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What was started in 1980 by GCDA in Kochi by acquiring Kochi Lake. But the project was incomplete and was completed with lesser scope due to coastal protection laws! What project?

What First was made by Mambally Bappu from Thalassery, when Mr Bown came to their factory on one Christmas evening in 1880, and asked Bapu to prepare similar one ?

From which constituency he was elected?

Which class mate of TN Seshan was the chairman & Managing Director of Cochin Shipyard when Rani Padmini, the first ship built by the Shipyard was launched?

"Stepping on to firm ground again, I saw a woman and a little girl looking curiously at me. I was still in my orange suit, and they were frightened. "I'm a friend," I shouted, taking off my helmet. "Have you come from outer space?" the woman asked. "As a matter of fact, I have. Whose words?

The high officials of the university include the paridarshaka (visitor), acharya (chancellor), and the upacharya (vice chancellor). The paridarshaka of this university is the president of India, while the acharya is the prime minister. The university is run by its Karma Samity (Executive Council) which is chaired by the acharya.

The Present Upacharya is Suhanta Duttagupta. Who was the 1st? Which University is in question?

These are one of nine species of the genus Agapornis. They are social and affectionate parrots. Eight species are native to the African continent, while the Grey-headed one is native to Madagascar. Which bird species?


Her father was centre point of the discussions connected to a Type 97 2 Bomber Sally. Name him.


Adjacent cities and towns Buffalo, New York - south Town of Lewiston - north Town of Wheatfield - east Town of Grand Island south What?


Identify the author born in Dhaka in


English civil engineer and mechanical engineer who built the first public inter-city railway line in the world to use steam locomotives, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway which opened in 1830. Renowned as the Father of Railways his rail gauge of 4 feet 812 inches (1,435 mm), is the world's standard gauge.


Identify the company


Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow was in news recently. Reason?


Still, many of the farmer families of the Theni, Madurai District have been keeping his portraits . In remembrance of him, many children in this area are named after him. The Public Works Department Office at Madurai houses a Statue as his remembrance. Identify.


This term was, originally used in 1570s to denote great auk of Newfoundland (now extinct), but from 1580s onwards the name denotes this bird. Even though of unknown origin, it is often asserted to be from a combination of Welsh words meaning head & white respectively.

Another theory is that it is because of the white circles around its eyes. Which bird?


The film revolves around a story of human survival adapted from a newspaper article of a real-life crisis event, when three oil workers from Tamil Nadu were kidnapped and taken hostage in Sudan by mercenaries. The film is an emotional journey of a common man to an unknown place with the hope to come home and lead a better life. WHICH FILM?


Shake Hands are of different types. This shake hand denotes a person who is not confident in his activities and has low self esteem. Whats the common term for this kind of shake hands?