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Human Resource

Welcome to the club of human
Your opinion about HRM
 Individuals ideology
 Importance of HRM
 Industry Acknowledgement of HR
Human Resource Management
 Definition
 Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within
an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management
of, and providing direction for the people who work in the
organization. Human Resource Management can also be
performed by line managers.
 Human Resource Management is the organizational function
that deals with issues related to people such as compensation,
hiring, performance management, organization development,
safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation,
communication, administration, and training.
Strategic Role of Human Resource
 Nafta ( North American free trade agreement
 EU ( European Union)
 Technical Advances ( communication
 Exporting labor ( Ericsson in India, far east)
What is HRM?
 Lets see the management functions
 Planning
 Organizing
 Staffing……….leads to HRM
 Leading
 Controlling
 HRM……………………focusing on Staffing function
Why HRM is important
 You don’t want to hire wrong person
 Experience high turn over

 Have your people not doing their best

 Waste time with useless interviews

 Discriminatory actions

 Lack of training

Significance of Human Resource Management

The Human Resources (HR) function provides significant
support and advice to line management. The attraction,
preservation and development of high caliber people are a
source of competitive advantage for our business, and are the
responsibility of HR.
HR Functions
 Job Analysis & Description
 Recruitment & Selection
 Placement & Training
 Compensation and Benefits
 Appraisal
 Training
 Control
A Broad View
 Recruitment
 Employee Relations and Communications
 Faculty and Professional Staff Contract Administration
 Personnel, Payroll and Benefits Records Administration
 Employment
 Classification and Compensation
 Payroll
 Benefits
 Worker’s Compensation
 Human Resource Information Systems
 Organizational Learning and Development
 Employee Recognition
 Performance Management
 Employee Events
 Workforce Planning
More new Concepts
 A changing environment
 Globalization
 Technological advances
 Human capital (knowledge, education,
training, skills and experience of workers)
New Concepts
 HR & Strategy (long term plan to meet internal strengths and
weaknesses with external opportunities and threats).
 HR & Metrics ( A set of quantitative performance measures
HR managers use to assess their operations). (e.g absence rate,
cost per hire, health care cost, human capital ROI, time,
training, turnover factors)
 HR & Score Card ( measures the HR functions effectiveness
and efficiency in producing the employees behaviors needed
to acieve the company’s strategic goals.

 More details about them in the coming sessions……till then

The New HR Manager
 New proficiencies
 Traditional + marketing, production and
finance knowledge. (must speak the CFO
 Ethics and HR
 HR Certification (Society for human resource
management, SPHR or PHR, senior
professional in human resource)
 HR and technology
Hierarchy of HR Dept in Large
VP Human resource

Manager Labor
Mgr Recruitment Administrative Dir relations
Mgr Emp relation
Mgr Health & safety & Selection Benefits

Workers Comp Mgmt Benefit Payroll Mgr wage and

Mgmt search Employee Counseling
Processing Salaries

Wellness Program Employee Retention Employee recognition

Employee Benefits Appraisal
Program Program Management

Employee special
Safety Manager Personnel record Benefits HRIS

Mgr Training
Orientation Training Mgmt Development
& Development
Hierarchy of HR Dept in Simple

Manager Labor Relations and HR

Sr HR Coordinator HR admin coordinator HR Coordinator

HR Coordinator

Office generalist