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Indonesia is an archipelago country , from Sabang to Merauke with an area of 5.8 million km2 of ocean

consisting of 0.8 million km2 marine territorial sea of 2.3 million km archipelago , and 2.7 million km2
Economic Zone Exclusive Indonesia. With the longest coastline in the world at 81,000 km and a cluster of as many as 17,508 islands , Indonesia has the potential fish is estimated that there are as many as 6.26 million tons per year to sustainably managed with as much detail as 4.4 million tons per year can be

caught in Indonesian waters . But with the all fishing conditions limited primarily in terms of the science of
shipbuilding and fishing equipment ( in this case is a fishing boat ) , this potential is not utilized to the fullest . Foregoing , Lamongan is one of the sea areas has a fairly high potency fish . For example , a typical characteristic of fishing vessels this area is to have a fat stomach ( cb large ) , consideration

initially is that with a large cb can be obtained displacement too large so that the charge can also be much more
, in addition to the stability of the ship indeed better .


Fishing boats in the area are mostly made Brondong Lamongan

without good planning, especially in the stomach so that it becomes inefficient when operating. From this formulation of the problem is taken

which will be discussed in this final construction include:

1. How many dimensions are ideal for fishing vessels Brondong area, Lamongan? 2. How to design an efficient hull fishing boats to the area Foregoing, Lamongan?

Based on the formulation of the problem that is the purpose of
drafting This final project is: 1. To determine the ideal dimensions for a fishing boat Brondong area,

2. To design an efficient hull fishing boat for Brondong area, Lamongan.

Limitation of problems done with the intention that the problems discussed are not too wide, In this final issue work man ship focused on:
1. Redesign fishing vessels to be more efficient in terms of operational 2. Redesign done by not changing the shipping time is for 1 day or 24 hours

Ship Fish Fishing vessels are vessels for the proper functioning of the local fishing Base point fishing area / Fising Ground . Judging from their fishing gear , ship fish can be distinguished :

1 . Ship Long Liner Long Liner ships including fishing boats passive types . Fishing gear such as fishing and the vessel is suitable for demersal area ( intermediate depth ) . Long Liner boat types depending on the type of fish caught .

2 . Vessel

Purse Seiner

Vessel Purse Seiner using gear such as nets , Purse Seiner Ship including the types of fishing vessels active , meaning that at the time of the arrest operation moving ship .
3 . Poler ships and liners Poler ships and liners including type of vessel in the form of passive fishing gear fishing boats and is suitable for pelagic area ( surface ) or demersal ( intermediate depth )

4 . Ships Gillnetter Ships Gillnetter a fishing vessel using gillnet gear ( usually called net klitik ) Judging from the placement of fishing gear divided : gillnet back gillnet side Gillnet vessel fishing vessel is a passive means of this ship is not moving at the time of conduct fishing operations .


From field surveys, data analysis, and calculations can be drawn conclusion:

The size is ideal for fishing vessels Brondong area,

Lamongan in accordance with its fish catch is: LWL = 16.1 meters

BWL = 5.3 meters

H = 2.4 meters T = 2.2 meters

Cb = 0.52
Cp = 0.574 Cm = 0.906

The data of ship resistance and fuel requirements before design

rewritten as follows: Prisoners fully loaded ships at 10710 N

The need for fuel at sea 3819 liters

The data of ship resistance and fuel requirements after the design rewritten as follows: Prisoners fully laden ship at 7640 N. The need for fuel at sea 3120 Liter From the comparison of the two data there is a difference ship resistance that is large enough for 3070 N, whereasfuel requirement is reduced by 699 liters. This will reducing vessel operating costs, so the fisherman gets hit much more.