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Dealing with Difficult People

By: Dalton Nielson Jeff Brown William Keils

Understanding Difficult Behavior

Difficult people are usually a result of conflicting personalities not because of intentional behaviors. If you notice someone is more difficult around you than others, it may simply be your personalities clash. Its important to remember we can all be difficult whether we mean to or not.

Recognizing Difficult People

Key characteristics
Theyre never satisfied
I pay to go here, I should get whatever I want!

They dont communicate properly.

Because I said so.

Can be argumentative or unreasonable. They often use their power to obstruct

Do you know who my father is? I can sue you!

Types of Difficult People

Bulldozer Saboteur Procrastinator Whiner Exploder! Pleaser Grandstander

The Bulldozer

Loud Obnoxious Bully

Delights in intimidating people and getting their own way.

The Saboteur


others to make themselves look good. Stabs people in the back. Goes behind their backs.

The Procrastinator

Cant make a decision. Afraid of doing the wrong thing. Poor time management skills. Occasionally will use procrastination as a way of getting attention.

The Whiner

Everything is always wrong. Bad things always happen to these people. They are overworked but spend most of their time complaining.

The Exploder!

Loses temper over little things. Uses explosions to get their way. Has probably been doing this since childhood.

The Pleaser


with everyone. Never has an opinion. People Pleasure.

The Grandstander
Characteristics Insecure Needs to feel

good about himself or herself. Knows just a little about everything, but has no indepth knowledge on anything.

Tips and Strategies

Choose Words Carefully
o There are certain Trigger Words that can cause people to become more difficult especially in emotionally charged situations.
o These Trigger Words include:
o Calm Down! o You have to o You cant o Sorry o But

More Tips and Strategies

Never over-promise or make threats In difficult situations were often tempted to make promises that we cant keep. Be honest. If you add fuel to the fire (threats), the person will become even more angry and difficult. You will lose credibility if you cant keep promises or follow through with the threats.