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PCBS Relationship to other projects Integration of epermits to existing edairy information system Creating linkage of developed system to PCBS
Ultimate goal of project Adoption of common system that is efficient

Identification of needsDevelopment of automated business process used in the issuance of import and export permits Training and equipping KDB staff involved in preclearance with necessary Resources to run the system


To identify current position of the Board and its capacity in terms of preparedness & integration to the PCBS system. Three factors to be considered include:

-Management commitment -Business processes -Information systems in place - Human Resource capacity

Kenya Dairy Board

Establishment: The Kenya Dairy Board is a statutory body established in 1958 through an Act of Parliament, the Dairy Industry Act , Cap 336 of the Laws of Kenya. Mandate: To regulate, develop and promote the Dairy industry in Kenya

Functions of the Board

Advice the Government on Policy issues related to the industry Promote extension, research and other related technology transfers in the dairy and related industries Establish and maintain data on the dairy industry and make it available to industry stakeholders Facilitate provision of technical advice and training on processing technologies, milk testing equipment, milk collecting centers Monitoring of imports and promotion of exports Promote Local consumption of milk and milk products

Functions of the Board - continued

In Partnerships with relevant institutions formulate rules and regulations , setting national quality standards for milk and dairy products, packaging materials Promote quality assurance programs and regulatory mechanisms for the purpose of protecting consumers against health hazards Advise the government on the management of national strategic reserves for dairy products Facilitate the development of efficient production, marketing, distribution and supply of dairy products that are consumer specific

KDB Situation in regard to PCBS integration

PCBS awareness

Management is aware of PCBS epermit project

To provide support and commitment in ensuring development and integration of system Key staff involved in processes identified

Managing Director has expressed support for PCBS To communicate to the Board

Business processesImport & export permits

permit issuance generated manually

1. Need to develop automated filing system . 2. Source for appropriate software such as use of MIC customs solutions 3. Determine hardware and software requirements necessary to run system

1carry out comparative study on existing permit software, including cost benefit analysis 2.Tender for provision of software and requisite hardware 3. Purchase necessary software and hardware

4. Determine staff IT capacity on use of software to key personnel involved in the issuance of permits

Information system 1.Use of HR and payroll system (QuickBooks) 2, E-dairy project 3. management of information Need to see if epermit can be developed integrated to the IS systems already in use Only basic server that covers head office There is no security of information Only one individual in IT department 4.Carry out trials

5. Need to acquire external risk management /data storage point

4. Limited HR capacity

6. Need to hire one additional staff to ensure continuity


Few computers per station

Need to update

Purchase of requisite equipment

Human Resource capacity

9 Staff handling have basic IT knowledge

Need to provide training in Oracle, Unix

Train staff


Efficiency in processing docs Accuracy in data/ figures of imports/exports handled Security of data Revenue base secured Enhanced capacity of staff involved in business process

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