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Faculty of Liberal Arts Ubon Ratchathani University

Integration Tourism Marketing Communication (1449 720)

Present to Dr.Pariwat

Prepare by: Ros Channara


Nowadays according to social security and economy growth many business, small and medium enterprise was growth up remarkable. Tourism sector was give the priority for devilment therefore this is good opportunity for spa business. Spa and massage are the words for health and relaxation on holiday however after tire with working, traveling if can come to spas or massage reduce our stress and feeling better. By the way many spas business in phnom penh whether you want a small local massage parlor in the side streets of the city or those that are more exotic,

for foreign visitors dont care about price and want to best service in the top hotels, one thing is certain they can find something to meet their needs. Champei spa and salon is one of business among of that operated in phnome penh since 2006 suddenly growth up. While chapei spa also meet some threats and competitor.
The main competitor of champie spa is some of hotel in phnom penh they also provide the spas service as well include the spa at Naga world, la rose boutique hotel & spa Raffal le royal, sokh hotel. In addition outside the hotel also have spa business operate such as Angkor spa, bliss spa, amret spa, amatak beauty spa. For the salon also have competitor as well such as lakhena salon, makalin beauty salon, mikasa model and other small are indirect competitor of chamapie spa and salon.

MISSION Champei spa and salon offers clients the ultimate place for relaxation and stress relief within serene and hygienic environment. VISION

To be the leading spa and salon service who have expertise in massage therapy, physical therapy and beauty care within Cambodia.


We provide the following wide range spa and salon to our valuable clients in Phnom Penh. We offer
Many kind of massage such as body massage foot back head and neck massage follow by traditional Khmer and Japanese atsuko-massage style. We also provide beauty salon service including haircut, hair styling, pedicure and manicure and waxing.



Marketing objective To be a market leader within 5 years To become the most trusted and recognized brand in spa and salon industry Achieve at least a 95% excellent customer service rating each month

Establish a distributor through the relationship

Positioning Champie in the top level of spa service

Sales objective To increase sales volume at last 35% per month Increase the proportion of sales from repeat customer to 45% for the summer season Advertising objective

To make aware and understand about Champei spa service among the people in Cambodia (age from 25-65years old)
To make customer remember and want to tries

To become top 10 position in spa business in Cambodia that have best quality and reasonable price

Public Relations objectives To achieve a strong relationship with among Travel and Tour Company that can assist us to achieve company sale target as well

Develop new market and build customer loyalty, customer feeling proud for telling about Champie spa

Have one stop service spa services and salons such as hair salons that include massage and facials, medical Spa. Champei spas location: providing an easily accessible location for customers. Providing an environment conducive to giving relaxing and professional service. Offering clients a wide range of services in one setting, and extended business hours. Reputation of the owner and Campei are famous that providing superior personal service. Always improve and training staff with qualified trainers who have expertise in massage therapy, physical therapy and beauty care

Professional staff more than 50 person can provide best quality service to customer
Champei Spa and Salon has become an attractive center place for those who enjoy professional massage and spa Customer satisfactions with service, hospitality, discipline, skill/service, hygiene got the best score when do the evaluation

Staff management only one manage to control spas and salon no assistant to helps some work Need to orientations staff frequency High cost of office rental High expend for staff salary and Overtime charge

Cambodia economic has increase is a reason that can power to purchase There appears to be a trend prefer to travel when the vocation come Increasing of international tourist visit Cambodia Increasing internet user in Cambodia good chance to get free adverting through social network that is low cost but reach most customer. Customer behavior are change and understand about benefits of Spa

More effective Communication channel are increase such as Television, Magazine

Integration of ASEAN Economy Community that will increase more customer for Chapepi spa
Cambodias Government policy support Small and medium enterprise like Champei by assist on the security for customer at night time and other administration support

Many competitors both spas and salon both in hotel and outside like beauty salon

Political situation during 2012 and 2013 Cambodia have an election so have little bit effect to business in Phnom Penh City.
Through the integration of SEAN Economy Community Chamapie Spa will get more competitor business from other country


To attract more customer, build the reputation of Champie spa to be well known, need provide special activities and promotion: International woman rights day(Buy get 1 free (2 plus 1)) New year day (1st January) Propose Have hour for increase customer during low customer time(9:00 am to 01:00) Promote the member card special discount 10 % for premium customer to attract them come to use our service frequency Find the good opportunities for more promotion if can flexible according to the situation and competitor

Adverting For stimulate old customer and build new customer we will continue to place ads in the Health magazines TV (CNT CNC Bayon TVK) User star for promote and advertising (Alech chentra,Male and Mak Sensonita Female ) Angkor thom magazine Leady magazine Newspaper (advertise when have special promotion ) Internet own Website, Facebook, twitter, depnews Koh Sentepheap

Direct marketing Quick response with all the latest communication facilities such as: telephony, e-mail, Face book, twitter, online chat and mobile communications. Contribute promotion brochure to target customer Inform new promotion to customer Our comprehensive brochure will explain the holistic nature of our services, and how this benefits the customer. Our website and e-mail will be comprehensively informative of our services and their benefits.

Personal Selling Recruit Sales executive for process marketing job and build relationship with travel and tour in Phnom Penh such as Exotimo, Asai Travel and find other potential company. Introduce produce and service to potential customer.

Public Relations
Promote Sonitar as super star and Sponsor when she have program on TV (actor actress) In July make the anniversary day of Champei spa take this opportunity make promotion discount 15 % and thank to all customer.

Communication channels We will use the potential communication channels and suitable with us such as Television (CNC, CTN, Bayon TV) and radio (FM 103 MHz 107MHz) will be the primary communication channels. Our instant response with all the latest communication facilities such as: telephone, Website, E-mail, Facebook, twitter, online chat and mobile communications. Specialty magazines and other target media could be used. Pricing Strategy Our pricing strategy will be similar to that of our competitors. We will not charge over, nor substantially under, standard prices for our services. We will be paying our employees a higher straight percentage of their total individual customer sales than our competitors. This will allow us to hire the best employees, and have a built-in motivational factor that will keep them working hard and happily.


Our Company will use marketing communication tool to assist work use 3 strategy is Pull strategies, Push strategy, Profile strategy
Pull Strategies Advertising: is required to meet the awareness and repositioning goals by on Television advertising, Magazine while have the promotion that is one of factor make customer forget us. Sales Promotion: During the public holiday provide the speacail promotion like 2 pulse 1or 10-15% off. Public relation: sponsors actress Sonitat and Alexchantra as super star of Champie support them all program TV that can be generation of positive reply.

Direct marketing: Placing ads on sites like Facebook, twitter, Trip advisor, as well as Champie spa website. Using the sales promotion send to customer to engage the old and new market will provide names and addresses for future mailings. Through direct mail, Facebook, Trip advisor,facilities to be used to reach prospect customer and telemarketing to be used for finding new customer (outbound and inbound telemarketing).

Push strategy A push strategy is necessary for marketing objectives of an increased sale volumes can be achieved. Through Sales staff will communication with travel agent build special cooperation Distribute the flyer promotion to potential outlet such as Park Caf, Yi Sang Restaurant

Profile strategy A profile strategy is important in order to build interest and understanding of Champei Spa and Salon by various significant stakeholders, such as the financial department, human resource department, and management level. Employee conferences/ Meeting: To reflection the business action, participate improve the service, adopt and solve another problem. Training: Training for all employees is necessary particularly to orientation staff, high knowledge, expertise in spa/salon and assist in terms of providing high levels of customer service.

This table can provide a quick visual interpretation of the sequence and timing of the action plan.
Marketing communication Strategies

1st Quarter Jan Feb Mar

2nd Quarter Apr May

3rd Quarter Jun Jul Aug Sep

4th Quarter Oct Nov Dec

Pull Strategies


Sales Promotion

Public Relation

Direct Marketing Other

Marketing communication Strategies Push Strategies

1st Quarter Jan Feb Mar

2nd Quarter Apr May

3rd Quarter Jun Jul Aug Sep

4th Quarter Oct Nov Dec

Personal selling

Cooperate sales with Tour operator Public Relation


Marketing communication Strategies Profile Strategies

1st Quarter Jan Feb Mar

2nd Quarter Apr May

3rd Quarter Jun Jul Aug Sep

4th Quarter Oct Nov Dec

Employee conferences/ Meeting Staff Training


For the plan to remain on target, control procedures are required overall evaluation we must be check the following indicator:

Customers Response
Brand loyalty: check the number of membership card and check frequency of customer come to use our service. Customer Satisfaction: collect the suggestion letter and command on Trip advisor check how many percentage satisfies and improve the weakness through the command.

Communication effects Brand Knowledge: Customer understand the benefit of spa and well know about Champie Spa and Salon business what we offer to customer, who we are. Brand Attitude: Survey customer prefer to use over service when see our promotion and when then want to spa Channel supports -Level of Channel Cooperation: Total all amount of customer that introduce by tour operator and do the comparison toward to improve the relationship and provide reward.

Check Marketing Performances

Check sale report every month and queerly make sure it in 15% each month Check the Market share growth compare with objective at the end of years Profitability: Financial department provide the financial and calculate income and net profit


Thank you