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Work Ethic

The Learning Goals:

The importance of developing a strong work ethic and how the work ethic you develop will impact your future as an employee.

What is Work Ethic?

The Definition:
a standard of conduct and values for job performance

Meaning of Work
1. Work is the use or application of our physical powers to accomplish a task. legitimate use not all activity which provides income is not work in the legal and moral sense. 2. Work is for the purpose of obtaining an economic gain for the worker. compensation must be based on justice

The Right to Work

Working is both a right and a duty. The right to work derives from the right to life. Man has basic needs which must be satisfied in order for to survive.

The Duty to Work

Work aims to promote life. It is a duty since every person is endowed with bodily and mental powers so that he may take care of himself and not become a burden to others. Laziness is evil

Capital and Labor

Capital refers to the owner or investors of an industry. Labour refers to the hired workers employed by the industry. Capital and labour compliment each other.

The Rights of Labour



Right to work which include the right of everyone to the opportunity to gain his living by work which he freely chooses or accepts, and will take appropriate steps to safeguard his right. Right of everyone to the enjoyment of just and favourable conditions of work, which ensure, in particular:

a. remuneration; b. safe and healthy working conditions; c. equal opportunity for every one to be promoted in his employment to an appropriate higher level, subject to no considerations other than those of seniority and competence; d. rest, leisure and reasonable limitation of working hours

Unionism Every worker has a right to join a union in order to protect his livelihood and to cooperate in building social order.

Morality of Strike
1. 2.


There is a sufficient and just reason for holding a strike. The intended good results must outweigh the evil effects of the strikes, such as losing a weeks wages, or incurring the ire of industry officials. The means employed are lawful.

Expectations for Employees

What does an employer want?

What are the traits of a winning employee:

Top 10 Work Ethics

Character Team Work

Organizational Skills Communication



Be O nT IMED ont Be AB S E N T !!

Traits of a Winning Employee

Limit Absences
Be at work every day possible Plan your absences Dont abuse leave time

Come to work on time

Be punctual every day

Honest Dependable Loyal

Traits of a Winning Employee

Be honest
Honesty is the single most important factor having a direct bearing on the final success of an

individual, corporation, or product.

Ed McMahon

Be dependable
Complete assigned tasks correctly and promptly

Traits of a Winning Employee

Be loyal
Speak positively about the company

Be willing to learn
Look to improve your skills

W orking tow ard a goal requires cooperation and respect

Traits of a Winning Employee

Be a team player
The ability to get along with others including those you dont necessarily like

Leadership abilities
The ability to be led and/or to become the leader

Traits of a Winning Employee

Be a contributing member
The ability to carry your own weight and help others who are struggling

Accept compromise
Recognize when to speak up with an idea and when to compromise by blend ideas together

C lothing H ygiene Manners

Traits of a Winning Employee

Dress Appropriately
Dress for Success! Set your best foot forward

Personal hygiene

Traits of a Winning Employee

Good manners
Hand shake Demeanor Eye contact

Remember that the first impression of who you are can last a lifetime

Be P ositive! Y ou C an D o It!!

Traits of a Winning Employee

Have a good attitude
Listen to suggestions Be positive

Accept responsibility for ones work

If you make a mistake, admit it

Make G ood U se of Y our T im e

Traits of a Winning Employee

Do the work correctly
Quality and timeliness are prized

Get along with co-workers

Cooperation is the key to productivity

Traits of a Winning Employee

Help out whenever asked
Do extras without being asked

Take pride in your work

Do things the best you know how

T h eK E Ytogettin gyou r task do neo ntim e

Traits of a Winning Employee

Make an effort to improve
Learn ways to better yourself

Time Management
Utilize time and resources to get the most out of both

W ritten V erbal V isual

Traits of a Winning Employee

Written Communications
Being able to correctly write reports and memos

Verbal Communications
Being able to communicate one on one or to a group

W orking T ogether to Achieve More

Traits of a Winning Employee

Follow company rules and policies
Learn and follow expectations

Get along with co-workers

Cooperation is the key to productivity

Appreciate privileges and dont abuse them

Privileges are favors and benefits

Be sensitive to R acial and C ultural D ifference

Traits of a Winning Employee

Work hard
Work to the best of your ability

Carry out orders

Do whats asked the first time

Show respect
Accept and acknowledge an individuals talents and knowledge

Why People Lose Their Jobs:

They get laid off
Job loss not their fault

They get fired

Job lost because of their actions

Common Reasons Why Employees are Fired

Reasons the Law upholds as just cause for firing

Reasons Employees are Fired

Being late or absent from work
Shows lack of responsibility Can hinder productivity

Reasons Employees are Fired

Being dishonest
Trust, once lost, is hard to regain

Being unreliable
Dependability is an employee asset

Abusing drugs or alcohol

Can create health/safety issues

Reasons Employees are Fired

Team Work
Bossing others around
Giving orders is the bosss job

Not carrying your weight

Not doing your part relying on others to do your job for you

Reasons Employees are Fired

Dress Code
This can be a safety issue as well as a disregard for rules

Remember that you are a representative of your company how you dress and act can reflect on the company.

Reasons Employees are Fired

Being troublemakers
Stirring up dissent among others Causing arguments and problems

Being rude and using abusive language

Inappropriate behavior is inexcusable

Reasons Employees are Fired

Failing to do the task properly
Costly errors hurt business

Being lazy
Its a form of theft

Being careless
Can lead to accidents/profit loss

Reasons Employees are Fired

Organizational Skills
Loosing Tools & Materials
Unable to locate things

Lack of Time Management

Not meeting deadlines

Not ready for meetings or presentations

Reasons Employees are Fired

Failure to communicate
(written and/or verbal) Unable to properly express ones thoughts and ideas Unable to interpret instructions and directions

Reasons Employees are Fired

Not getting along with others
Co-workers, boss, and/or customers

Failing to follow rules and policies

Not following instructions Doing your own thing

Reasons Employees are Fired

Being disrespectful
Argumentative and confrontational

Making fun of, harassing, or discriminating against others

This could also land in court!

Reasons Employees are Fired

Being dissatisfied all the time
You agreed to the work/pay/hours

Lack of ability to perform assigned tasks

Positive Actions to Take if Youre Fired

Correct your faults, move forward Dont repeat your mistakes,
learn from them

Think positively about your next job

Thank You