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South Slavs began to settle in the Balkans and there they ran the natives. What kind of relations they are was establishing? - Up to 7th century, the South Slavs are definitely settled by the Black Sea to the Alps and the Adriatic, the Aegean and the Ionian Sea to the Danube. - The farmers were looking landscapes along the rivers and where was already land under cultivation. Balkan natives retreated into the rugged and mountainous regions.
- Serbs and Croats have made their name from their ancient homeland. ven two groups of Serbs remained in their ancient homeland, Lusatian Serbs and Polabian Serbs, in today's Germany. Other tribes in the Balkans were given names by geographical indications, by the rivers, by the settlements,...

- Southern Slavs in the Balkan found Greeks, Thracians, romanized Illyrians and Celts. Fearing of the Slavs, they are moving in the hilly and mountainous areas, leaving farming and dealing only with cattle.
-Where the Slavic element was in most natives were assimilated, and where the Slavs were in minority, they drowned in the natives or drowned in the new conquerors (as in the Alps, or between the Illyrians).

- Slavs natives called Vlachs. The term originally referred to the ethnic origin (non-Slavic), and later came to mean catlleman-shepherd, by profession in which they non-slavic natives involved.

-At the beginning South Slavs clashed with the natives, but timely they began to cooperate and live next to each other.
-Only cities with Roman population of the Adriatic coast, and cities with the Greek population in the Aegean remained intact in front of Slavs. Surrounded by the Slavic population, cities have opened their gates soon and and began to establish economical relationships. Thus, the Slavs peacefully entered the city, and the Roman population was eventually assimilated.