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What is competency?

Competency is the possession and application of knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform work activities to the standard expected in the workplace.

Key features of competency

being able to do the job knowing how and why things are done knowing what to do if things go wrong having the right approach to do a job properly and safely.

Dimensions of competency
Task Skills

Task Management Skills


Contingency Management Skills

Job / Role Environment Skills


Task Skills
This requires performance of the task[s] to the required standard as described in the unit of competency and expected in the workplace. Assessor needs to collect evidence that the candidates can do the individual actions as well as the whole task.

Which statement is a task skill?

A Tools and equipment are cleaned and stored in accordance with workplace requirements. B Emergency shutdown procedures are carried out in accordance with manufacturers instructions and site procedures. C Occupational health and safety procedures are implemented in line with legislative requirements.

Task Management Skills

Captures the skills used as people plan and integrate a number of potentially different tasks to achieve a complete work outcome. Candidates should provide evidence that they can work efficiently to meet deadlines, handle a sequence of interrelated tasks and progress smoothly between tasks.

Which statement is a task management skill?

A Sources of contamination and cross contamination are identified using enterprise guidelines. B Test results are recorded in line with laboratory operating procedures C Following presentation, feedback on product design is obtained from the appropriate personnel. Any modifications are identified and incorporated into the final design.

Contingency Management Skills

The requirement to respond to irregularities and breakdowns in routines.
Candidates should show evidence of dealing with contingencies. For example:
breakdowns irregularities imperfections the unknown.

Which statement is a contingency management skill?

A. Staff are trained in emergency management procedures in line with enterprise and legislative requirements. B. Relevant safety systems information is accessed, analysed and used in responding to an identified hazard.
C. Tools and equipment are selected in accordance with job requirements.

Job/Role Environment Skills

The requirement to deal with the responsibilities and expectations of the work environment . The capacity to work with others and adapt to different situations is central to successful performance
Does the candidate comply with workplace procedures and standard methods in performing the task? Does the candidate communicate effectively? Does the candidate observe enterprise and regulatory requirements?


Key Features of Competency Standards

Are expressed as outcomes.
Focus on workplace activity rather than training or personal attributes. Written in language that is understandable to employees, employers, supervisors and trainers

Capture the ability to apply skills in new situations and

changing work organisation.

Why have an industry focus?

Focus on work activities Focus on competencies required by business Flexible packaging to reflect needs of business and the job Keeps pace with changes in technology and job requirements Packages of competency reflect real jobs rather than prescribed requirements of an occupation Allows for skilling across occupations and industry areas Avoids duplication