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APC (American Power Conversion)

Motion & Drives


To Determine Standard Time Of the Model

Cycle time reduction by eliminating NVA Process Improvement


Video Study

Report generation


Timer pro analysis


Problems Identified
Un availability of hardwares in the work station Un availability of tools in tool box

Waiting & unnecessary movements to bring sub assembly to line

Re work Waiting for Class A,B,C materials from ware house

Searching for cable wire (all wires dumped in same bin )

Searching for bus bar (all bus bar dumped in same box) Manually lifting the heavy weight sub assemblies to fix to unit

Action taken
Implement Auto Screwing machine It avoids Manual work. Accuracy more Easy to handle It is operator friendly Cycle time of assembling dc bank is reduced

Implement bus bar rack

It avoids searching time for bus bars . Part number of Bus Bar will visible clearly. It avoids crosschecking time part number of bus bar with work instructions

Implement kan ban cards

There is no signal system here so material specialist didnt get any signals if bins are empty operator use to him this leads to delay in working and unnecessary waiting.

By implementing this leads to reduce waiting time for Common parts in work station It avoids Operator move to other station to get materials By implementing kanban system operator need not to inform to material specialist to replenish the materials so it avoids waiting time.

Implement lifters Avoid Manually assembling the Bypass assembly Accidents are avoided It is more Safety than doing Manual Operator strain eliminated One person can easily handle

Implemented Cable racks

Avoid the searching for power cables Easily identify the power cables with part number Avoid crosschecking time with wok instructions

Finishing and Packing

Problems Root Cause Actions Taken

Damaged pallet from vendor side Cartons are not able to identify.

Due to transportation and storage Cartons are dump in one place

To improve the Transportation and storage Method. Storage rack provided for carton Storage rack provided for carton

Rework due to carton damage.

High cycle time due to movement

Due to storage.
Strech wrapping m/c is far from carton packing place. It should keep near packing place

Space congested

Cartons and pallets are heavy and bulky.

Increase the work area

Standard Time For Model AIC (ON- 1391)

Process Build Line Sub Assembly Packing and Finishing Testing Total (hrs) Standard Time (hrs)
5.773889 3.920833 0.130278 1.640833 11.466

Process Build Line Sub Assembly Standard Time (hrs)
4.5680 3.14611 0.130278

Packing and Finishing

Testing Total (hrs)


By reducing the NVA 1.911 hours was reduced

Standard Time For Model S9

Process Build Line Sub Assembly Packing and Finishing Testing Total (hrs) Standard Time (hrs)
4.727222 1.769722 1.462222 4.013333 11.973

Process Build Line Sub Assembly Packing and Finishing Testing Total (hrs) Standard Time (hrs)
2.645 1.659 1.022 3.776 9.104

By reducing the NVA 2.869 hours was reduced

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