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Presentation of ESP Application Technology

Daqing electric submersible pump company

Double Thrust Bearing Protector

Patent number: ZL 98 2 32156.2 1 Preface 3000m 30MPa, 2500m 25MPa, Presently, the deepest pump setting depth is beyond 3000m,the production pressure is 30MPa, but the conventional protector just can load the axial force within 2500m, and it can not meet the need.

The present adopting measure is compressing pump structure, It can decrease the protectors axial load. But it is more difficult to machine and assembling. So it needs to be improved to increase the loading ability of the protector.

2 Structure Design
Working Principle Adopting plate spring structure, the feature of the plate spring is high-rigidity and varying rigidity. According to the drawing, assembling the plate spring at the back of the upper thrust bearing which operates continually. When the axial force goes up to a certain volume, it causes the plate spring deformed, the shaft will move downwards, and make the lower thrust bearing to work. Such can ensure the two thrust bearings working together.

Leader Bar Plate Spring

Upper Thrust Bearing

Middle Adapter Lower Thrust Bearing Drawing Of Double Bearing protector Structure

Structure Feature

Adopting division design, it is in three parts to the upper thrust bearing, middle adapter, and the lower thrust bearing. Advantage: First, Easy to be assembled; Second, Solving the Heat-Emission problem, because the two thrust bearings work separately; Third, supporting sleeve is assembled in the middle adapter, it is near the bearing and can make the bearing work stable.

3 Technology Explanation 1) 1.5 1.8 The loading ability of this protector is 1.5 to 1.8 times higher than the conventional protectors. 2) Now, this technology is our companys reserved technology.