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Sharing experience of sustainable construction

Sue Innes Director, Sustainability

Aims for today

Setting the scene: where are we now in the UK?
Constructing Excellence The Sustainability Forum, its work and role The UK-Sweden Initiative for Sustainable Construction

Where are we now?

Resource use in construction products = 420 million tonnes Conversion rate of 64% Construction site waste = 90 million tonnes Construction industry spent around 200 million on landfill tax alone last year .. Landfill tax will rise to minimum 35/tonne 52% of CO2 emissions as a result of construction Responsible for more pollution incidents than any other industry sector

Where are we now? Attitude change!

Whole span of the industry but in parts!
Large companies Small companies Investors & insurers Some clients Waste companies ....etc

Generally - awareness of the need to do something . but what? Much more aware of environmental issues

Sustainable construction?

Where should we stop

Sustainable construction Sustainable built environment Sustainable communities Sustainable development

What do we think we need to address? Environmental sustainability

Environmental Performance Indicators (EPIs) Choice of materials Biodiversity Energy Transport Water Minimising pollution Waste minimisation & management Managing built assets appropriately

Economic sustainability: Key Performance Indicator results

Key Performance Indicator Industry DPs

Client satisfaction product

Defects Safety Cost predictability construction Time predictability - design Cost Time

58% 990 50% 46% +2% +4%

86% 495 71% 81% -2% -8%

Social sustainability
Health & Safety Respect for People

Health and well-being

Community engagement Design Quality Indicators Considerate Constructors Scheme

Post-occupancy evaluation

Constructing Excellence

Case study: Blackpool Tramway

Blackpool Tramway - results

Zero accidents Completed ahead of time 100% re-use or recycling of waste Financial savings:
Year 1 554/metre Year 2 - 512/metre Year 3 - 500/metre

Sustainability Forum - Mission Statement

To provide strategic advice on sustainable construction
issues to government and the Strategic Forum for Construction

Sustainability Forum
Strategic advice to Government & the construction sector Strategic Forum for Construction

Sustainability Forum

Logistics Group

Integration Management Group

Joint Construction / Insurance Group

Constructing Excellence

Skills Matrix

UK-Sweden Initiative for Sustainable Construction

Case study: Lindas

Section through Lindas house

Case study: Dunston Innovation Centre

Dunston Innovation Centre

Cost savings in use Assuming 4.5p/Kwh Typical air-conditioned building: annual cost = 42,662 Comfort cooled by earth energy system: annual cost = 10,125 Annual saving in costs = 32,537

Sharing knowledge and experience

We believe that this is the way forward Sharing experience helps to move the whole industry beyond existing practice Gain ideas and learn from others mistakes!