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Guided By, MR.Sarvanadhan Trainer, STC.

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K.Dwaraka. AUR1124132.

Organization Profile Introduction Training Description Future Module Conclusion Bibliography

Ashok Leyland is a commercial vehicle manufacturing company based inChennai,India. It sells about 60,000vehicles and about 7,000engines

It is first in India's automobile history to win the ISO -9002certification.

It is the second largest commercial vehicle company

in India in the medium and heavy commercial vehicle (M&HCV) .

The engine is the automobiles source of power .It is a complex device with hundreds of moving parts supported by a number of complicated systems .The modern automobile internal combustion engine converts energy contained in fuel into efficient, inexpensive transportation . During the short history of the automobile ,hundreds of different engine designs have been invented ,built and tested .Each type of engine layout has certain advantages and drawbacks, but today only a few designs are in wide use. Ashok Leyland had a collaboration with the Japanese company Hino Motor from whom the technology for the



An engine is a machine that converts power into motion.

Combustion engines convert Chemical energy to thermal energy. Thermal energy into power. Power into motion






Characteristics: Capacity Brake horse power Torque S.F.C Level of emission Governed r.p.m Idling r.p.m Compression pressure Compression ratio Firing order Naturally aspirated/Charged Injection timing Dry weight

Sub-Systems Of Engine
Air-Intake Fuel Cooling Exhaust Lubrication

Rain hood

Air Intake and exhaust system

Charge air cooler

Air cleaner

Inlet manifold Turbo charger


Air and exhaust flow path

Fuel layout on a diesel engine(o/f valve on

PE Pump

Coolant System Process

Lubrication System

BS III VP 37 - EDC 15

EDC: Working schematic

Drivers demand ECU Electronic Fuel-injection pump Mechanical coupling Electrical coupling Engine


Gear box


BS-3 Electronic FIE System

EDC15 Circuit Diagram

Future Module
Ashok Leyland, the Hinduja Group flagship, today launched the NEPTUNE engine
ushering in a new era in engine technology. Designed and developed in-house from a clean sheet, the NEPTUNE family of engines has been globally benchmarked for greater fuel efficiency, lower maintenance, longer life, greater reliability and superior NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) characteristics. NEPTUNE engine will be available in BS-III and BS-IV versions and is also package protected for BS-V and BS-VI. The highly modular sub-system design

ensures maximum vehicle uptime and better NVH characteristics while the CRS
with electronic-governance ensures high fuel efficiency, easy serviceability, lower life cycle cost and reliability.

Working in an industry like ASHOK LEYLAND has been an enriching experience .Here in the training I came to know about all the process being followed are health monitoring when applied to prime movers such as the diesel engine have long been appreciated: reduced unscheduled down-time and increased availability. When it comes to the development of environmentally friendly technologies, Ashok Leyland has developed Hythane engines. Aside from the full expansion planned for the company, Ashok Leyland is also paying close attention to the environment. In fact, they are one of the companies showing the strongest commitment to environmental protection, utilizing eco-friendly processes in their various plants. Even as they thrust into different directions, Ashok Leyland maintains an R&D group that aims to uncover ways to make their vehicles more fuel efficient and reduce emissions.

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