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University of Technology MARA (UiTM), Shah Alam Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies Bachelor of Corporate Administration


Basic principles of good business letters

Nurul Aqilah Binti Hamdan Norfahtinakmar Binti Abu Bakar 2011722961 2011749351

1. Knowing the Addressee

S Knowing first who is the addressee : Background/Business

S Use the correct title Male / Female, Married/Single and other

respectable title such as Dato, Dr and Tan Sri

S Use only relevant information that relate with the addressee.

Bad example : Hey, do you supply stationery for a company? My company have many customer so we need to have stationery. (address to a company that obviously supply stationery)

2. Writing Naturally

S Must have genuineness in expression of thoughts and

S Written in soft spoken language

Example: We want (would like) to collaborate with your company in designing handbag for this summer

3. Writing Clearly and without Ambiguity

S Free from confusion
S No omission of words, faulty punctuation and disorderly

arrangement of facts
S Use comma and full stops at right places

Example : Our business supply stationery but ,sometimes office equipment too

4. Courtesy and Consideration

S Promptness in attending the letters

S Politeness in declining business

Example : We do not want to collaborate for designing handbag with your company because your design is ugly

(We would like to apologize for turning down the collaboration proposal as we feel like there is difference needs of design between our customer and your customer)

5. Writing completely

S Should be described specifically

S Contains all relevant facts and complete information

(usage of numbers) Example : Our company would like to purchase the red chair in huge amount

6. Avoid jumbling of words

S Words must be simple and direct

S Should not have difficult words (labyrinthine,astonishing,

rueful) and should be in short sentences Example: Our company is astonish by your offer in providing furniture that is imported from Indonesia to which it is the best quality in the globe.

7. Avoid using commercial words/phrases

S It is not practicable to be use in business

S It is not formal and can be seen as not being serious

Example : I hope that you will be interested with our services. May the force be with you.

8. Revising the letter

S Should be checked thoroughly before send it to

S Able to eliminate faulty words and irrelevant information S Always remember the letter represent our company to

the outsider