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We congratulate you that your paper has been accepted for a poster presentation during the DMI 2012 International Research Conference. We want to encourage you to invest a comparable amount of effort in the design of your poster, as you would do in the preparation of an oral presentation. A well-designed poster draws the attention of other delegates to your work and can be the start of a valuable discussion and even cooperation. Contacts coming from a poster presentation are usually intensive because they involve a one-to-one discussion between author and visitor instead of a one-directional presentation. Posters will be displayed in one of the main conference areas. They will be grouped together according to the themes of the conference tracks. There will be designated times for all poster presentations; during these times you should stand next to your poster and be prepared to answer questions and discuss your research. Normally you would have copies of your paper available for those who would like to read it. The aims of the poster are to: present the main topic and the most important results of your research in a visually attractive and engaging manner. Further information comes in the form of a discussion with your visitors. promote collaborative thinking and analysis between delegates Preparing your poster The space available is a standing format of 80 cm (32 inches) wide and 110 cm (44 inches) high. Please put all the authors names and affiliations on the poster. It is also helpful if you put a photograph of the presenting author on the poster Make the poster by printing all of your slides (i.e. the handouts if you were presenting your paper to an audience) on a single large sheet of paper, or attach separately printed pages on to one large sheet. Normally there should be a maximum of six-eight letter / A4-sized slides in your poster. To create an effective poster, keep your audience in mind and focus on the information that is most relevant to the conference theme. Make your poster visually pleasing by including a mixture of texts and graphics, but do not overload delegates with too much information. Be selective and focus on the key themes Although there is no minimum or required font for posters, you should ensure that your font is large enough (e.g. 18 points and more) for visitors to be able to read it clearly Graphics are a great way to make your poster more visually appealing. Be creative and use different types of graphics (photographs, graphs, etc.) to enhance your ideas

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You are encourage to use graphics we suggest you use: - Min Size Font 18 - graphics/pictures, 300 dpi - Bibliography - This layout is only a suggestion you are free to modify it as you see fit.

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