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“Styling the
Debenhams is a leading
department stores group of the
UK. It has a strong presence in
key product categories including
women wear, menswear, home
wares, health and beauty,
accessories, lingerie and
.children wear

The company's origins can be traced

back to a drapery shop opened in
1778 onLondon 'sWigmoreStreet
Debenhams was listed on the
London Stock Exchange in1928
In1985 the company was acquired by
theBurton Group . At this point the
.company owned 65 stores
The company expanded rapidly
throughout the1990 s
In2002 the
Nectar Loyalty Card was
introduced with Debenhams
.as a major sponsor
The company was taken over by
a private consortium in late
. 2003
Debenhams stores are currently
:departmentalized as follows
Health and Beauty
Women's Wear
Fashion Accessories
Young Fashion
Food Services
Wedding Service
'Designers at Debenhams'
Customer's appetite for designer
brands continues to grow
designer brands, including J by 26
Jasper Conran, Pearce II Fionda by
Ren Pearce and Andrew Fionda,
Philip Treacy, BDL by Ben de Lisi,
Lulu Guiness, and G by Maria
International brands

In total, Debenhams sells

over 500 international
brands. They are the UK's
number one retailer of
,many international brands
Debenhams’ strategy is to
maintain and build on its core
strengths and to leverage
these further through organic,
new space and other channel
As of April 2009, the company had
153 stores (including 10 'Desire by
Debenhams' stores) covering
10.373 million square feet of retail
space across theUnited Kingdom,
theRepublic of Ireland and
Northern Ireland. It also has 40
franchise stores operating in other
countries, includingMalaysia and
).Product category Mix )approx
Women swear )including
accessories and lingerie) 45%
Menswear 17%
Home )including gift and furniture)
Cosmetics 14%
Children swear 5%
Other )including food services) 3%
Customer base

Debenhams has a loyal customer base with

over 2 million store card holders; the
store card is owned
and administered by GE Money. The Nectar
loyalty programmed also plays a role in
customer loyalty and there are over 7
million customers who have used a
.Nectar card in Debenhams
Management team

John Lovering
Chairman Rob Templeman
Chief Executive
Finance Director Michael Sharp
Chief Operating Officer
Human Resources Director Nigel Palmer
Retail Operations Director

Every great boutique or

department store needs a
Wizard of Oz—someone
behind the curtain making
everything appear as
impressive as possible—
someone deciding to stock
ruby slippers because
.they're the next big thing
Fashion merchandising experts
accomplish tasks like these on a
regular basis. Fashion merchandising
requires a blend of fashion sense and
business expertise. Style alone won't
yield a successful career in this field.
Staying ahead of the fashion curve is
a feat involving both art and science.
Strategy and marketing know-how are
an integral part of fashion
In Debenhams Merchandising
teams use their commercial
acumen to select the product
and ranges with the biggest
selling potential.
Merchandisers achieve bottom
line results by making crucial,
tactical decisions about
.positioning and quantities
Description of merchandiser
including the following
Attending fashion shows
Buying fashion
Negotiating with suppliers and
Managing retail outlets
Setting up store displays
.Advertising and marketing
Following are the words of
)Tracy Roberts )senior merchandiser

I get to wear many hats—a fashion"

merchandising job doesn't let you get
bored.", that same unpredictability is
also the most challenging aspect of
the job. "It goes both ways. You really
have to be able to switch gears and
do one thing one second and
something completely different the
".next. You're always on
Debenhams offers
customers a fantastic
online shopping
experience from a
comprehensive UK
.department store
During the year Debenhams
has enhanced its position as
one of the leading
department store groups in
the world, offering stylish
products at affordable
Against a challenging retail
backdrop, debenhams have again
increased profits, sales and
market share
Debenhams has business plans
with franchisees for a large
number of additional stores
debenhams focus on developing
their own exclusive brands
alongside their Designers at
Debenhams ranges has led to a
stronger sales participation from
their own-bought merchandise which
in turn had a positive impact on the
.margins for the year