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Handling of Invalid Data

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Error Handling

Validation rules are applied by using transfer rules. Any return code will abort the whole staging process. No possibility to store only the records which succesfully passing the transfer rules.


Transfer Rules are able to handle RESULT and ABORT like Update Rules.

In case of any returncode delivered by RESULT wether the package should be aborted in total or if the staging should proceed.

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Error Handling Definition

Rules for ErrorHandling are applied in the InfoPackage

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Error Handling of rejected Records

By using the rule Valid Records Update all rejected records will be stored in a new request within the PSA.
Use PSA maintenance to adjust bad records and schedule PSA-Package for Upload.

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New Error Handling - Restrictions

The functionality only works when loading via PSA. If the data is loaded via Idoc or under exclusion of the PSA, then the request will react on errors like in 2.0A (aborting).
Only checks during the transfer rules can be handled by the tool with 2.0B. Errors during updating into InfoCubes, ODS or Master Data are not covered.
Checkbox Consistency Check of Char. values: Usually consistency checking is done in the update rules. Flag controls consistency checking during transfer rules.

Business rules must be applied in ABAP-routines of the transfer-rules Automatic correction of the error-request must be done in a customer program (see report RS_ERRORLOG_EXAMPLE)

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New Monitor Detail Screen (1)

The monitor detail screen was completely redesigned making use of the exciting new control-technology
Information split into

Header information (Request attributes) Status information (easy problem analysis) Detail information (expert analysis)

The assistant does now present the result of its analysis in clear text directly on the status information tab together with a button that provides the next step to undertake The monitor is the tool to analyze and navigate to everything around a data load

dumps, jobs, ALE, ... in either BW and source system transfer rules, update rules, ... PSA editing, InfoCube administration, MasterData table, ...

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New Monitor Detail Screen (2)

Tools to make the administration easier:

analysed requests are marked grey a green/red icon tells that though the load was successful, some step is still missing (such as load only into PSA -- load further into DataTarget) All logs and additional information on a request are integrated in the detail tab for easy overview:


Deletion Subsequent updates ...

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