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Moving on. Ottomans Turks defeated Mrnjavcevic and knocking on the door of duke Lazar. Who is he? - Lazar was a member of Raska nobility. Independently began to act only from 1371., although had long a high position in the imperial court. - Since the death of Vukasin Mrnjavcevic, in the battle of Marica river in 1371., only prefect Nikola Altomanovic stayed strong enough rival to Lazar. - 1373., together with Bosnian duke Tvrtko, Lazar was able to overcome the prefect Nikola and territorial spread to the west. - Over time, Lazar overcame the noblemen on their northern border and expanded the territory of the Sava and Danube rivers. From the town of Krusevac ruled their country.

- The territory of duke Lazar Hrebeljanovic Moravia Serbia, who called himself the master of all Serbs, also included the three Morava rivers, basin of the Sava and Danube rivers to Kosovo area. - Because Lazar gathered a lot of Serbian lands in an organized and strong state, and showed decent strength of Nemanjic family, the Serbian church stood at his side and supported him in efforts to rebuild a strong Serbian state (because the Turks already threatened). Lazar they repaid by masonry foundations, restoring churches and renewal of increasing church land. - Duke Lazar clashed Turks in the Battle of the Plocnik 1386., near Prokuplje, which is only briefly halted Turkish advancement. In his whole strength, Serbia was no match for the Balkan parts of the Ottoman Empire, not to mention the entire empire.

- The final confrontation took place in Kosovo Polje, on St. Vitus Day, 28 June in 1389. Details of the battle is contradictory, and still do not know if it was a winner. That has enabled people to tell different stories about the battle, and put the legendary characters and events, the ones that did not exist or did not happen. - What are the causes of this battle? Turkish desire for further conquests of new territory (which is related to their centarlized military state organization), regional disunity of Serbian lords (most lords thought it was just Lazar attacked and refused to send their forces to him), Mrnjavcevic brother failure in the Battle of Marica river in 1371. (their high position in the serbian empire led them astray; they underestimated the Turks strenght, and only with his own army were headed to the battle).

Lazar,the duke Milica, the duchess

- Consequences of the battle are multiple: duke Lazar and sultan Murat were killed in the battle; their country falling into instability and weakening; almost a whole generation of serbian feudal lords had disappeared and Serbia had become a vassal of the Turks (Marko Mrnjavcevic, King of Macedonia, it became a vassal long time ago); sultan Bayazid, son of sultan Murat, had killed his brother Jakub and had to regulate the situation in the Ottoman empire and strengthen its own position; Serbia, could not recover and break away from the Turks till 19. century, ... - As an illustration of this period can be used quite solid films, Banovic Strahinja and the Battle of Kosovo.

Lazarica monastery foundation of duke Lazar