education: Poor Character: Good; getting a little old to fight Opinion on slavery: Owns five slaves; believes they are well-treated Home Identity Name: Cornelia (Samuel) Kist Age: 44 (75) Relationship: Orlins wife (Orlins father) Occupation: Cotton Farmer Opinion on Slavery: Blacks are basically good people, but need supervision Other: Blacks necessary to plant and harvest cotton

Declaration of Enlistment
I ___________________________________, desiring to volunteer as a soldier, declare that I am _______ years of age; that I have never been discharged from the _______________________army on account of disability or by sentence of courtmartial, or by order before the expiration of a term of enlistment; and I know of no impediment to my serving honestly and faithfully as a soldier. Given the _____day of _____________, 1861 Witness______________________________________

By ________________________________ Regiment:_________________________ (name of receiver) Consent in case of minor (under 18 years) I, ____________________________________ do consent to the enlistment of the above-mentioned minor as a soldier in the army of ____________________ (state). Signed_________________________________


Positive (+) Negative (-) Total

Pre Cycle

_______________________ Enlistment +50 _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________

__________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________

Due Tomorrow for class: Part 2 Events that Led to the Civil War. -Use the textbook to answer the questions. See also online textbook.

4/24/12: Todays Essential Question How was the United States divided geographically, socially, & politically? Group Tasks due by Monday 4/30
You group is to complete the following 2 items: 1. Civil War Map Exercise: All members of your group are expected to know the geography of the Civil War. All of you must complete this. I will collect all for 30 Combat Points. I will award bonus points to the neatest and most accurate map turned into your group folder.(Hint: Use text (513 to start) and Student Guide) 2. Esprit de Corps: From looking at your group bio on pages 13-14 of the Student Guide, create the following to represent your group on a piece of paper: 1. Flag describing your group 2. Symbol describing an aspect of your group 3. A motto relating to your group. Each aspect is worth 25 Combat Points for a total of 75. You will vote for the best of each category next week for bonus points.

1. Lieutenant General 2. Brigadier General 3. Colonel 4. Lieutenant Colonel 5. Major 6. Captain 7. First Lieutenant 8. Second Lieutenant 9. First Sergeant 10. Sergeant 11. Corporal 12. Private

Combat! Units
1. Army 2. Corps 3. Division 4. Brigade 5. Regiment 6. Battalion 7. Company 8. Platoon 9. Squad 10. Mess - 4 who drilled and ate together 11. Pard 2 who shared a tent 12. Soldier

1. Parrot (30lb siege artillery 2. Mortor (13lb) 3. Napoleon (field artillery) 4. Small mortar 5. Breech-loading rifle 6. Sniper rifled musket (with scope) 7. Rifled musket (Sprinfield/Enfield) 8. Smooth bore musket 9. Pistol 10. Saber/Sword 11. Bayonet 12. Knife