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Christianity- An
 Began 2000 years ago in Judea – present day

 Based on the life and teaching of Jesus

Christ, who was a Jewish preacher
Christianity- Its History
 It became the dominant religion during the
Roman Empire
 It was during the Middle Ages that most of
Europe was Christianized
◦ It was also during this time that the Christian
Church was divided into Eastern and Western
◦ The Eastern Branch became the Orthodox Church
and The Western Branch became the Roman
Catholic Church
Christianity- Its History

 Christianity continued to spread throughout

the world during the Age of Discovery
Age of Discovery began with Christopher Columbus in
 The religion was spread through Missionary
work and Colonization
 Today it is the world’s largest religion with
nearly 2 billion followers and is practiced in
nearly every nation on Earth

 Today most Christians belong to one of three

Roman Catholic
Eastern Orthodox

 Beliefs and practices may vary within these

groups, however there are certain universal
Christianity- Universal

 Deity
 The Holy Book
 Holy Days and rituals
 Places of worship
 Spiritual and Religious Leaders

 Definition: the rank or essential nature of a

god, one exalted or revered as supremely
good or powerful

 Christians believe in one God with three

parts- the father, the son and the holy spirit
◦ Jesus was the son and a human manifestation who
came to earth
The Holy Book

 Is called the Bible

 It consists of the Old Testament and the New
 The Old Testament is the core religious
writings of Judaism
 The New Testament details the life and
teachings of Jesus
Holy Days and Rituals
 There are two main holidays celebrated by
all Christian Churches- Christmas and Easter
◦ Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ
◦ Easter is the day Christians believe Jesus rose from
the dead

 One ritual or rite that is practiced by all

Christian Churches is Baptism
◦ Baptism is ones entry into the Christian community
and washing away of sins
Places of Worship
Christians worship in Churches- the appearances of churches vary greatly
This is an example of a Roman Catholic church
Christian Churches

Christian Churches
From modest to elaborate, inside and out
Images from around the world
Spiritual and Religious
 Different Churches
have different leaders

 Their responsibilities
and roles vary
depending on the

Examples of a Pastor,
Minister, Nuns and Priest