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Emerging Opportunities

Fields of Specialization
Prepared by: Anna Marie L. Salamatin BSN 4-1

Ambulatory Care Nurse

are registered nurses who provide preventive care and treat patients with a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.

Ambulator Communit y Care y Nurse

RN diploma, ASN or BSN

Multifacet ed/ patientfacing/ independe nt

Ambulatory Care Nurse Where they work:

Ambulances, Workplaces, Day Surgery Home Care and Units, in Clinics. Ambulatory Care Health insurance Surgeries, companies Physicians Government Offices, providing health care advice via Community telephone or the

The main duties of an Ambulatory Care Nurse include:

Providing healthcare to patients with varying illnesses or injuries. Promoting healthcare and health maintenance to patients. Educating patients on how to manage their injury or illness at home. Providing healthcare either face to face with patients or over the phone or internet. Assisting patients preventing and managing illnesses.

Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse

Registered Nurses working in the field of diagnosis of heart disease. They administer interventional procedures to patients, including cardiac catheterizations, angioplasties, and SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO CHARTERI valvuloplasties.

Cardiac Clinical ASN or Catheteriza Emergency BSN tion Lab Nurse

Multifacete d/structure d/ patientfacing

Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse Where they work: Hospitals and Clinics. Intensive Care Units (ICU), Coronary Care Units (CCU) or Catheterization Laboratories (CCL

Cardiac Catheterization Lab Nurse The main duties include:

Providing care to patients in Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Care Units or ICU, CCU or Cardiac Catheterization Lab until they are discharged Acquiring and maintaining patients records, and updating patients charts Executing a needs assessment. Organizing patients for medical procedures.


Monitoring patients vital signs. Operating treatment equipment. Administering Intravenous therapy (IV). Medicating patients according to physician instructions. Conducting and participating in Cardiac specific research projects. Educating other healthcare professionals about Cardiac Catheterization.

Certified Nurse Midwife

registered nurse with additional training in delivering babies and providing prenatal and postpartum care to women.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Advance practice; Womens health

RN Structure diploma d/ patientor ASN or facing/ BSN Independ ent

Certified Nurse Midwife: Where they work:

Hospitals, patients homes, clinics, birthing centers, schools and community centers

Main duties of a Certified Nurse Midwife Include:

Assisting pregnant women throughout their pregnancy and child birth. Providing family planning support. Counseling and educating the public on birth control methods. Prescribing medications (in most states). Parental and Postpartum care for mothers and babies. Administering gynecological services

Critical Care Nursing

These nurses provide care to patients with life-threatening problems by performing high intensity therapies and interventions.

Critical Care Nursing

Emergenc y


Fastpaced/ multifacet ed/ Structure d/ patient-

Critical Care Nursing Where they work:

nursing schools outpatient surgery centers, home health care units and clinics

The main duties of a Critical Care Nurse include:

Providing optimum care for critical ill patients and their families. Constant monitoring of vital signs. Continuously updating skills in emergency resuscitation procedures. Performing high intensity therapies and interventions. Assessing patients with life threatening illnesses continuously.

Diabetes Management Nursing Career

registered nurses who assist patients to manage diabetes.

Diabetes Nurse



Structure d/ patientfacing/ researchoriented

hospitals, outpatient clinics and often travel to hold clinics in regional areas.

Diabetes Management Nursing Career Where they work:

The main duties of a Diabetes Management Nurse include:

Dealing with complications of patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Working closely with physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Educating patients of the best practices in improving their health. Informing patients families on living with diabetes.


Providing advice on diet and exercise. Advising on injecting medications. Administering tablets or insulin if the patient is unable. Monitoring blood glucose levels.

Developmental Disabilities Nurses

also known as Special Needs Nurses, are registered nurses who provide care for patients suffering from a number of intellectual and developmental disabilities i.e. mental retardation, pervasive developmental disorders (pdd), autism spectrum disorder, Retts syndrome, Aspergers syndrome and many more Assisting patients with language skills and other forms of communication.

Developmental Disabilities Nurses Where they work: Hospitals, Schools, Worksites, and Primary Care Centers in the community.

The main duties of Developmental Disabilities Nurse include:

Providing care for patients with physical, mental or behavioral disabilities. Caring for patients of all ages. Assisting with feeding and controlling bodily functions. Supporting patients and encouraging them to be independently mobile. Educating patients and their families of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Emergency Trauma Nursing Career

provide care to patients who have suffered serious and sometimes life-threatening physical injuries e.g. Car accidents, work related injuries and suicide attempts. SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATION CHARTERIS
NAME Emergency Trauma Nursing Career ITCS Emergency ASN or BSN Fast- paced/ multifaceted / Structured/ patientfacing/

Emergency Trauma Nursing Career Where they work:

helicopters, Ambulances, Airplanes. casualty department and emergency rooms of public and private hospitals.

The main duties of an Emergency / Trauma Nurse include:

Providing care to patients in an emergency situation. Administering emergency procedures e.g. code blue and CPR. Acting fast and thinking on their feet. Handling complex and difficult

Flight Nurse Practicitioner

provide medical care to patients who are transported by ambulance, helicopter or airplane to the nearest medical facility
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO CHARTERI NAME N SITCS Flight Nurse Community RN diploma, Fast- paced/ Practicition ASN or BSN multifacete er d/ patientfacing/ Independen t

Flight Nurse Practicitioner Where they work:

Public and Private Hospitals, Rescue Centers, Outpatient facilities, the Military and other healthcare centers. Some of their work is carried out on board helicopters, airplanes or

The main duties of a Flight Nurse include:

Providing care to injured patients. Educating the public on the dangers of certain sports/professions that are carried out in the mountains or on the sea rescue. Working with diverse patient populations. Acting fast under pressure when the job demands. Carrying out administrative tasks during quite times. Administering emergency therapy and medications.

Forensic Nursing Careers

registered nurses who provide care to the victims of violence .
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO NAME N Forensic Community ASN or Nursing BSN Careers CHARTERI SITCS Fastpaced/ Structured patientfacing/ Researchoriented

Forensic Nursing Careers Where they work:

Laboratory based, but also involves traveling to various Prisons, Crime Scenes, Morgues, Police Departments and Hospitals. They often required to appear in court to give expert their expert opinion

Career paths within the forensic nursing arena: Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist. Forensic Nurse Investigator. Forensic Psychiatric Nurse. Nurse Coroner. Sexual Assault Nurse. Legal Nurse Consultant. Forensic Gerontology Specialist. Correctional Nursing Specialist.

Genetics Nursing Careers

registered nurses with special education and training in Genetics.
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATION CHARTERIS NAME ITCS Genetics Clinical ASN or BSN Structured/ Nursing PatientCareers facing/ Researchoriented

Genetics Nursing Careers Where they work:

Cancer centers, Prenatal centers, Pediatric centers, to Schools, Universities and Research facilities.

The main duties of a Genetics Nurse include:

Screening patients for genetic disorders. Identifying potential risks. Working with patients and treatment of diseases. Caring for patients of all ages.

Gerontology Nursing
registered nurse who specializes in Gerontology. This means that a Geriatric Nurse provides healthcare to geriatric or elderly individuals
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO CHARTERI NAME N SITCS Gerontolog Advanced ASN or Multifaceted y Nursing Practice; MSN / Family Structured/ Patientfacing/ Independen

Gerontology Nursing Where they work:

Hospitals, Long Term Care Units, Nursing Homes, Community Care, Home Health, Outpatient Clinics Outpatient Clinics and Home Health.

The main duties of a Geriatric Nurse include:

Providing healthcare to the residents of long term care units and nursing homes. Educating and supporting the families of elderly patients. Building relationships with the patient and his/her family. Assessing the patients ability to do routine daily tasks.


Working with patients with Dementia and other illnesses effecting the elderly. Diagnosing and managing diseases. Promoting good health.

HIV / AIDS Nurse Career

registered nurses with specialist education and training in HIV/Aids. They educate individuals on preventing the spread of HIV, and also help those who are infected cope with the physical, social, and SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATION CHARTERIS psychological aspects of their disease. NAME ITCS
HIV / AIDS Nurse Career Clinical; RN diploma, Structured/ Community ASN or BSN Patientfacing/ Researchoriented

HIV / AIDS Nurse Career Where they work:

Hospitals, Health, Community Care Centers and Hospices.

The main duties of a HIV/AIDS Nurse include:

Providing healthcare to patients with HIV/Aids. Educating patients and their families about living with HIV/Aids. Working closely with other healthcare professionals. Monitoring a patients condition. Referring a patient to other healthcare professionals if necessary.

Holistic Nurse
officially recognized by the American Nurses Association (ANA), as a focused area of nursing practice. Holistic Nursing is an alternative healing method and embraces all nursing specialties. The aim of Holistic Nursing is to treat the whole person by recognizing SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATION CHARTERISI NAME TCS the mental, spiritual and emotional Holistic Clinical; ASN or BSN Multifaceted/ elements patients make up. Structured/ Nurse of a Community
Patientfacing/ Independent

Holistic Nursing Career Information Where they work: Hospitals, Acupuncture clinics, Holistic clinics, Home Health, Health Farms

Typical duties of a Holistic Nurse include:

Providing acupuncture. Massaging and aroma therapy treatments. Healing patients mental and spiritual health which in turn aids their physical health. Practicing Chinese Medicine. Performing Chiropractic and Osteopathic manipulation.

Home Health Care Nurse

are registered nurses, who often provide follow-on care after a patient is discharged from a hospital or health care centre.
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO NAME N Home Community RN Health Care diploma, Nurse ASN or BSN CHARTERI SITCS Multifacete d/ Patientfacing/ Independen t

Home Health Care Nurse Where they work:

Hospital settings, assisted living centers, nursing homes, along with travelling to patients homes.

Some duties of Home Health Care Nurses include:

Dressing wounds. Educating patients and families on medications. Advising patients on diet and other factors that would lead to a healthy recovery. Allowing the patient to maintain independence.

Hospice and palliative care nurses

work to meet the needs of the patient and family facing terminal illness and bereavement.
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO CHARTERI NAME N SITCS Hospice Community RN diploma, Structured/ and ASN or BSN Patientpalliative facing/ care nurses Independen t

Hospice and palliative care nurses Where they work: Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Hospices visit patients in their own homes.

Duties of a Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse include

Observing patients and recording their symptoms. Liaising with physicians, social workers and chaplains. Administering Medication. Supporting the patient and his/her family emotionally. Ensuring that the final days of the

Legal Nurse Consultant

is a highly experienced registered nurse, who offers a consulting service to attorneys, insurance companies and other healthcare professionals on medical related legal cases SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATION CHARTERISI
NAME Legal Nurse Consultant Management ASN or BSN TCS Multifaceted/ Structured/ Managerial/ Researchoriented/ Independent

Legal Nurse Consultant Where they work:

Many Legal Nurse Consultants work for attorneys and lawyers, filling in the gaps in the legal professions medical knowledge. Insurance companies, healthcare facilities, Government agencies and private corporations. defense or prosecution in a court proceeding.

The main duties of a Legal Nurse Consultant include:

Working along side attorneys and insurance companies to assist with complex medical legal cases. Researching. Examining medical records. Reporting on injuries or illnesses. Communicating with expert witnesses. Testifying in court cases as medical experts.


Identifying codes of practice. Assisting Lawyers by interviewing patients and witnesses. Organizing medical records. Determining costs. Locating evidence. Educating Attorneys/Lawyers and other non medical professionals on medical issues.

Licensed Practical Nurse

also known as a Licensed Vocational Nurse LVN in California and Texas. It is a healthcare professional who mostly works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Physician to care for injured, sick, recuperating, or disabled children, adults, the elderly and EDUCATION patients ofCHARTERISIT all ages. SPECIALTY CATEGORY

Licensed Practical Nurse


LPN Multifaceted certification / Patientfacing/

Licensed Practical Nurse Where they work:

public and private hospitals, nursing homes, medical centers and residential / home health care settings.

The main duties of a Licensed Practical Nurse may include:

Providing basic care to patients. Recording a Patients vital signs including weight, height, blood pressure, temperature and pulse. Monitoring catheters and other medical equipment. Bathing and dressing and maintaining a patients personal hygiene when the patient is unable to do so. Assuring that patients are as comfortable as possible.

Medical Surgical Nurse

are registered nurses who provide health care to patients undergoing surgical procedures.

Medical Surgical Nurse


RN diploma, ASN or BSN

Multifacete d/ Structured/ Patientfacing/

Medical Surgical Nurse Where they work:

Hospitals, Acute Care Units, Long-term Care Facilities, Outpatient Clinics and Home Care settings.

The main duties of a Medical Surgical Nurse include:

Educating patients on surgical procedures. Providing preoperative, interoperative and post operative care to patients. Managing pain. Discharge planning. Working closely with other healthcare

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse is a Registered Nurse who has specialized

training in caring for newborn infants. There are three levels of Neonatal Nursing: A Level I Neonatal Nurse provides care for newborn babies that do not have any illnesses or complications. A Level II Neonatal Nurse cares for premature babies, or full term babies who are ill. A Level III Neonatal Nurse is a highly skilled advanced practice nurse with specialist training in treating infants with life threatening illnesses. These infants need constant assistance and

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse Where they work:

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) of large hospitals. Obstetrical and Nursery Departments of hospitals.

Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse


RN diploma, ASN or BSN

Fastpaced/ Multifacete d/ Structured/

The main duties of a Neonatal Nurse include:

Providing general healthcare to newly born infants. Providing critical care to neonates born with health defects. Counseling parents of the infant. Monitoring the condition of the infant. Operating specialist healthcare equipment.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs),

administer anesthetic agents to patients. CRNAs are highly skilled advanced practice nurses.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist s (CRNAs),

Advanced Practice; Surgical


Multifacete d/ Structured/ Independe nt

Hospital Surgical Rooms, Delivery Suites of Departments, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Dental Clinics, Podiatrists, Ophthalmologists, Plastic Surgeons, Public Health Services and

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists Where they work:


The main duties of a CRNA include:

Performing preoperative evaluations of patients. Administering anesthesia to patients undergoing surgical procedures. Working closely with anesthesiologists, surgeons, podiatrists, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. Monitoring a patients vital signs during the surgical procedure. Ensuring that the patient awakens from


Advising the relevant physician of any adverse reactions. Providing postoperative follow up and patient evaluation. Maintaining medical records. Working as part of the surgical team in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Assisting in the training of medical personnel in CPR, Anesthesia and Respiratory Care.

Nurse Practitioner
have expertise in the diagnosis and management of common medical conditions. Nurse Practitioners can become certified and gain the following credentials: Adult Nurse Practitioner (ANP). Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP). Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP). Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (GNP). Womens Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP). Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (ANP/GNP). Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioner Where they work:

Community Care Centers, Urgent Care Centers, Home Health Care, Hospitals, Hospices, Nurse Practitioner Offices, Nursing Homes, Nursing Schools, Physicians Offices, Public Clinics and Health Departments.

The typical duties of a Nurse Practitioner include:

Treating patients with non life threatening and critical illnesses. Examining patients. Monitoring diabetes and blood pressure. Writing prescriptions if DEA registered. Interpreting laboratory results, EKGs and Xrays. Diagnosing and referring patients to other health care professionals as required. Getting a patients medical history. Educating and counseling patients.

Nursing Informatics
registered nurses with information technology skills. They use a combination of nursing and computer science to communicate data, information, and knowledge within the nursing profession. Where they work: large hospitals and clinics, may also work for the vendors of healthcare systems. consultants, travelling to various hospitals and

The duties of Nursing Informatics include:

Designing, developing and implementing clinical software systems. Educating other healthcare professionals on the use of systems. Customizing systems to suit their purpose. Researching potential systems and evaluating their benefits. Using healthcare systems to access patients medical records and support critical decisions. Updating clinical systems with a patients details.

Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs)

are fully qualified Registered Nurses who observe the working conditions and hazards in a workplace.

Occupation Community al Health Nurses (OHNs)


Multifacete d/ Behindthe- scene/ Independen t

Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs) Where they work:

Schools, construction sites, factories, hospitals and offices. independent consultants, providing services to many clients. The government also employs Occupational Health Nurses to carry out inspections on working

The main duties of an Occupational Health Nurse include:

Recognizing and preventing hazards in the work place. Treating injuries encountered by workers. Educating employers and employees on personal protective equipment. Assessing the work environment. Informing employees and employers of common workplace illnesses and injuries. Documenting illnesses and injuries. Educating employers on the law in relation to Occupational Health.

Oncology Nurse
are qualified registered nurses provide healthcare for patients cancer.

who with


Oncology Nurse



Structured/ Patientfacing/ Multifacete d/ Researchoriented

Oncology Nurse Where they work:

Oncology Nurses work in many health care settings where patients receive counseling, education, screening, detection and healthcare in relation to cancer. This includes hospitals, hospices, clinics and

The main duties of an Oncology Nurse include:

Providing healthcare to patients with cancer. Assisting with the administration of radiation and chemotherapy. Monitoring patients before, during and after the treatment is administered. Updating patients medical records. Educating the public on the risks of developing cancer. Providing assistance to those surviving

Parish Nurse
is a registered nurse with additional training, who provides healthcare to the congregation of a church. A parish nurse is more involved in preventative medicine than treating the sick.

Parish Nurse


RN diploma, ASN or BSN

Patientfacing/ Multifacete d/ Independen

The main duties of a parish nurse include:

Educating the congregation on healthy living. Assisting parishioners with their health problems. Counseling individuals on various issues. Supporting health services within the community. Referring patients to other healthcare professionals when necessary. Providing an approachable listening ear to people of all ages. Offering advice to individuals in a spiritual environment.

Parish Nurse Where they work:

church or community centers. Some large churches employ a full time parish nurse. Other small parishes share a parish nurse between them.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

is with advanced training in pediatrics. Pediatric nurses provide healthcare to infants, children and adolescents.

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Advanced Practice; Family

BSN & MSN Structured/ Patientfacing/ Multifacete d/ Independen t

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Where they work:

large hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, childrens hospitals and schools.

The main duties of a pediatric nurse practitioner include:

Performing physical exams. Diagnosing injuries and many common illnesses. Administering treatment to the child. Referring the child to other healthcare professionals when necessary. Providing therapies and medication for the child. Ordering x-rays, blood tests and other


Immunizing children. Managing certain conditions e.g. diabetes, asthma, eczema and allergies. Providing education and counseling to the families of their patients. Working closely with other health care professionals i.e. Pediatricians and the patients family doctor.

PeriAnesthesia Nurse
provides both preoperative postoperative care to that patient.



PeriAnesth esia Nurse


RN diploma, ASN or BSN

Structured/ Patientfacing/ Multifacete d

PeriAnesthesia Nurse Where they work:

Perianesthesia care units in large hospitals to outpatient clinics.

The main duties of a PeriAnesthesia Nurse include:

Providing preoperative, intra operative and postoperative care to patients. Monitoring a patients condition closely after undergoing anesthesia. Working closely with other healthcare professionals, e.g. Surgeons and Anesthetists. Assisting with pain relief in obstetrical delivery rooms. Responding to side effects when a patient awakens from anesthesia.

PeriOperative Nurses
are registered nurses who assist surgeons during surgery. PeriOperative Nurses can work as either a Scrub Nurse, who passes instruments to the surgeon or as a Circulating Nurse who take care of the overall nursing care during surgery.
SPECIALTY CATEGORY NAME PeriOperati Surgical ve Nurses EDUCATIO N BSN CHARTERI SITCS Multifacete d/ Structured/ Patient-

PeriOperative Nurses Where they work:

large hospitals to ambulatory or outpatient surgery centers, and physician offices.

The main duties of a PeriOperative Nurse include:

Assisting the surgeon during surgery. Providing care to the patient during surgery. Monitoring the patients vital signs. Controlling bleeding during surgery. Along with taking care of the patient intra operatively, they also provide pre and post operative care. Maintaining a sterile environment in the

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses

are registered nurses who work with people suffering from various types of mental health problems.
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATION CHARTERIS NAME ITCS Psychiatric Psychologic RN diploma, Multifaceted Mental al ASN or BSN / Structured/ Health PatientNurses facing/

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses Where they work:

Hospitals, Patients Homes, Outpatient Clinics, Residential Units or Secure Units.

The main duties of a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse include:

Working with patients of all ages who suffer from various types of mental health problems. Counseling patients about their problems. Advising patients on treatments they are receiving, how the treatment will work and any side effects to be aware of. Educating the families of patients on Mental Health issues.


Understanding through education and knowledge the stresses if the patient. Conducting group and one to one therapy sessions. Developing the social skills of patients and promoting a patients independence. Identifying if a patient is at risk of self harm. Escalating security of cases that may be at risk of harming others.

Public Health Nurses

provide a range of health care services to the community. Public Health Nurses are usually based in community health centers and are assigned to cover specific geographical areas.

Public Health Nurses


RN diploma, ASN or BSN

Multifacete d/ Independen t/ Patient-

Public Health Nurses Where they work:

assigned to cover a specific geographical area. patients homes, schools, community centers, and other healthcare facilities within this area. public health departments, home health agencies, and

The main duties of Public Health Nurses include:

Providing education and health care to schools. Travelling to patients homes to administer medications and health checks. Working in health centers, patients homes and other community centers. Providing support to terminally ill patients and their families. Accessing other community care services for patients. Working closely with family doctors, hospitals and hospices to ensure the needs of the patient are met. Visiting patients in their homes after they are discharged from hospital. Educating patients on managing their illnesses or

Radiology Nurses
are registered nurses who provide healthcare to patients undergoing diagnostic radiation procedures such as, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasounds, and radiation therapy for SPECIALTY diagnoses. CATEGORY EDUCATIO CHARTERI oncology

Radiology Nurses


RN diploma, ASN or BSN

Structured / Researchoriented/ Patientfacing/

Radiology Nurses Where they work:

large hospitals and medical centers and are employed to support the physical, mental and emotional needs of the patient.

Providing health care to patients undergoing radiation procedures. Educating patients to understand procedures. Assisting patients in their recovery from procedures. Working with the patients family and other healthcare professionals to ensure the patients needs are met. Performing examinations under the supervision of the Radiologist. Documenting findings and updating the patients medical records. Assisting the Radiologist during therapy. Discharging patients from the radiology

The duties of a Radiology Nurse include:

Registered Nurses
provide healthcare to patients and educate the public on different medical conditions. Becoming a Registered Nurse offers a fulfilling career. Once qualified, many registered nurses partake in continuing education programs. Continuing Education can advance the career of a Registered Nurse into one or more of the many diverse specialties that the nursing profession has to offer.

Registered Nurses Where they work:

Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospices, Manufacturing Companies, Medical Companies, Physicians Offices, Laboratories, Emergency Medical Centers, Government and Private Agencies, the Legal Profession, Technology Companies, Insurance Companies, Clinics and Schools. patients homes or clinics in specified areas.

Treating sick or injured patients. Teaching patients, their families and the public about medical conditions. Educating patients on post-treatment and home care needs. Promoting general health by educating the public on warning signs and symptoms of disease. Providing advice and support (both medical and emotional) to the families of the patient. Taking a record of a patients symptoms and medical history. Performing diagnostic tests.

The duties of a Registered Nurse include:


Administering medication and treatments. Patient follow-up and rehabilitation support. Explaining diet, nutrition, and exercises to patients. Providing advice and support to the families of patients. Monitoring patients symptoms. Taking patients medical histories. Assisting other healthcare professionals in the rehabilitation of patients. Supervising Nursing Assistants and Licensed

Rehabilitation Nurses
are registered nurses who work in long term patient care facilities and hospitals. Rehabilitation Nurses care for individuals of all ages who due to circumstances have a temporary or permanent disability.

Rehabilitati Psychologi on Nurses cal

RN diploma, ASN or BSN

Multifacete d/Structure d/ Independen t/

Rehabilitation Nurses Where they work:

hospitals and long term care facilities. health care agencies and travel to the homes of patients to provide healthcare assistance.

The duties of a Rehabilitation Nurse include:

Assisting patients in their recovery from debilitating diseases and injuries. Educating and supporting patients as they carry out their daily lives. Motivating patients to achieve independence. Working closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure continuity of care. Providing medical information to the patient and his/her family.

School Nurse
is responsible for providing healthcare to a child or young person attending a school or college.
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO CHARTERI NAME N SITCS School Community RN diploma, Multifaceted Nurse ASN or BSN / Structured / Independen t/ Patientfacing/

School Nurse Where they work:

spends most of their time working from their offices within the school. visit schools in a specific geographical area, these visits would be intermittent.

The main duties of a school nurse include:

Developing a healthcare plan for the school. Training school based staff in first aid, first response, dealing with Epilepsy and asthma. Educating students and teachers on different healthcare issues. Providing support and counseling services to students with mental health issues. Working closely with other Community Groups and Social Workers. Educating parents on the importance of nutrition and exercise. Testing hearing, eyesight and monitoring the

Transplant nurses
are registered nurses who provide preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative care to patients receiving organs by means of transplant surgery. Transplant nurses are also responsible for providing healthcare to living donor SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO CHARTERI patients. NAME N SITCS
Transplant nurses Surgical RN diploma, ASN or BSN Multifacete d/ Structured / Patient-

Transplant nurses Where they work:

hospitals and clinics with transplant centers.

The main duties of a Transplant Nurse include:

Assisting living donor patients in their recovery from surgery. Providing healthcare to the patient receiving the organ during the transplantation process. Monitoring organ receivers closely after the procedure in the event of organ rejection. Educating the families of patients on organ donations.

Travel Nurse
works on short term assignments in different states throughout the nation to alleviate staff shortages.
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO CHARTERI NAME N SITCS Travel Community RN Multifacete Nurse diploma, d/ ASN or Structured / BSN Patientfacing/

Travel Nurse Where they work:

travel to many healthcare facilities and gain a wealth of experience working on assignments in different healthcare settings in all 50 states.

Advance Practice Nurse. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). Radiology Nurse. Registered Nurse. Rehabilitation Nurse. Nurse Practitioner. Occupational Health Nurse. Other Allied Healthcare Professionals.

All of the following nursing specialties are in constant demand for Travel Nursing:

Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses

treat patients with wounds caused by injuries, ulcers, or diseases.
SPECIALTY CATEGORY EDUCATIO CHARTERI NAME N SITCS Wound, Community RN Multifacete Ostomy ; diploma, d/ and Clinical ASN or Structured / Continence BSN PatientNurses facing/

Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Where they work:

hospitals and other healthcare facilities providing support to patients with incontinence and artificial waste elimination devices.

The main duties of a Wound / Ostomy Nurse include:

Dressing wounds. Assisting patients with urinary and fecal incontinence. Supporting patients with colostomy bags and other methods of artificial waste elimination. Educating patients and their families on how best to manage artificial waste elimination devices

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