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LGA 3101 Childrens Literature: Tutorial Week 13



Used by educators to help students deal with transitions to difficult situations that may occur in everyday life


mental health personnel to provide a more specific & targeted intervention

What is Bibliotherapy?
Use literature (book) to heal childrens problem To help younger students who are struggling with personal experiences that distract them from their educational pursuits a project indirect intervention that use literature for personal growth
(Shechtman & Or, 1996, 139)

How can we tell if a book is age appropriate?

i) ii) iii) iv) v) Grade/ interest level presentation of characters Context Illustration Authors message

Why should a teacher use caution with bibliotherapy?

Because through bibliotheraphy, children can become sensitive, not only to their feelings, but to others feeling as well. (Dan, p.211) Children face considerable threats: drug use, gang violence, homelessness. Right books can offer possible solutions to problems that create childrens inner turmoil. Either emotionally well-adjusted or later suffer mental anguish.

What are some of the benefits of bibliotherapy?

Allowing readers to evaluate their own behaviour & emotions through the experiences of the characters in the story. Can influence both students behaviours and attitudes. Change students perceptions of and behaviour toward students with disabilities in classroom and school. Empathize the others. Encourage the students to reflect and enable them to communicate openly with others about what they have read and make connections to their life experiences. Children learn from problem-solving strategies modeled by characters in the book.

What are some strategies that you should utilize with bibliotherapy?
Research the facts: real info; half truths & lies will only destroy the credibility. Be sensitive towards students self-problem or family problem, etc. Use good timing: intro the book in appropriate time, students would able to fully explore the issue in the story. Integrated the topic or story Addressing the concerns of children: discuss with them.
Sawyer, W.E. (2004)

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