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By: Pratham Gupta Jayant Kashyap Vivek Kumar

Do you have any idea?

How many valves are there in the McMaster Boiler House??


Valve Selection



Types of Valves


Butterfly Valve

Types of Actuators
Diaphragm Electric



Selection of Valves

Valve Sizing
The 6 Steps to Sizing a Valve are: 1. Define the System 2. Define a maximum allowable pressure drop for the valve 3. Calculate the valve characteristic 4. Preliminary valve selection 5. Check the Cv and stroke percentage at the minimum flow 6. Check the gain across applicable flow rates

Valve Sizing
Step 1. Define the System Imagine a system pumping water from one tank to another through a piping system:
total pressure drop = 150 psi
The fluid is water at 70 0F Design flow rate of 150 gpm, operating flow rate of 110 gpm, and a minimum flow rate of 25 gpm The pipe diameter is 3 inches

Valve Sizing
Step 2. Define a maximum allowable pressure drop for the valve
A valve should be designed to use 10-15% of the total pressure drop or 10 psi, whichever is greater. What would the pressure drop over the valve be in OUR system??

15 psi!

Valve Sizing
Step 3. Calculate the valve characteristic

For our system,

Therefore, the flow charactertistic for this system is 39 Note that this Cv is with the valve at 100% open

Valve Arrangements
1. Series

2. Parallel

3. Series & Parallel

4. Bypass

5. Double block & Bleed

2000 1800 1600 1400 1200

Butterfly Segment Ball Eccentic Rotary Plug Globe


1000 800 600 400 200 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

Size (inches)