HP BladeSystem Matrix Integration Capabilities

A special 5-part TekTalk Edition Series

TekTalk Matrix Series – Part I

Understanding HP IO Integration
Nov 18, 2010

WW Converged Infrastructure Lab


©2009 HP Confidential

HP BladeSystem Matrix Integration - 5-Part Series
Part #1

– HP Insight Dynamics Infrastructure Orchestration (HP IO) Integration Architecture

Nov 18, 2010

Part #2

– Introduction to HP Operations Orchestration (OO) workflows Authoring tool
– Creating your first OO workflow – Publishing an OO workflow as an HP IO Service Action Workflow

Dec 2, 2010

Part #3

– Inside the HP IO Request XML
– Standard XML query language – Techniques used to Parse the HP IO Request XML in an OO Workflow

Dec 16, 2010

Part #4

– Controlling HP IO through the HP IO API – HP IO API Command Line Interface – HP IO API Web Services

Jan 20, 2011

Part #5

– Integrating HP IO with external IT processes by examples

Feb 3, 2011


©2009 HP Confidential

Understanding HP IO Integration
•HP IO Overview

•Integration with Deployment Services
•Integration with “Full” OO •System Flows •Service Action Flows

•The HP IO WebService API
•The HP IO CLI •The nbAPI •Integrating with 3rd Party Hardware •Introduction to OO Flows •Q&A


©2009 HP Confidential

Goals of this Special TekTalk Edition Series
HP BladeSystem Matrix Integration Capability •Help You identify the value that HP IO/OO can provide to your customers •Make accessible to a large audience some of the major subjects related to HP IO integration capabilities by:
• • •

Understanding the HP IO integration Architecture Becoming an effective OO Workflow designer as it relates to HP IO Looking at the HP IO integration techniques with external IT processes



©2009 HP Confidential

and required approval processes help reduce idle servers and physical and virtual server sprawl 5 ©2009 HP Confidential . and storage teams Deliver Faster The business gets what they need. automation.Why Automated Infrastructure Provisioning and Self-service Portal? IT Staff Efficiency Reduce time spent doing tedious setup tasks and coordinating between server. Consistency Standard templates. and integration with IT processes reduces configuration errors that lead to bigger problems Resource Efficiency Shared pools of infrastructure resources. network. when they need it. not weeks after they ask for it. lease periods.

Provision Infrastructure In Minutes Automated activation of servers. storage and networking Easily design best-practice infrastructure templates Reliably provision infrastructure via a self-service portal Seamlessly integrate with existing systems & processes VM Linux Web Windows Network Application HPUX Database 6 ©2009 HP Confidential HP Insight Dynamics infrastructure orchestration .

reporting capabilities for resource requirements 7 ©2009 HP Confidential . physical and virtual) Storage Network Validation rules check templates for errors Published as best-practice templates to self-service portal Cost tracking for components.Easily Design Best-practice Infrastructure Templates Infrastructure design using drag-and-drop designer Captures detailed requirements needed for a service: • • • Servers (multiple tiers and nodes.

and request provisioning of infrastructure from library of service templates Automated provisioning is driven from templates for consistency View status and progress of service requests Manage your infrastructure services.Reliably provision from shared infrastructure via a self-service portal Browse. select. such as suspending or adding servers Lease periods allow resources to be reclaimed when no longer in use 8 ©2009 HP Confidential .

Seamless Integrate with Existing Tools and Processes Powered by workflow technology from HP Operations Orchestration Customize global workflows to fit customer’s IT process* − Send email notifications − Connect to ticketing systems to approve/reject service requests* − Perform manual tasks as needed Attach workflows to template for additional pre/post provisioning tasks* − Configure monitoring or backup − Run server configuration scripts − Check server compliance status and provision applications − Pass service cost data to billing and chargeback systems * May require additional services 9 ©2009 HP Confidential .

IO Highest Level Architecture Rapidly Provision User Self Service Portal Template Designer Insight Dynamics infrastructure orchestration HP Operations Orchestration SIM Operations Console Visually Design Efficiently Operate Architect Workflow Studio Administrator Easily Integrate 11 11 ©2009 HP Confidential .

HP IO Architecture Customer & hp partner supplied content Web services Enterprise Processes 1 1’ i Integration Interface Service Management HP Insight Orchestration Process Workflow Automation CLI Web Portals Architect 2 Enterprise Integration Template specific Workflows Application integration 3 Asset & Billing Network integration Self-service user 3rd Ticketing system 5 Party Hardware Resource Pools 4 Software deployment RDP SA Administrator Ignite Storage Servers Virtual Machines 12 12 ©2009 HP Confidential .

2 comes with support for: • RDP 6.11.439 addition to VMware templates and HP VMM Templates (Hyper-V) Connects and enumerate Jobs for OS provisioning and Application deployment Populates Software tab in IO Management console Jobs are tagged as OS or App deployment (manual operation for RDP. and Ignite) 13 13 ©2009 HP Confidential .2 • Server • Ignite • In Automation 7.7.83 Server C.HP IO Integration with Deployment Services HP IO v6.

Software View in HP IO 14 14 ©2009 HP Confidential .

scheduled.HP IO Integration with “full” OO IO includes embedded technology from HP Operations Orchestration software Can integrate with existing OO instance if customer already has OO installed • Available whitepaper describes the procedure Upgrading the embedded OO to full OO provides advantages: • Better if customer wants complex 3rd party software integration (full OO comes with lots of connectors) • • • Better if customer has more than one team writing flows (full OO supports multiple authors simultaneously) Allows workflows to be run manually. or triggered by event (IO workflows can only be invoked by IO actions) Full OO allows integration between products outside of IO/Matrix 15 15 ©2009 HP Confidential .

properties file − Valid for entire application − Needs IO restart • Service Action Flows − Set in Template Designer − Per Template 16 16 ©2009 HP Confidential .HP IO Integration with 3rd party Software • Global “System” Flows − Changed in hpio.

Disk scrubbing needs to be done outside of IO. Key milestones of any operation – to notify user and others about progress and status. During physical provisioning when an OS deployment is set as manual and not RDP. During physical de-provisioning when Manual OS Deployment is set. OS deployment to be done outside of IO. During physical provisioning when required storage is not available or needs provisioning.Global “System” workflows Integration Point When Invoked Approval Manual OS Deployment Manual Storage Provisioning Manual Disk Scrubbing Manual Storage De-provisioning Global End Action User Notification Lease Expiring Notification Pool Change Notification Between reservation and provisioning phases of any operation that consumes resources. During physical de-provisioning when storage needs to be un-presented and LSM storage pool entries need to be edited End of any operation – enables global IT actions to be executed for every IO operation. 1 week before lease expiration. 1 day before lease expiration Every server pool change. to notify users of changes to server pool assignments (OFF by default) Sample Workflow Email message describing requested resources with Approve/Reject choices Email message with manual operating system deployment instructions and Continue /Cancel choices Email message with manual storage provisioning instructions and Continue/Cancel choices Email message with manual disk scrubbing instructions and Continue/Cancel choices Email message with manual storage removal instructions and Continue/Cancel choices Email message notifying Administrator (currently approvers) of end of operation Email message to user who submitted the operation Email message to infrastructure owner with lease expiration warning Email message to users with resource pool change 17 17 ©2009 HP Confidential .

Power *.decrease • • • • Billing or chargeback configuration Etc. inventory. Remove servers from monitoring. [Create. inventory. backup. Activate. Activate.x operation Create Add Server Add Disk Activate Possible uses • • Add new servers into monitoring. [Create.“Templates” Service Actions Flows IO 6. 18 ©2009 HP Confidential .x service action workflows Begin Action •Executed after allocation and approvals. [Delete. but before provisioning begins. Deactivate] End Action •Executed after provisioning finishes. Change Lease Period] •Executed after de-provisioning and deallocation . or other management applications Notify other IT users or processes of removed infrastructure services or freed resources Billing or chargeback configuration Etc. [Delete. backup. Add *. Change Lease Period] •Executed before de-provisioning begins. Deactivate] IO 6. or other management applications Notify other IT users or processes of new infrastructure services or new resources consumed Run scripts on newly provisioned or activated servers to do additional configuration tasks • • Power on Power off Deactivate Delete • Change Lease Period . Add *. Power *.

Service Action Flows in IO Designer 19 19 ©2009 HP Confidential .

Request Validation Create Service Request Core Flow Service Action Custom Flows Global Custom Flows Resource Reservation Approval Approval Flow Resource Allocation Manual Storage Provisioning Begin Service Action Flow Begin Action Global End Action Global End Flow Server Provisioning End Service Action Flow Service End Action OS Deployment Manual OS Deployment Application Deployment OS Customization Add data Disks Manual Storage Provisioning 20 ©2009 HP Confidential .

activate. setactiveservercount get. poweron. changeapprovalstatus addserver. − assignusertoserverpool*. •Services − list. cancel. •Logical Servers − find. get. get*. delete* •Templates − import.2 21 21 ©2009 HP Confidential . deactivate. changelease •Requests − list. deactivate. list. poweron.org/about/cloud-incubator export. moveservertopool unassignusertoserverpool* •Logical Server Groups − get. adddisk. activate. poweroff delete*.dmtf. poweroff. get. delete. * new in v6. create. •Server Pools − create*.HP IO Partner WebService API •https://<IPofCMS>:51443/hpio/controller/soap/v1?wsdl •Submitted to DMTF Cloud Incubator • http://www. continue. list*.

costs. and policies to a template to create an offering available for request by a Consumer A Consumer and a Provider enter into a contract for services. including agreements on costs. which the Consumer then uses Lifecycle States: Template Offering Contract Instance Related use cases: Create Template Update Template Delete Template Create Offering Update Offering Delete Offering Establish Relationship Administer Relationship Establish Contract Update Contract Terminate Contract Contract Reporting Contract Billing Provision Resources Deploy Package Monitor Resources Change Capacity Release Resources 22 22 2 ©2009 HP Confidential . SLAs.DMTF Cloud Incubator Initiative Cloud Service Lifecycle & Use Cases Descriptions: A Developer creates a template to describe the content and structure of a service A Provider applies constraints. and specific configuration options A Provider deploys instances of services per the agreement with the Consumer.

exe in <IO>\bin Same control as with WS API (wrapper to the IO WS) Can execute commands remotely to IO server Copy and install ioexec-6.zip from <IO>\cli Useful to control IO via scripts from external management platform (e.HP IO CLI ioexec.6. BAC/SiteScope) Need at least JRE 1.g.XXX.0_04 Be careful with time synchronization between client and IO Server 23 23 ©2009 HP Confidential .

jsp?nbApiName=ContinueRequest&requestId=“Your ID”&userToken=“YourToken”&respondent=“email address of approver”&responseNotes=“Your Message” 24 24 ©2009 HP Confidential .jsp?nbApiName=ApproveRequest&requestId=“Your ID”&userToken=“YourToken”&respondent=“email address of approver”&responseNotes=“Your Message” https://CMS:51443/hpio/controller/ooflows/hpioControllerProxy.HP IO nbAPI A set of 5 HPPTS calls Most of them also exist in Web Service (preferred way) • ApproveRequest • RejectRequest • ContinueRequest • CancelRequest • OOAlert Examples: • • • https://CMS:51443/hpio/controller/ooflows/hpioControllerProxy.jsp?nbApiName=OOAlert&requestId=“Your ID”&userToken=“YourToken”&status=“MAJOR or WARNING or INFO”&message=“Your Message” https://CMS:51443/hpio/controller/ooflows/hpioControllerProxy.

and for XP Storage Arrays 25 25 ©2009 HP Confidential .HP IO Integration with 3rd party Hardware Global flows for server support − Get Inventory − Get Server Info − Server Power ON and Server Power OFF (use SMASH/CLP) Global flows for storage support − Discover Arrays − Get Device Information − Enumerate Pools − Enumerate Volumes − Get Volume Info − Present Volume − Un-present Volume − Set Host Mode − Validate Management Path Reference flows provided for IBM and DELL servers.

So what is a “Flow”? An OO procedure written in OO Studio Executes in OO Central Flow can be called • From • From IO (service action flows or system flows) another flow in OO 26 26 ©2009 HP Confidential .

Writing Custom OO Flows for IO Understanding Flow parameters passed by IO • RequestXML • UserToken • Date Retrieving basic values from the RequestXML • GetXPathValue • GetXPathValues • GetXslt Built many request using Xpath − //logicalServers/hostname − //logicalServers[1]/hostname − //logicalIPAddresses[Name=’${name}’]/address Use XSLT for even more complex queries 27 27 ©2009 HP Confidential .

copy xls file to platform. it has an example • Check 28 28 ©2009 HP Confidential . read in your xls file (with ReadFile Subflow) and call GetXslt with xls and RequestXML. process output of the transform default Approval flow.Querying RequestXML with XSLT Use default XLS files in IO\conf\OO as reference Use authoring tool like XMLSpy from Altova • Write simple flow to write RequestXML to disk file as input XML in XML Editor • Cut/paste • When ready.

Flow Example 1 (global) Proxy service approval to Service Manager 29 ©2009 HP Confidential .

Flow Example 2 (Service Action) Remove server from Load Balancer before standing by 30 ©2009 HP Confidential .

Flow Example 3 (Service Action) Install Oracle RAC 31 ©2009 HP Confidential .

Flow Example 4 (Hardware Flow) Power Off a server 32 ©2009 HP Confidential .

as OO will timeout Use OO Central to debug 33 33 ©2009 HP Confidential .Best Practices writing IO Flows Modify Global End Flow to write RequestXML to tempfile for analysis Make sure you specified the expected parameters − (RequestXML. UserToken) Do not delete/cut/paste flows in OO Studio after they have been registered in IO Templates − Flows are remembered by Flow UUID Service action flows must be registered before a service is created from template – Link to dummy flows initially then debug Use Subflow “Send OO Alert to HPIO” to report back to IO Console (use “Initialize IP and Port” to fetch IP and Port) Be carefull with long calls to external scripts. Date.

Connecting to The Matrix 34 ©2009 HP Confidential .

capacity planning & automated provisioning 1 Converged infrastructure Simplifies support of diverse application types on one standard pool of resources 2 Partner 3 integration & simple delivery Integration and optimization with existing applications. network services and business-level management via ANY pane of glass 35 ©2009 HP Confidential .Unique elements of the Matrix architecture Matrix orchestration environment One powerful command console for physical and virtual world that combines disaster recovery.

Wake up guys! This is exactly what we have been discussing for an hour! 2 Matrix orchestration environment Partner 3 integration & simple delivery The “Matrix API” The “Brain” The “Software Stack” The “Integration” piece The “Glue” The Key Differentiator The “Tip of the Iceberg” The “sexy” piece The “portal” 36 36 ©2009 HP Confidential The “console” .

saving days or weeks of solution design time Sizers •Sizers help guide capacity and performance planning Workflows and Scripts •Workflows and scripts automate installation more quickly and in a repeatable fashion Reference Whitepapers •Reference whitepapers to help customize the Cloud Map for your specific implementation 37 37 Workflows Deployment scripts Sizers Best practice templates Whitepapers ©2009 HP Confidential .What is a Cloud Map? Accelerate the creation of service catalogs www.hp.com/go/cloudmaps HP Cloud Maps are a navigation system to facilitate the creation of a BladeSystem Matrix service catalog. Cloud Maps contain one or more of these engineering components: Templates •Templates provide hardware and software configuration that can be imported directly into your BladeSystem Matrix.

Dynamically Generate Templates with HP Sizing Tools Leverage HP sizing tools to build (partial) IO template files Support for: • Exchange 2010 2007/2010 • SharePoint • SQL2008 • SQL2008 • Citrix BI OLTP Xen server 38 38 ©2009 HP Confidential .

Demonstrating 39 ©2009 HP Confidential .

SPM. SiteScope. Grenoble • CISS 2010 SP1 in September 2010 (IS 6. Singapore.Demonstrating Live via SDP (Internal Only) • HP • Solution Showcase for CI 2010 since May 2010 in all Regions Houston.hp.3) Demonstrates HP IO integrations with Service Manager. IO/HPVM) • CISS 2010 SP3 planed for April 2011 (IS 6.com/go/cidemos Ci-Lab@hp. Server Automation Video on SDP FastTours on SDP (Internal Only) http://www.1.2.com 40 40 ©2009 HP Confidential . CSA for Matrix) • CISS 2010 SP2 planed for December 2010 (IS6.

Q&A 41 41 ©2009 HP Confidential .

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