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Yeo Hiap Seng now focused on expanding F&B business
Re-organization and investment in the pipeline. Yeo Hiap Seng is looking to build up its "neglected" F&B business, noted research firm Maybank Kim Eng, and it is doing so by overhauling its plants to boost efficiency and expanding Singapore facilities to streamline operations. Here's more from Maybank: Management focused on F&B business. Our latest discussions with management confirm they are indeed focused on building up its F&B business. Despite the brand's long heritage and leadership position in Asian drinks, this business has been neglected pre-restructuring (of Far East Orchard) in favor of property development. We believe the company is taking steps in the right direction. Reorganising operations to move ahead. For FY12, F&B operating margins were just 2.3%. These margins, which are significantly lower than peers, form our belief that there is upside potential given its market share (no.1 for Asian drinks in Singapore/ Malaysia). The company is in the midst of reorganizing its plants to improve overall efficiency. For example, it is consolidating into 3 plants in Malaysia and 1 plant in Guangdong, China. It is also expanding warehousing and manufacturing facilities in Singapore to reduce contract outsourcing and meet additional demand. Investing in Cambodia, Indonesia. These are two markets which the company has been enjoying high growth. It is therefore attaching strategic importance, by investing significantly in manufacturing locality. In the former, it is an early entrant, enjoying premium pricing and dominant market share. In the latter, management sees a huge market which is similar to Malaysia. These two major new plants will likely commence operations in 2015/2016. Privatisation of YHS Berhad complete. The company completed the privatization of its Malaysia subsidiary in Jan 2013. This will give it a higher share of F&B profit going forward, which we have factored in. Its last property project (Jardin) will be completed this year, and management will also seek to divest its sizeable landbank should opportunity arises.

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F&N (F&B)
F&N remains steadfast in its multiple-business model. Its mission is to be a leading Asian-based company focused on a balanced portfolio comprising Food & Beverage, Properties and Publishing & Printing, with significant business presence in overseas markets and renowned for its product quality, brands, sound management and reputation of delivering value to all its stakeholders. Whilst our three businesses may appear seemingly unrelated, we have built up market leadership positions in each of our business as well as strategic capabilities over the years in brand management,

extensive marketing expertise, distribution networks, and financial strength and discipline, which are
applicable to all our businesses. F&N is one of the few companies with brands that transcend borders. Our priority is to drive earnings, placing emphasis on being asset-light, product extensions, growing in newer geographical markets, sound capital management and maintaining a balanced business portfolio. F&N is looking at monetising its investment properties progressively and redeploying the

proceeds to higher-yielding ventures within the three core businesses. With sustained earnings growth,
F&N can continue to pay generous dividends to shareholders.

F&N (Brands of F&B)

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Infocomm Technology (ICT)

What can ICT bring to your business?

The basic value propositions of managed ICT services are in line with the issues and challenges faced by IT managers today. These challenges include the need to reduce total network costs, the search for an easier way to manage communications and IT resources, as well as ensuring seamless connectivity with business enhancing applications. Managed ICT services bring a host of new possibilities to the table with offerings such as unified communications, application profiling and acceleration, right down to management of network equipment.

In a recent report published by IDC titled "Managed Services Help Enterprises Stay Resilient in Tough Times", the leading analyst house takes a closer look at the impact of managed services during these challenging times. There is much to explore in the

areas of cost savings, business process and technology transformation with managed
services. IDC believes that outsourcing and managed services, for several reasons, will be more resilient to any curtailment in ICT spending than adjacent ICT industries, and could possibly thrive in a slowdown.

Products & Services - Managed ICT

improve cost savings, enhance business productivity, and achieve seamless enterprise convergence.

Business Solutions

Healthcare Logistics Transport Education Financial Services Media & Hospitality

Singapore, 1 November 2012 Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) today launched a suite of innovative ICT solutions that will help large corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and governments improve productivity, increase agility and lower their operating costs effectively.