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dual_domain_:Fill time

dual_domain_:Pressure at V/P switchover

dual_domain_:Temperature at flow front

dual_domain_:Bulk temperature

dual_domain_:Shear rate, bulk

dual_domain_:Pressure at injection location:XY Plot

dual_domain_:Volumetric shrinkage at ejection

dual_domain_:Time to reach ejection temperature

dual_domain_:Frozen layer fraction

dual_domain_:% Shot weight:XY Plot

dual_domain_:Air traps

dual_domain_:Average fiber orientation

dual_domain_:Average velocity

dual_domain_:Bulk temperature at end of fill

dual_domain_:Clamp force centroid

dual_domain_:Clamp force:XY Plot

dual_domain_:Fiber orientation tensor

dual_domain_:Frozen layer fraction at end of fill

dual_domain_:Grow from

dual_domain_:In-cavity residual stress in first principal direction

dual_domain_:In-cavity residual stress in second principal direction

dual_domain_:Orientation at core

dual_domain_:Orientation at skin

dual_domain_:Poisson's ratio (fiber)


dual_domain_:Pressure at end of fill

dual_domain_:Ram speed, recommended:XY Plot

dual_domain_:Shear modulus (fiber)

dual_domain_:Shear stress at wall

dual_domain_:Sink marks, index

dual_domain_:Tensile modulus in first principal direction (fiber)

dual_domain_:Tensile modulus in second principal direction (fiber)

dual_domain_:Deflection, all effects:Deflection

dual_domain_:Deflection, all effects:X Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, all effects:Y Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, all effects:Z Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, differential cooling:Deflection

dual_domain_:Deflection, differential cooling:X Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, differential cooling:Y Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, differential cooling:Z Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, differential shrinkage:Deflection

dual_domain_:Deflection, differential shrinkage:X Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, differential shrinkage:Y Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, differential shrinkage:Z Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, orientation effects:Deflection

dual_domain_:Deflection, orientation effects:X Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, orientation effects:Y Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, orientation effects:Z Component

dual_domain_:Volumetric shrinkage

dual_domain_:Sink marks estimate

dual_domain_:Sink marks shaded

dual_domain_:Weld lines

dual_domain_:Deflection, corner effect:Deflection

dual_domain_:Deflection, corner effect:X Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, corner effect:Y Component

dual_domain_:Deflection, corner effect:Z Component

dual_domain_:Analysis log

Analysis Log ---------------------------------------Fill+pack ---------------------------------------Copyright Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved. (C)2009 2010 2011 Portions of this software are covered by U.S. Patent Numbers 5,287,408 and 6,096,088.

Flow Analysis

Version: ami2012-barium_main_sp2 (Build 11271-001) 64-bit build Analysis commenced at Thu Aug 08 02:28:59 2013

Analysis running on host: vir-lp Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Processor type: AuthenticAMD AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1 ~1896 MHz

dual_domain_:Results Summary

Results Summary ---------------------------------------Fill+pack ---------------------------------------Copyright Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved. Flow Analysis

Version: ami2012-barium_main_sp2 (Build 11271-001) 64-bit build Analysis running on host: vir-lp Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Processor type: AuthenticAMD AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1 ~1896 MHz Number of Processors: 4 Total Physical Memory: 3561 MBytes

No mesh for the cores was found.

dual_domain_:Machine Setup

Machine Setup

Injection Machine Setup Sheet

General Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Project Name:
Version: Date:


ami2012-barium_main_sp2 Thu Aug 08 08:54:31 2013

Processing Type: Thermoplastics injection molding Machine Name: Default injection molding machine

Material Name: RPP40EA35NA : Ferro ------------------------------------------------------------------------------