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Review of SAP Industry Solutions

Group 9
Subhranshu S. Panda Suchintan Kar Sumanjit Chakraborty Sunit Sanghai Tirthankar Talukdar U112053 U112054 U112055 U112056 U112057

SAP Industry Specific Utilities (IS-U)

Every type of business is unique: each business's functionalities are different in areas such as production and inventory management Industry specific solutions are needed for providing indepth knowledge of the business processes Benefits:
Industry specific functionality: advantage of preconfigured best practices, processes, and benchmarking Gives business users the specific capabilities they need while ensuring a robust and cost-effective IT foundation for growth.

SAP for Automotive

Seamless Flow of Information:

Engineering Procurement Manufacturing Distribution Sales After-Sales Service





An Example
Demand Forecasting Product Features Pricing

Design Technology Procurement Planning

New Product Launch

Means of Financing Debt Equity

Recruitment Training and Development

Some Common Processes

Product Development Product Compliance Procurement and Inbound Logistics Service Parts Inventory Maintenance Vehicle Sales After-Sales Support and Service Human Resources Management

Key Benefits of SAP for Automotive

Drive innovative and high-quality product development

Boost end-to-end manufacturing efficiency

Reduce costs in the design and manufacturing processes Eliminate automotive supply chain risk and disruption Respond rapidly to market opportunities Optimize the customer experience


Companies that use it:

BMW Ford Prosche

Aerospace-Nature of the Industry

Managing Complex Customer Programs. Designing and Building Complex Products. Responsive Supply Network. Aftermarket Services.

Common Processes in the Industry

Product Development and Compliance. Collaborative Sales Force Automation. Collaborative Invoice to Pay. Collaborative Finance Operations. IT Infrastructure Management.

Functional Modules in the IS-U

People and Talent Finance Procurement IT Management Technology Solutions

Relationship Between ERP and IS-U Select, plan and deliver complex programs. Enhanced product functionality with embedded technology. Compliant and profitable MRO service delivery.

Banking Industry
>50% of its revenues from database and technology, cloud, mobile & analytics Business objects and Sybase European scene - "Key solution provider"

Where is ERP?
Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system Automated Teller Machines (ATM) Internet banking Pay-by-phone banking Direct deposit accounts National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) System iMobile

Sales - sales force management, price optimisation, customer segmentation, service centre, loyalty management, Information Core Banking - Deposit & Loans,Accounting closure,collateral, Corporate loans,Corporate cash,Payment Engine, covered bonds, Leasing, Charging & billing Finance and risk - Real estate life cycle, Currency, Performance, Risk and compliance IT - IT infrastructure, Mobile device, etc.

World One - core banking - Europe, Australia World two - (all except core banking) in memory computing (SAP HANA), analytics, financial management, mobile, connectivity hubs, payment engine, Loans & Deposits Management, etc. - North America, Canada Competition - Fidelity, Oracle, Infosys, Temenos.

Tried & Tested

>3700 banking clients globally Citigroup, barclays, HSBC, UBS, Societe Generale, Deutschebank, IDBI, Bank of India, SBI, ICICI

Insurers - Allianz, Lloyds, ING, GIC, LIC


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