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Rural Innovation Assignment


Abhishek Dubey Anshuman Kumar Gopal Kaundilya Vineet Singh Khokhar

Large tractors dominated the scene, tractor sharing was prevalent Unaffordable by small farmers-were using traditional equipments, leading to inefficiency Small and marginal farmers accounted for 82% of the total landholdings and did not own tractors Many experts opined that small tractors were ideal for marginal and small farmers

Mini Tractor: Agriculture Equipment Innovation

Grass Roots Innovation Augmentation Network (GIAN)

Identifying Grassroots Innovations having commercial viability and social use. Arranging for developmental finance for converting Innovation into product. Providing Technology, Design and Management inputs to Innovator. Intellectual Property Protection by helping in filing patents, Trade marks, Copyrights, and or any other protection mechanism.


Vanraj : An Innovation
Innovator: Bhanjibhai Mini Tractor Product specific:
10 Hp engine Small turning radius fuel consumption: 1.5 lts/hr in comparison to 4 lts/hr of big tractors Price: one lakh

Three/four wheel conversion With tested power take off (PTO) Low Maintenance(10%-15%) Could be repaired by local mechanic Integrated single mounted platform as chassis Patented in US, pending in India

Innovation System : Local

Innovations to fill the existing the gap of low horse power tractors . To support and target small marginal farmers Patents: Applied for patent in US for 3 wheel convertible feature. Local competitors import Chineese spare parts Field Marshall Trishul Captain Support system: GIAN SHRISTI IIM-A (Honey Bee Network) DSIR NID

Existence of relevant organizations

Demand domain: Small farmers Light transport

Enterprise domain: Farmers Manufacturer (Pramal farmatics)

Intermediary domain: GIAN NIF

Research domain: NID

Support domain: Banks and financial system (small loans) Educational system (SOMA) Media Government (funds)

Network of organization
Innovator Media GIAN & NIF

Manufacturer (Pramal Farmatics)

Government (grants through govt. fund)

Bottom-up NID approach


Top-down approach

Innovation Approach
Top Down Approach

Co-development Approach

Advantage Almost all functions of big tractor at lower cost Power take off feature in comparison to other small tractors Lower running cost in comparison in comparison to bullocks Utility Major use in orchards
Sharp maneuverability Three wheel approach Plucking fruits like grapes Owners quite well-off to manage the costs

Acceptance Central and south Gujarat Maharashtra Karnataka

Sustainability : Factors For

Diminishing landholding Advent of horticulture Per capita income increasing to pay for a tractor Increased awareness

Sustainability : Factors Against

Government grant funded Few anchor agents for coordination of other actors Psychology of farmers: lacuna of low status if owner of low cost tractor
Price difference is not huge Financial support easily available

Lack of motivation for grass root innovations Lack of proper infrastructure

How to sustain
Institutional support as incubators Infrastructure setup Coordinating/anchor agencies Alternative uses
Airports (baggage transport ) Municipality (waste disposal)

Lack of institutional framework Lack of Scaling activities
Lack of investments Lack of proper marketing measures

Gaps may exist between the perceived and real usage