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Debenhams International

Product Presentation Standards

Dear Colleague Welcome to the part of your induction that covers Product Presentation standards. As you will know already from your other training our Brands are unique to Debenhams.

They give you a fantastic opportunity to offer something new and exciting to your customers.
Making sure that those brands look good all the time is a key part of your job with us. Good luck and Good Standards!
Ashley Pearce International Learning and Development Manager

Tools to Help You Succeed

C.V. Documents include

Product Presentation Guides Customer and Brand Profiles Mannequin / Collateral Guide End of Arm Dressing Guide

Example of a C.V Document

Example of a Fixture Layout Guide

Showing how your fixtures should be placed on the relevant department

Example of a Brand Profile

Example of Mannequin Guide

Example of End of Arm Dressing Guide

Your C.V. will tell you about STATEMENTS

A single product statement looks like this

A lifestyle statement which is a co-ordinated range bought to sit together like this

A mixed product statement this will consistent of two product types like this

Debenhams Brands work across 3 categories Remember them from your workbook?


Core Departments
These departments will be planned the most fixture dense, yet still allowing the customer to easily shop the mat. Core departments will generally be the biggest money takers within a division, so strong authoritative statements should be key to these areas. These departments should be presented with authority and are the areas which an increase in product density is appropriate.

Example of a Core Brand Maine for Men

Maine N ew England A Core Brand

Brand Colouration Single product statement Back W all Logo

Mannequins dressed to one style Casual

Single product statement

Accessorized with sunglasses

Products show examples of layering

An Example of a Core Brand Collection for Women

Collection for W omen A Core Brand

Dressable Merchandise accessible to customer

Product on dressable reflects product adjacent to it

Layering to create add-on sales

Co-ordinating statement of 5 mix and match garments Single product statement Good circulation space between fixtures

Colour blocking

Size order

Same pile width

Fashion Departments
These Departments will be planned in line with core, but in some instances will have additional Visual elements in order to create theatre and excitement. The priority on these departments however, is to differentiate the product through the Merchandising. This product is generally bought in a lifestyle format, with the addition of some single product statements.

Fashion Departments should be presented in such a way as to highlight key trend items, looks and colour

An Example of a Fashion Brand Red Herring for Women

Red H erring for W omen A Fashion Brand

High level Attitude mannequin Back wall branding colour Brand Logo

Show me how to wear this

Co-ordinating statement

Fashion trend theme

Single Style & Price statement

Layering For add-on sales

Co-ordinating use of colour

Accessorized for Add-on Sales

Dust-free bases

Clear floor space

Clear price ticketing

Same width folding

Designer Departments
These departments, will be planned with more circulation space, around the fixtures in comparison to Fashion and Core. This will create a more premium feel. The environment should reflect the price points of the product within these departments. The amount of stock will be lower in a designer department to give product a more exclusive feel. It makes the customer feel they are buying something special. i.e. Designer handbags

An Example of a Designer Brand

Jasper Conran for Men

Jasper Conran A Designer Department

Designer Biography Jasper Conran Back W all Logo and colour Mixed product statement on Designer rail Designer Logo and Colouration

Addition of Jasper Accessories for add-on sales Designer specific mannequins

Single product statement

Colour coordinated display

Product in Size order

Themed products

Layering for Add-on sales

Table branded to Jasper Conran

Piles folded to same width

An Example of a Designer Brand

STAR by Julien MacDonald

STAR by J ulien MacDonald A Designer Department

Designer Logo Back wall colouration

Coordinated statement fixture for Add-on Sales

Use of STAR accessories

Themed products

Colour coordinated products

Use of Accessories for Add-on Sales

Correct mannequins

Home Product Presentation Principles

In line with the Fashion departments, a detailed Product Presentation Guideline has been issued to support the Home division. Due to the more static nature of the product, within the Home division, priority should be given to the appropriate layout of the product. Home product tends to be more of a replacement purchase with impulse buying relevant on departments such as Living. If time is spent on fixture and metalwork layout within the Home division, there should be little need to change this throughout the year.

Home Product Presentation Principles

Create Good/Better/Best areas within departments giving the customer choice and a natural progression on price. Merchandise larger items such as boxed sets on China at the bottom of backwalls with smaller items such as cups and saucers at the top this gives a more balanced look. Merchandise product by Material always grouping like product together i.e. Wooden photoframes together. Create height in the middle of the tables by merchandising appropriate product stacked or selecting items which are larger. Consider Customer Mindset and Calendar Events and hi-light appropriate product through merchandising in volume and pulling to the front of the relevant mats.

Lingerie Product Presentation Principles

As with the Home division, product tends to be more static in terms of newness with the emphasis being placed on Calendar Events such as Valentines Day and Mothers Day, Priority should be given to the appropriate layout of product and store focus should be on customer mindset at the appropriate times of year.
If time is spent on fixture and metalwork layout within the lingerie division, there should be little need to change this throughout the year.

Lingerie Product Presentation Principles

Ensure the customer can identify the end use areas clearly solutions/fuller bust etc. Backwalls should be merchandised with three options across and five down. Floor fixtures should be merchandised four across and four down.

Product should be merchandised vertically by colour or pattern

Bras should be merchandised on the top arms with co-ordinating briefs below where applicable. Bras should be merchandised by back size starting with the smallest at the top, working down with the largest at the bottom.

H igh level mannequin display Vertical colour blocking

Correct Brand H eader

Correct Product Sequence

Use of colour sequence to create visual interest

Product in correct size order

Mixing Plain and pattern to create visual interest

Brand Logo High level mannequin display Correct Back W all Colouration Vertical blocking of product

Coordinating Statement for Add-on sales

Vertical blocking of colour

Correct Brand hanger

Correct metalwork layout

Product 5 rows deep as per CV

Accessories Product Presentation Principles

If time is spent on the fixture and metalwork layout within the Accessories division, there should be little need to change this throughout the year. Particular attention should be paid to the Handbags department as presentation is key poor presentation will not only affect sales but also potentially damaging product crushing handbag handles.

Accessories Product Presentation Principles

Ensure Product is merchandised within Brand/Designer DO NOT mix product statements. Consider price when merchandising handbags and dont overfill fixtures and backwalls. Ensure handbag handles are fully extended and not impeded by the shelf above. Large Handbags should be merchandised three across with two units displayed of each option.

Medium and Small handbags should be merchandised four options across with three units displayed of each option.
Floor fixtures should only be merchandised two options high

Debenhams Product Presentation Standards

End of Part One