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Excel 101

What is Excel/Spreadsheet used for?

A Spread sheet is used for several things Sorting and calculating accounting information Calculating financial information

Creating and updating list of information that cross-referenced data Creating graphs and charts

A spreadsheet is a table made up of row and columns. The intersection of a row and a column is called a cell

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Cell Address
The row and columns makes it easier to locate individual cells

When you click on the cell in the spreadsheet, the cell address is displayed. This is the column letter and row number, such as B3

A row of data is know as a record

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Working with DATA

Cell Number Formula bar



Sheet Number

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Working with DATA cont

Data that you can use in add to a cell Values : a numeric data and is usually used to perform calculation, Numbers etc Formulae :If you want to add the contents of 2 cell you start with =A1+A2 Functions: These are built in formulae that you can access via the formulae bar example : Sum, min, max etc

Ranges: This is a wide selection of Row and column. Instead of Writing A2, A3, A4,A5, A6 you can simple write A2:A6

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Some Useful functions

SUM Average SQRT COUNT MAX MIN Example: =AVERAGE (B1:B2) There meaning and use are on Edmodo

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When you do not want to use a function. You can use a Formulae, one that You create on your own.

Example: Addition =A2+A3+A4 Subtraction =A2-A3

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Absolute and relative addressing

Relative addressing: This means that if you create a formula in one cell You can use the handle (fill handle)and to copy that formula across various cells and the other cells adjust their address accordingly

Absolute addressing: You have to add the $ sign infront of the column letter and row number Example =$A$1 + $A$1

If you copy this across cells the cell address values would not change

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The If Then Else

You would like to create a statement If B8 is less that 0.80 then display Plenty food if it is over then display No food.

= IF( B8 > = 0.80, Enough Food, No Food)

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Try one

If Z2 is less that 10 display fail, if it greater than 10 display pass

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