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Per, 2006
How a day without rules can go terribly wrong.

A bit of Peruvian geography

77% of pop.

Huaraz and surrounding area

Quechua ("qheshwa") is an indigenous language of the Andean region, spoken today by approximately 8-13 million people in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Northern Chile, Argentina, and Southern Colombia. It was the official language of Tawantinsuyu, the Inca Empire. 13% of pop. hrases/quechua.php

Argentine weekly magazine that ran from 1932-1956.

an offensive term for a foreigner, particularly an American or English person

in Peru its used by indigenous people for anyone who doesnt look indigenous, or someone who doesnt live or dress like one (regardless of their ethnic background)

Holy Week. Easter. Semana Santa. Tiempo Santo

Andean practices?

Burning man?

A traditional belief holds that since Christ is now dead, and not yet risen, there is no such thing as a sin. Consequently, participants in Holy Week celebrations use this time to party and behave as they please until Sunday's resurrection ceremonies.

Many Andean religious practices and images are a combination of Spanish Catholicism and Incan practicessyncretism.

PachamamaMother World / Earth Mother Fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting. Married to Inti, the sun god. Associated in form with the Andes Mts.

A Peruvian tendency towards unusual names

Apple, Apple Clin, Apple Whoopi, Darlyn Apple, Amy Dana Apple, Apple Guadalupe y Apple Mikayla. Android, Yuyin Samsung, Zuckerberg Superman, Batman, Barny, Garfield, Gok, Chucky y Chuknorris

Click, Maus (Mouse), y Clickman

Saga, Ripley, Norkys, Adidas, Azaleia, Pilsen, Sublime, Donofrio, Sal, Agua, Hamilton y Marlboro

Norte, Sur, Dlar, xito, Ruido, Grito, Transfiguracin, Frescura, Banco, Ecologito, Papadiamantopc, Papanoel, Feliz, Indio, Presidente Combrasiana, Alinortepibur, Tempertonpek, Templentonpek.

Non-professional cast/1st movie

What to watch for:

How many points of view are being shown and what are they?

The differences between the two sisters. The character of the truck driver, El Mudo (the mute) When dialog isnt translated.

Is this a commentary on the outside big city culture encroaching on rural life, or on the backwards rural life resistant to modernizing? Or both? Or neither?

Where is the mother and why?

Modern and ancient beliefs, practices, ideas. Manayaycuna vs. Lima.

Discussion groups
Tessa Jamel Alexandra Vittorio Keala Carolina Abigail Chandra Kyle George

Chelsea Cassandra Jordan

Whose point of view is presented in the film? Why was Salvador locked up? What was the role of the truck driver? What do you think will happen to Madeinusa in Lima? The weekly scene analysis question: The gringo was named Salvador (savior). Was this ironic or hopeful? How is Lima presented in the film (an idea, a destination, a contrast, other?

What aspects of life are being represented here and how?

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