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What is CRM?
CRM refers to the methodologies used for better and effective management of customer relations. It helps an enterprise understand, anticipate, analyze and manage its current and potential customers.

CRM A Shift from the Traditional Marketing concept! How did it develop?
1980s witnessed a drastic change of customer power. Supply exceeded demands that broke the monopoly of manufacturers. Customers got more options to choose from. Sellers had reduced control over the market.

Solution was
Improve customer relations for better customer retention and acquisition.


A customer travels through 6 stages to develop loyalty for an organization.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Realization: The company offers the products/services I require Convenience: The product/services are easily accessible Trust: The quality of the products/services is fine Satisfaction: The transaction is smooth Relation: The company understands my needs and acts in my favor Loyalty: The relationship is mutually beneficial and most importantly on my conditions.

Why is CRM important?

Harvard Business School 80% companies lose 20% of their customers periodically. These 20% (if loyal) account up to 50% of the total profit.

A feature rich CRM system analyzes customer data and helps an enterprise identify its most loyal customers. Sales, marketing and customer-service professionals can focus on the loyal customers to continue enjoying their allegiance.

How easy it is for an organization to maintain relation with a customer?

CRM enables an organization to create and manage relationship with the customers through 3 steps:




Lets dig deeper into each of them:

Customer identification is important to know
Customer identification is important to know -

Who they are

What are their needs

A CRM acts as a unified platform for sales, marketing and customer-service professionals to identify customers quickly (without juggling between different communication channels).

According to researches, 20% of the customers (if loyal) account a substantial amount of overall profit. To generalize them with other regular buyers can cost an organization dearly. CRM helps categorizing loyal customers which further helps sales, marketing and customer-service professionals to understand
1. 2. Current value of the customer to the organization Lifetime value of the customer to the organization (whether and how much will/can contribute to the organization).

Once the value is understood, organizations can customize their approach to them.


Interaction = direct information from the customers = precise understanding of their needs = serve them in the most exceptional way than other competitors.

CRM helps company professionals capitalize on customer interactions to build stronger and greater business value. Their interactions convert into collaboration which is mutually beneficial for both parties.

Customer Behavior Analysis

An organization cannot hold a good customer retention and acquisition rate unless it comprehends its customer behavior.

How CRM helps understand customer behavior

A well structured CRM system provides aggregate customer records, past transactions and purchase patterns for an exact customer-specific analysis.

How do organizations benefit?

With a complete analytical view of the customer records (such as orders, products/services sold, returned products/services, agreements), organizations understand

1. 2. 3. 4.

Which customers will buy products regularly ? Which customers will likely take part in different marketing campaigns ? Which customers can switch loyalty ? What type of communication the company should make to the customers ?

Planning to implement CRM in your enterprise?

Waitand first answer these 5 essential questions
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is the nature of your business? What is the current working model in your enterprise ? What kind of IT infrastructure your enterprise has ? What are your future expansion plans ? What form of CRM is appropriate for your enterprise ?

Right choice of CRM vendor and right planning of CRM implementation guarantees success. To make the most of your CRM investment, make sure you focus on both these factors.

How can Converge Enterprise be your perfect CRM vendor?

Converge Enterprise is an established name in the field of Cloud CRM. With the right combination of expertise and dedication, we offer our clients an ideal business contact management application, suited for SMBs of diverse verticals. Post the implementation of our CRM solution, you can be assured of a complete automation of your business processes.
Example - Set the trigger for a future date and set a span for a marketing campaign to run and the rest will be taken care of by Converge DRIP marketing automation.

Benefits of Converge CRM

Converge CRM helps you in 11 different ways to improve your business

1. 2.

Single interactive dashboard screen Controlled data access through team management tools 3. Daily activity management from calendar dashboard 4. Automated sales process 5. DRIP marketing automation 6. Customized collaborative reports for daily update 7. Easy & accurate data import 8. Unified social platform for employeecustomer collaboration 9. Easy customization solutions to suit different industries 10. Easy storage and sharing of documents 11. Google App Integration

Impressed by the features

but worried about the price?
Professional Lite
$99 for annual purchase
Unlimited Leads 500 MB Storage Resource Library


$319 for annual purchase

All Lite features plus Unlimited Contacts 2500 emails per month 2 GB Storage Deals Email Templates Lists and Segments Web-to-Lead Mass Emails Campaigns Social Feeds Resource Library Import Export Customizable Reports Roles and Permissions App Store


$649 for annual purchase
All Pro features plus Custom Fields 5000 emails per month 4 GB Storage Automation Rules Products Quotations Invoices SocialCRM* Fax Integration App Store


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