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Employee Focus at Eli Lilly India

Presented by: Nitesh Singh Rajput Noopur Bansal Kundan Singh Nishant Kansal Rishab Jandyal

Eli Lilly & Company (Lilly),
World's leading pharmaceuticals company, claims to have a very good diversity program running at the company. Widely regarded as a very good global employer.

Eli Lilly and Company

Founded May 10, 1876 More than 46,000 employees worldwide Approximately 8,800 employees engaged in research and development . Clinical research conducted in more than 60 countries Research and development facilities located in 9 countries Manufacturing plants located in 13 countries Products marketed in 143 countries Entered India in 1993 through its subsidiary Eli Lilly Ranbaxy Ltd. Widely regarded as a very good global employer as it featured on the Fortune magazines list of Great Places to work for. Also voted as one of the top companies for working parents by Working Mother magazine.

Eli Lilly - HR & Financial sight


Outside U.S. Worldwide total

21,667 46,140

Products sold

143 countries

Financials (dollars in millions, except per-share data) Total Revenue Gross profit Operating Income $18,633.50 $14,384.70 $3,876.80

Net Income


Workplace Diversity @ Lilly

Apart from attractive compensation plans, the company offered various benefits to its employees. The company offered flexible time options where employees could adjust their work schedules according to their need. For higher studies, company had provided employees a provision for educational leave. Services like cafeteria, dry cleaning and child development centers are also provided. The company conducts Voice Of Employees(VOE) surveys every three years to know about employees needs and problems. Motivates its employees to be innovative and take risks even though they may not all be profitable. The company offered the employees one week paternity leave and one month privilege leave.

Workplace Diversity @ Lilly

The company gave the employee stock option plan(ESOP) of its parent company to all its employees free of cost. The company also laid emphasis on employee training. The company also set the career advancement plan for its employees. The company devised an effective performance measurement system forming a team called Talent Assessment Committee(TAC). The company formed Management Committee for the purpose of assessing the managerial staff of the company.

Lilly is an Equal Opportunity Policy employer. Lilly displayed an employee focus through its various policies. Core Values of Lilly:Respect for people, Integrity, Excellence. Lillys success is partly attributed to its progressive HR policies. Due to employees satisfaction in the company, performance of the employees increases which ultimately result in impressive growth rate. The company has been successful in retaining and cultivating the talent through innovative HR policies.

1. Motivation plays a major role in influencing the salespersons performance and companys productivity. What measures did Lilly take in order to increase the motivation levels of employees? 2. Should Eli Lilly continue to conduct Voice Of Employees kind of surveys? Why? 3. After going through this case study how we can say that Lilly is an Equal Opportunity Policy employer?