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Communication and Stress


Presented by:

1- Sami Hassan
2- Kawther Mohammed
3- Seham Abd Elhameed
4- Khalid Qasem
What Is Stress?

... is an internal alarm system

that prepares your body for
action in response to any real or
perceived threat or fear. In
moderation, stress is natural,
normal and necessary.
Other Peoples’ Behavior
Health Issues
Common Events
Little Frustrations
(1) Physical Reactions
•Difficulty breathing
•Muscle aches/headaches

(2) Emotional Reactions

•Getting angry easily
•Feeling tired
•Difficulty concentrating
(3) Behavioral Reactions
•Easily agitated
•Avoiding friends, family
Stress management
Stress management is a decision-
making process. When we are
under stress, there are three
major ways we can deal with it ;
The AAAbc’s of Stress
A – alter it
A – avoid it
A – accept it
b – building our resistance
c – changing our perception
* Alter : removing the source of
stress by changing something.
Problem solving, direct
communication, organizing,
planning, and time management are
common techniques for altering

* Avoid : removing oneself from the

stressful situation.
To conserve stress energy,
people sometimes need to walk
away, say “No, withdraw.
*Accept= equipping oneself physically
and mentally for stress.

*building = building resistance

• Physically– proper diet, regular aerobic
exercise, and systematic relaxation
• Mentally- taking time for mental health,
and getting clear about
• Socially- by building and maintaining
support systems.
* change:
• Change the way you perceive
the situation or yourself.
Changing unrealistic
expectations and irrational
belief is a good start.
• Building self-esteem and
cultivating a positive attitude.
Is Stress good or bad for us ?
 Some amount of stress is
essential for us to excel in life.
This is good stress or

 But when stress is too much then

it reduces performance. This is
bad stress or “DISTRESS “
Is STRESS good or bad for us ?

All stresses can be GOOD

So all efforts should be to

convert all stresses into
EUSTRESS –This can be
achieved by stress
management techniques
Stress and Performance:
Stress and Performance:

Stress and Performance:

Stress and Performance

Dealing more effectively with

stress improves performance
and the quality of life

It is like salt and pepper to life

How to Handle Stress
 Stress Management Techniques
• A Set goals
• B. Establish priorities
• C. Take time out
• E. Think positively
• F. Have a sense of humor
• G. Communicate
• H. Make decisions
• I. Get support

It is the transmission of a message

from a sender to a receiver in a
different ways.
It needs a ways to get stressful
feelings outside of your body and
onto an external source.
Communicating consider an
important one of these ways.
Is the stressed person considers
sender or receiver?
What do you need as stressed
A soft massage helps loosen
muscle tightness and encourages
deep breathing, which in turn,
will help you get rid of stress'
physical manifestations.
You need an external source to
get stressful feelings outside of
your body .
But there are three ways of

2. Communications with your God

4. Communications with your self

6. Communications with others

Communications with your God
(Having faith)
Keeping God at the Center of Life
 Pray:

Acknowledge and Submit to God’s

Sovereign Control Over All Events
Communications with your self
 Self understanding
 Self-control
 Recording your thoughts in a journal or
diary is a great way to get stressful
feelings outside of your body .
 your signals
• 1. Listen to your body…
• 2. Listen to your feelings…
• 3. Listen to your spirit…
• 4. Listen to your relationships…
 Listen to relaxing music
Communications with others
Talk and confide to a person
whom you trust : friend, parent,
teacher, relative, etc.
Friends and family are some of
your greatest sources of stress
They are there to offer help and
guidance. Take this help, and talk
your way toward a more sane
Effective Communication is needed
 Share information with employees to
reduce uncertainty about their jobs
and futures.
 Developing effective communication
skills can help us avoid stressful
misunderstandings ,false
assumptions and costly mistakes.
 Effective communication can also
reduce unnecessary resentments and
tension in our relationships.
Taking the time to communicate
effectively builds:

• Trust,
• Better understanding,
• Cooperation,
• Harmony,
When you find yourself getting
stressed, it's important to
remember that communicating your
feelings or venting frustrations are
great ways to take the pressure off
your heavy heart and onto someone
who can help you.
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Thank you for
your attention