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What's so bad did Stefan of Decani, to be forcibly removed from power by son Dusan and feudal lords? The story goes like this:
- In general, it was bad judgment of Serbian king. He forgot that the first task of the feudal rulers to the expansion of national territory by war in order to expand the property and wealth. Serbian nobility felt richer life through the development of economy based on currency, and any stagnation in the field could produce instability in the country. - Stefan of Decani is not take the opportunity to conquer through Bulgaria after the victory in Velbuzd 1330th. At the head of dissatisfied feudal lords stood his son Dusan, energetic "young king" successor. Emphasized in battle 1330th which has gained much of supporters.

The story says that the events occurred such on the tape. According to one version, Stefan of Decani was captured and imprisoned in the town of Zvecan in Kosovo, blinded and killed in the end.
- Whatever happened, Dusan 1331-1355. became king of Serbia, and immediately showed that he want to conquer Byzantium. Directed the army to the south, reaching as far as the Gulf of Corinth and won the city Ser. To win the coastal cities of Constantinople, Thessaloniki and Drac had no fleet. He offered to Venice, the strongest naval power in the Mediterranean, an alliance, but the Venetians prefer a weak Byzantium where they can influence. In the north border of king Dusan territory went to the Danube River and Belgrade. The period of his rule is the first moment of contact with the Ottoman Turks. Dusan understood the danger of a new player in the Balkans, so the Pope offered alliance and joint struggle against the Turks, but it never happened.

Wax statue of Emperor Dusan

- King Dusan not only wanted to win territory, but he had a higher purpose. He wanted to raise the reputation of Serbia and, eventually, be included in the order of big Europian ruler. Since he won the imperial Byzantine territory thought that should be declared as emperor in 1345. To officially become a emperor, Serbian church had to become a patriarchy. So the first Serbian Patriarch in 1346. was crowned Dusan as Emperor of the Serbia and Greeks. Dusan also knew he could not simply incorporate new territories in Serbian state, because the Byzantine territories were at a higher level of political, economic and cultural development. To equalize the old and new territories and rights, he declared the Code of mid 14th century, introduced the Byzantine institutions and customs on serbian court and into everyday life.

Sudden death interrupted the plans of this great ruler. Despite all he has done, tzar Dusan, only one of Nemanjic, is not declared as a saint after his death.

Proclamation of Duan's Code, Paja Jovanovi