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Session Objective

• At the end of the session, students

will be able to understand the
importance of CV and grasp, ideate
and develop the ingredients of an
effective CV for Internship
Introduction to CV
• Any job has certain entry criteria
regarding the background, skill set,
competence and commitment to contribute
and grow. When a candidate’s profile
matches that of the job, an acceptable
offer letter is born. CV is the first
introduction of the candidate to the
employer. It talks of where the candidate
comes from, and where he wants to go to
Grasp CV information
• Information comes from structured data
and data comes from facts. To grasp
information, focus is required; to focus,
involvement is required; for involvement,
passion is required; for passion, positive
attitude is required; for positive attitude,
sparks are necessary. To trigger sparks,
Trainer and the students together need to
ask and answer relevant ‘wh’ questions like
what, why, when, where, how
• To grasp CV information, the
appropriate ‘wh’ questions are:

• Why a CV?
• - CV speaks for the candidate even
before the interview
• - a tool to do pre-interview
• - an interview navigator.
• Why a CV in Sem 2?
• - document to conduct mock interviews and
real interview for Internship selection
• What and why aspects of career objective?
• - A brief statement that answers three key
• - Based on…..(education, achievement, skills,
competence, experience)
• - Aimed at ….(the immediate goal, namely:
entry level executive or something similar)
• - Longer term objective ……(four to five years
from now, what)
• - The first 2 are mandatory while the third is
• Why career objective?
• - a clear statement of what the candidate is
looking for.
• ‘What’ aspects relating to previous experience:
• (only if the student had any previous
• - what was your role?
• - what skills have you acquired from that job?
• - what do you know about the recent
developments in the company?
• - what do you know about their products?
• What, where, when, how and why
aspects relating to Live Projects,
Operation Workout and other
external assignments:
• - name of company and sector
• - duration of the
• - title of the project/assignment
• - brief description of the
• What, how aspects relating to skill set
• - how to describe the skill
• - how to validate the skill
• - how to correlate the skill with the internship
applied for
• What, how aspects of special achievements:
• (only if the candidate has any special
• - how to describe the achievement
• - how to validate the achievement
• - how to correlate the achievement with the
job applied for
• Hobby/special interest
• (only if the candidate has
hobby/special interest)
• - how to describe the hobby/interest
• - how to validate the hobby/interest
• - how to correlate the hobby/interest
with the job applied for
Classroom Activity
(15 minutes)

• CV Ideas come in points, for example:

• Career objective, education,
achievement, skills, competence,
experience (if any),
project/assignment, hobby/special
interest (if any)
Drafting Internship CV
• Based on the determination, selling skills
and successful project works and other
assignments in services marketing, seeking
an internship in telephone sector with the
objective of taking up a sales & marketing
job in telephone sector and over a period
of 4 years, a training job in services
Educational Qualification:
Institution Main Subject/s % of
Qualification Period
MBA Icfai National 2008- Marketing, Finance, HR
(pursuing) College,Udupi 2010
St.Joseph’s 2005- Commerce, Accountancy
B.Com College,Kozhiko 2008
and English

Higher St.Judes 2003- Mathematics, Commerce,

School, 60
Secondary Kozhikode 2005 Accountancy and English

St.Judes 1994- Mathematics,

Secondary School, 2003 Commerce,Accountancy 57
Live Project
• Survey on the share of life insurance
products in the personal savings of
salaried class in Belgaum town and
analysis of the potential of promoting
life insurance products as a source of
saving / investment
• Duration: 5 days
• Period: October 10 – 15, 2008
• Company: HDFC Standard Life

• Short Selling Assignment:

• Vodafone subscription promotion
• Resulted in good understanding of
customer preferences and opportunities &
challenges in selling.
• Duration: 5 days
• Period: January 15 - 20, 2008
• Skill Set:
• Proven selling skills (product selling and
concept selling)
• Listening skills

• Other Achievements:
• First prize in selling skills presentation
competition in ‘Skill wards’ management fest
conducted by Kudremukh Management
Association in November 2008.
• Top scorer in the 20x20 cricket match
sponsored by Press Club of Belgaum on 02
October 2008
• Special Interest:
• Reading product promo literature of
leading companies.

• Personal Information:
• Age and Date of Birth: 22 years;
• Address to communicate: ‘Shams’,
Plot 13, Sector 41, Shamzabad Main Road,
Belguam 500673, Karnataka