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Presentation Technique: Tips & Tricks

Your Options?

Speech PowerPoint slides Video sequence(s)

How do you decide?

Advantages Disadvantages Importance of framework

Poster / Photo

exhibition/show Sketch / Role Play Ballad / Opera Interview

Agenda in full
1. Framework

Including Workshop Tasks

2. Presentation Plan
3. Timing 4. Developing Your

5. Visual Aids 6. Preparing 7. Delivering 8. Feedback 9. Evaluating

Agenda - 2
Presentation Plan

Tell them what you are

going to tell them

Tell them Tell them what you

have told them


Agenda - 3

Plan your material to fit the time allotted, so consider

Amount of information
Group presentation Number of (posters/slides...)

Agenda - 4
Developing Your Script

Mind map
Complete script or Cue cards with keywords

Structure 1. Introduction 2. Body 3. Ending/Conclusion

How and What?

Agenda 5
Visual Aids (1) KISS - Keep It Short and Simple Types of Visual Aids

Text (as seen here) with bullets

Tables, charts, graphs, diagrams Graphics Illustrations, photos, pictures Media clips: Video, sound Animations

Agenda 5
Visual Aids (2)

To provide structure and order

To highlight specific points

To keep your audiences attention To keep yourself on track

Workshop Task: Effective Presentation?

80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% What we hear What we see What we hear and see What we do 20% 30% 50% 70%


Workshop Task: How NOT to Make a PowerPoint Presentation

Title: Life After Death by PowerPoint (4:24)




Workshop Task: Follow-up on Life After Death by Power Point

Note down the 8 most common mistakes when making a PPT:

1. ____________________ 2. ____________________ 3. ____________________ 4. ____________________ 5. ____________________ 6. ____________________ 7. ____________________ 8. ____________________


Agenda - 6

Check your visual aids

Number your cue cards!

Practice Practice Practice
The more prepared you are, the more

self-confident you will feel

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail


Agenda 7
Delivering (1)

Workshop Task:
Video clip on body language: Title: How to use body language to improve your presentation (2.56)

Non - Verbal Communication


Workshop Task: Follow up on: How to use body language to improve your presentation
Eye contact:

What is said about the 3 techniques mentioned in this video clip?

Body posture:

Hand gestures:


Agenda 7
Delivering (1)

Workshop Task:
Video clip on body language: Title: Tips on Body

Non - Verbal Communication

Language. (2.23)

Workshop Task: Follow-up on Tips on Body Language


Listen to the tips given here and note down the main points


Hand gestures?
Use of podium? Gestures?

Summing Up
Agenda - 7
Delivering (2)
Non-Verbal Communication
Posture relaxed, not stiff Talk to audience not to slides Gestures natural, everyday Facial Expressions show interest

Eye Contact to establish rapport & to get

feedback from your audience

Moving a few steps to the side or to your

Dealing With Nerves Breathe!
Pause Count to 10; your audience also needs a


Using your voice

Agenda - 7
Delivering (3)

Para-Verbal Communication

Monotonous, lifeless tone Too fast Too quietly or too loudly

Project confidence and enthusiasm


Workshop Task: Non Verbal Communication?

Words 35%

Body Language with Tone of Voice 65%


Agenda - 8
Feedback on How to Deliver an Effective Presentation

Ask your audience:

What was good? What needs to be improved? Ask your audience to illustrate

with examples Use an evaluation form


Agenda - 8
Feedback (2)

Workshop Task
What can you do to show that you are listening

The Body Language of Active Listening:

carefully to someone?

There is no greater gift to give to someone than your interest


Agenda - 8
Feedback (3)

Facial feedback: Eye contact: Proximity / Personal space: Remove barriers:

The Body Language of Active Listening:


Agenda - 9

1. Introduction
Clear main purpose? Attention-grabbing?

2. Body
Evaluation Form (1)
Clear structure? Clear transitions from one slide

to the other? Appropriate amount of information?

3. Conclusion/Ending
Summarises main ideas? Has a good impact?


4. Delivering Agenda - 9
Appearance (clothes, posture, confidence)?

Loud and clear?

Use of voice?

Evaluation Form (2)

Rate of speech?

Use of pauses?
Eye contact with audience? Ideas supported by gestures and facial

Relevant examples? Timing?


Agenda - 10

Evaluation Form (3)

5. Language Good vocabulary? Difficult words explained? Fluency? Correctness? Pronunciation?

6. Visual aids Relevant? Varied? Clear and readable? Managed well?

Workshop Task on Evaluating (1)

Use the above evaluation form to evaluate a recent presentation or use it when preparing your next presentation

1. Introduction 2. Body 3. Conclusion/Ending 4. Delivering 5. Language 6. Visual Aids


Presentation Technique

Thank you for listening and participating in this crash

course I hope the tips & tricks will turn out to be useful


Extra: Watch this video on body language

In the wake of the first presidential debate between

Barack Obama and John McCain, Dave Price speaks with author Dave Navarro for some insight into their body language.