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Telesales Tips from A - Z

A - Attitude

Regardless of circumstances, you always control your own attitude. Your attitude can improve the worst situation or ruin the best one. Successful people consciously choose a positive attitude.

B - Benefits

Features are facts. Benefits are what these facts will do for the customer. Remember that people want to know whats in it for them. Customers buy benefits, not features.

C - Closing

A major reason business is lost is that no one ever asked the prospect to buy. Without a close, a customer contact is only a conversation, not a transaction. Be sure to ask closing questions.

D - Details

Every telephone message should include the date and time of the call as well as the calling partys name and telephone number and your name or initials. Pay close attention to details, theyre the little things that count.

E Echo Questions

Use echo questions to get more information in a very smooth way. Phrase your question using the key words from the callers last statement. Raise the tone of your voice slightly at the end to make the words a question.

F Finish the Day Ready to Begin

Remember what you leave today will be waiting for you when you return.

G - Greetings

When greeting customers, dont ask the four killer words How are you today? Use creative alternatives to begin conversations.

H Humor

When the other party uses humor, respond in kind with gentle humor. Be careful to use humor appropriately.

I I Irritates

Avoid the word I. talk with customers from their point of view.

J Jerrys Pet Peeve

Dont cement a negative or objection. Get details by asking questions.

K Know Your Objective

Be sure to know your objective before every call.

L Lets

Lets show cooperation with buyers. Its low-pressure and perfect. Lets maintain control of the conversation. Lets display confidence in your ability and customers will comply.

M Monogram the Call

When you know the other partys name use it in your conversation. Dont overdo it.

N Naturally Inquisitive

Learn more and build rapport. Be naturally inquisitive, not nosy.

O One-Word Answers

Extra words are free, so be generous. Avoid one word answers.

P Practice Being Positive

If a customers question calls for a comment, make yours a positive one.

Q - Qualifying

When qualifying a prospect, presume someone else is involved.

R - Rejection

Keep your setback in perspective. Dont take rejection personally.

S - Smile

SMILE! Your customers can hear it. Keep a mirror by your phone to check your facial expressions as you talk.

T Tone of Voice

Use a warm, friendly tone with your customers. They deserve it.

U Understanding Needs

Customers needs are critically important. Uncover and understand them.

V Vary Your Responsibilities

Be careful not to use the same word or phrase repeatedly. Vary your responses. Keep a list of various responses in front of you.

W Weak, Wimpy Words

Share your confidence with your customers. Avoid weak, wimpy words.

X X-Out the Credibility Busters

Your callers expect the truth. Eliminate credibility busters.

Y You Buy or They Buy

If the customers arent buying from you, youre buying from them.

Z Be Creative

In a tough situation, remember to look for a creative solution.