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Area navigation RNAV


Background Functional requirements Navigation error components and alerting
Lateral navigation Longitudinal navigation

Designation Flight planning

RNAV Area Navigation

Area Navigation (RNAV) is a method of Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) navigation that allows an aircraft to choose any course within a network of navigation beacons, rather than navigating directly to and from the beacons. This can conserve flight distance, reduce congestion, and allow flights into airports without beacons.

Back ground
continuing growth of aviation increases demands on airspace capacity Used VOR and DME for estimating position; for oceanic operations INS Improved verion is RNP (RNAV +PBN) on-board performance monitoring and alerting

A route structure can be organized between any given departure and arrival point to reduce flight distance and traffic separation Aircraft can be flown into terminal areas on varied pre-programmed arrival and departure paths to expedite traffic flow Instrument approaches can be developed and certified at certain airports, without local instrument landing aids at that airport.

Systems used in Rnav

track-line computer (TLC), based on azimuth / distance information from VOR LORAN-C , time difference in arrived signal pulses from group or chain of stations GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) OMEGA Network INS FMS (FLIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS)

Functional requirements

continuous indication of aircraft position relative to track to be displayed to the pilot flying on a navigation display situated in his primary field of view display of distance and bearing to the active (To) waypoint display of ground speed or time to the active (To) waypoint navigation data storage function appropriate failure indication of the RNAV system including its sensors.

Nav error components & alerting

Lateral navigation
Path definition error (PDE), flight technical error (FTE) and navigation system error (NSE)

Longitudinal navigation
navigation against a position along a track

Designation An RNAV specification is designated as RNAV X (95%)

Flight planning
Manual or automated notification of an aircraft's qualification to operate along an air traffic services (ATS) route