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Women entrepreneurs may be defined as a women or group of women who initiate, organize and run a business combine two factors like production and opration of business enterprise, undertaking risk and contolled outcomes and women who innovative, imitate or adopt a business activity are called women entrepreneur. The government of India has define women entrepreneurs based on women participation in equity and employment of a business. women owned businessis used relative to government contracting. enterprise.accordingly,a women entrepreneur is defined as an enterprise owned and controlled by a women having a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and giving at least 51% of the employment generated in the enterprise to women.

In nutshell, women entrepreneurs are those women who think of a business enterprise, initiate it ,organise and combine the factors of production, operate the enterprise and undertake risks and handle economic uncertainty involved in running a business enterprise. An organization like the U.S. Women cembers of commerce can provide detail about women entrepreneur and women owned.

Women entrepreneur are perform all the function like; Establish the enterprise, Idea genaration and screening, Determination of objectives, Project preparations, Product analyse, Competition of promotional formalities, Raising funds, Procuring men, machine and material.

Exploration of the prospects of starting a new business enterprise. Undertaking of risks and the handling of economic uncertainties involved in business. Introduction of innovations or imitation of innovations. Coordination, administration and control. Supervision and leadership.

Educated women do not find suitable job. Women do not feel comfortable to work in their houses. Women have an instinct to prove then innovative skill like men. Women desire additional income to provide support to their families.and share family responsibility like men. Desire to enjoy social status equal to that to


Problem of finance: finance is regarded as life -bloodfor any it big or small women entreprenurs suffer from shortage of finance on two counts.firstly women do not generally have property on their names to use them as collateral for obtaining funds from external source.given such situation women entrepreneurs are bound to rely on their owen saving,it any ,and loans from friends and relatives which are expectedly meagre and negligible. Scarcity of raw material: Most of the women enterprises by the scarecity of raw material and necessary inputs.aded to this is the high prices of raw material,on the one hand,and getting raw material at the minimum of discount,on the other.

Stiff competition: women entreprenurs do not have organisational huge fund for advertisement.advertisement it is marketing tool for any enterprise and through advertise people would come to know about product. Limited mobility: unlike men,women have limited mobility you to various reasons. A single women asking for room is steel looked upon suspicion.exercise involved in starting an enterprise coupled with the officials humidiating attitude towards women compels them to give up idea of starting an enterprise.

Family ties: in india a womens duty to looke after the children and other members of the plays a secondary role case of married women, she has to strike a fine balance between her business and family. support and approval from family member is very necessary in many cases. accordingly the educational level of husbands and other family member also play a widly role. Lack of education: in india around 60 % of women are steel illiterate.illiteracy is the root cause of socio economic problems.due to the lack of education human are not aware of and market knowledge.

Male dominated society: over constitution talks about equality of male and female.but in real practice.women are weaker section of society.women suffer from male reservation about ability,role and other responsibilities so in nutshell in the male dominated Indian society women are not treated equal to men.this,in turn,serves as a berrier to women entry into business. Low risk-bearing ability: women in india lead a protected life.they are less educated and economically not self dependent.all these reduce their ability to bear risk involved in running an enterprise. Risk bearing is an essential requisite of a successful entrepreneur.

Women in India constitute around half of the countrys population. in the official proclamation, they are at par with men.but,in real life, the truth prevails otherwise.over society is steel male dominated and women are not treated as equal partners both inside and outside four walls of the fact,they are treated as abla, i.e. weak and dependent on such,the indian women enjoy a disadvantgeous states in the society.let some fact be given.the much low literacy rate 40%,low work participation rate 28% and low urbun population share 10% of women as compared to 60%,52% and 18% respectivly of their male counterparts well conform their disadvantdeous position in the society. In india, women entry into bussiness is a new phenomenon.women entry into bussiness or say entrepreneurship is traced out as an extention of their kitchen activities mainly to 3 ps, viz.,pickles,powder and pappad.women in india pluged into business for both pull and push factors.pull factors imply the factors which encourge women to start an occupation or venture with an urge to do something independently.pus factors refer to those factors which compel women to take up their own business to tied over their economic defficulties and responsibilities. With growing awreness about business and spred of education among women over the period,women have started shifting from 3 ps to engross to 3 modern Es,viz., Engineering Electronics Energy

Women entrepreneurs manufacturing solar cookers in gujrat,small foundaries in maharashtra and T.V. capacitors in orissa have proved beyond doubt that given the opportunities,they can excel their male counterparts. Smt.Sumati Morarji (shipping coorporation), smt.Yamutie Kirloskar (mahila udyog ltd), smt.Neena Malhotra (Exports) smt.Shanaz Hussin (beauty clinic) Nidhi Saxena (target a revenue of Rs.54 crore.saxena was previously the vice president for the north american operation of business process outstanding company) Vijaya Pastala (Enterprise has Rs. 60 lakh from selling honey.enterprise which took 14 years to shape up has a simple business) are some exemplary names of successful and acomplised women enterpreneurs in india.

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